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Weekly notes

by: Amanda Rewerts

Weekly notes HIST1011

Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
History since the 1500s
Hugh Agnew

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About this Document

He talked a lot about the paper due on Tuesday. He also went on a lot of rants about how students don't come to class, and how he loves the complicated history of European nationalism.
History since the 1500s
Hugh Agnew
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Saturday April 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST1011 at George Washington University taught by Hugh Agnew in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see History since the 1500s in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 04/04/15
Cowl 1 3292015 sit History 101110World tmmm History since 1500 J l l i l I 5 I z E E i I Lecture 17 Nations and the N ation State What is Nationalism o Very adaptable political idea to An quotimaginedquot community G Basic tenet a nation is all people who Speak the same language Share historical experience and 39 Have a common sense of identity e Such people belong to a nation that is hidivisible Such a nation has a will That nation has a right to selfdeterminationquot 2 l 1 h AW quotVi MW 39 ll 11 m m o m 9 3 v 1 t 1 V I I jg 1quot I r J n g I lt A W EV 39W 39 azfi infn if spa 11 v x fV r I a A w 1392quot A P 7 s lamH r v t l 17 z x t I I i HAW I y j r MM Mm a J l 3 I w lt W 447 my f fv 5quot Modem nationalism began in Europe but even there the diversity of peoples made its realization fraught with dif culty t lawmaaailliu 2i 39 l 39 I I 4 f 1 f 39 x n 4 quot AP CO 41 WW i 2 g a A h vW 0 ygat W 399 51 realm I le 1 7 39 M U I I t a i39 J E V I u A f 1 x a 5 f gt A la i I I g j 4 T quotI J V A f 339 5L A W i t J j 5 3292015 National Unification Italy 7 a be W9 K 5 l a Um canon popular movement or power polmcs L i r 39 Congress ofVienna attempted to reinstate legitimate g d A 391 my f r F in 1 3 rulers kept Italy divided but gave Piedmont titleof gt f 39 351 LA r 39 3quot Kingdom 1 V Rz39sorgxlmento in rst part of 196 quotYoung Italy 2 ip V a Garibaldi versus Cmurx xv x J v i v Cavour and Piedmom s diplomacy I quot 1 Support for France Crimean War Con ict with Austria 1859 5 Garibaldi and popular rising 6 OI J3 Lu quot U Sicily 1860 and the March on Rome 3 a m i We have made Italy Now we must make Italians 39 V m q agw m zzIQ g quotJ 39r 395 If I quotMr 439 z ufm Italian uni cation Camille Benso di Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi L 1quot a 1 4 27 MC 107 z 0 tei ii z z Commbut distinctly different arclutacts of pi x c quot5 1 442 I gt r A I I my 3 Ij f J y 1Wquot L w 5 I L quot w GMt jlm Usi s Sm quot 3quot N Cf f a a f 91 K r x g 7 1 annoyam 1 u 2 mame L m m axmkacm mmm mm 161 3292015 I l quot w 1 39 t a h f Wig I39d31 Wt WA Leupold von v Bismarck I if 9 free 18151898 quotThe great questions of 4 the day will not be decided by speeches and by majority decisionsthat was the mistake of 134849 but by iron and blood German Uni cation Central Europe on the Eve of the War with Denmark 1864 x Bismarck and German f 1 quot jg H D o o o J 3 1 1 x Umfication t 9 Austria and Prussia in Germany quot Habsburgs had traditionally been quotGermanquot emperot After Napoleon presidency of German Confederation given to Vienna In 1848 Liberal revolutionaries tried to unify Germany but the quotGerman Citation was too tricky o Bismarck and Prussia The DanishWar 1864 The AustroPrussianWar 1866 The North German Confederation War with France and the Creation of the German Empire 1870 1871 3292015 i W W 1 0 M 39 13 a m U V J v v39 Cam WNW 965W I Q Q I w W fo quot A MultiNational Empire faces JV 0 1V m f Nationalism Austria 39 e A Decade of N eo Absolutism After 1848 Francis Joseph ruled via bureaucracy J gendarmerie and army from Vienna Worked as long as peace was maintained Towards the Compromise of 1867 Foreign Affairs and Internal Reform The Aftermath of AnstoPrussianWar AustriaHungary and the Nationalities Question In the Austrian part In the Hungarian part Emperor of Austria f and King of Hungary I Austrian F AW w J F t 39 Hungarian PM OTCIgn dll39b nIl39 om quot1111th PM I Austrian Ausmm Hungarian Hunga an Parliament Delegation Parliament DelegaLion Government Ministries Local Adminisn39atinn Sevcnteen Provincial Diets Local Boards 3292015 Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria reigned 1848 1916 In his 205 1855 In his 805 1914 Fri W a ma 726 K V The Nationalities of the AustroHungarian Empire 1910 3292015 Challenges of Nationalism l I iii Ho1 I t Britain Spain and the Ottomapg 39 quot M L if V 6 Britain t 13 t L Scotland Ireland expulsion assimilation conversion Empire Are all Imperial subjects British 6 Spain Castilians dominate Basques Catalans most signi cant groups agitating Ottoman Empire Greece independence 1830 Serbia Romania 1878 formally Bulgaria 1908 formally behaved independently from the 18808 l Does Nationalism Liberate or If 1quotmg f inf I v Oppress The Jews V No national homeland since 3910 CEi q I V L i Assirn atew B It 1 t It f r Q Had been a strong direction since E W i quot 391 Enlightenment impact of 1848 L 39 0 f Alternatives Maintain separation Orthodoxy 5 Iquot go your ownway Hasidismfindahomeland If Y V Lquot I J x t j m C Modern AntiSemitist C a C Zn if 3 fl Dreyfus Affairs 18941906 v a V 1 1quot I39 Blood libel trials inAustriaHungary l 39 39 gy if A 1 z I 3 r 15 i7 1 E i saw L7 t h f W e mvlt Berlin s new synagogue 1866 mirrors the contradictions of assimilation and antiSemitism Theodor Herzl 18601904 and Zionism Impact of Dreyfus Affair degradation in 1895 Jews outside of Europe assimilation was not possible nation 9 Zionism as modern nationalism The jewish State 1896 First Zionist Conference Switzerland 1897 Herzl had been a firm assimilationist admirer of France As journalist covering the trials witnessed Dreyfus Herzl s answer Zionism to create a state forM Influenced by events in ance Herzl decided The only alternative was to decide that Jews were a 3292015 it g 2 g quot I A ml letn quotfly Iii 1 y it V317 m 39 3 39 f i E f lbeleve I understand an Semitism a highly complex movement I view it from the standpoint of a Jew but without hatred or fear lthink I can discern in it the elements of vulgar sport of common economic rivalry of inherited prejudice of religious intolerance but also of a supposed need for selfdefense To my mind the Jewish Question is neither a social nor a religious one it is a national question and to solve it we must rst at all estabish it as an international political problem which wil have to be settled by the civilian nations ofthe world in council We are a people one people Theodor Herzl father of Zionism v Wimt mnwm W W Migration in the As nationalism mo 392 a r in Europe its Jew migrated in everlarger numbers elsewhere 3292015 Nationalism Outside Europe to The Americas United States and its Revolution Latin American nationalism The Ottoman Empire Balkan national movements Egypt and EgyptianArab nationalism Turkish nationalism Africa Liberia and Sierra Leone The Philippines and Filipino nationalism 9 Japan 1 W l l l i l l the Americas in 1823 The Americas in 1905 g n rms WWW l m Erwin ware la 326 g 3 39 9 5 anionsu vn39 tunan 14006 01 gm 15M Much as American nationalism idealized the quotWild Westquot Argentine nationalism romanticized the life of the aucho on the Pampags 39 3292015 Analpatescumneofthe hemines ofthe Revolution of 184811 Y if 7 quotj 1 f what later became Romania 39 1 j j i s39 v kw 3 1 VJ Jose Rizal one of the founding gures of the Philippine independence movement 29311 History 101 l 10World History since 1500 Lecture 18 The State and other Isms 3292015 Development of Political System Constitutions United States Rule of law equality before law Guarantees of rights No established state religion 9 European and other States Broadening franchise Rule of law shared sovereignty Failures in Russia Ottoman EmpireK Adaptation in Japan A a t H 39 said7w M 39 v1 quot 2 I or x a a 12W 53 1 9 w xi U WW mi l 4 939 03 x PT f g is 0215 in 7 proclaims the Charter Oathquot April 1868 Q Jg quot 354 f is J a 7 if I L A I y mi iiii x l Religion and the New State o Constitutional limitations of established religion Loses exclusive in uence over education family life marriage and public morali quot Roman Catholic response critical of abuses of new secular power frequently conservative 3292015 Caricature of Germany s Bismarck and Pope Pius 11 as the Church and State emer a new era of con ict 18705 Swims Emit mm Rom Ilknw39 quotn r I v 39a h 39 Bureaucratization olndustrialization created larger and more complex economy oFor countries with overseas empires government was even more complex Now possible and necessary for government to control even more deeply than before Ammeexa 1 r 3


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