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Intro to Theatre

by: Shafina Khaki

Intro to Theatre

Marketplace > University of Washington > Drama > Intro to Theatre
Shafina Khaki


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About this Document

Lecture 10 of Drama 101. The title of this lecture is Theatre Space.
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This 2 page Reader was uploaded by Shafina Khaki on Wednesday April 23, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Washington taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 97 views.


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Date Created: 04/23/14
DRAMA 101 Lecture 10 April 23 2014 Theater Space 0 Types of Theater Spaces o Three Fixed Spaces I Proscenium Stage and End 0 Audience on one side performers on the other 0 Clearly marked division between performers and audience 0 Single perspective 0 Without an arch this is an quotend stage 0 Acting area framed by proscenium arch I Thrust 0 Acting area with seating on 3 sides 0 More intimate than prosceniumbrings spectators closer to action 0 Sightline issues 0 Audience at or above the stage level no platform 0 Seating on All Sides 0 Scenery Necessarily minimal o Other Spaces Two quotunfixed space I Black Box Theatre 0 No fixed seating 0 Stage shape and position can change 0 The physical space becomes part of the design I Environmental Theatre 0 Adapting an everyday space for a production 0 Creating an environment for a specific production 0 Audience walks around separate scenes different locations 0 Anatomy of a Theater o Various Perspectives I Audience 0 Box office exterior foyer lobby display lobby lobby bar 0 Seats The House 0 Balcony Mezzanine Orchestra Level Stalls I Actors 0 Backstage Dress Up and Make Up Rooms Green Room Wings On stage I Stage 0 Upstage Right Upstage Center Upstage left 0 Stage Right Center Stage Stage Left 0 Downstage Right Downstage Center Downstage Left I Lighting Design 0 What you can see and when 0 Catwalks grid above stage electric pipes beams etc instruments on an electric instruments on a beam 0 Moving Lights Costume Design 0 Dressing rooms props costume shopclassroom Scenic Design 0 Teaser and Tormentors a frame at top and sides 0 Legs Tall and Narrow at sides 0 Boarders short and wide at top 0 Backdrop A painted fabric drop at rear 0 Cyclorama a muslin backdrop for projections on lights Box Set Rigging and Wagons 0 Wagons and winches Renaissance Scene Change Technology 0 Changes scenes very quickly 0 Theoretical Rigging rope and pulley system was borrowed from sailing technology as were sailors hired to operate it Fly System Revolve 0 Revoves turns Stage Manager 0 Runs the technical aspects of the show 0 Light and Sound board operators do not run the next cue until instructed 0 Responsible for artistic integrity of show for during of run


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