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Week 1_Music 162 (American Popular Music)

by: Seong Yong Park

Week 1_Music 162 (American Popular Music) 162

Marketplace > University of Washington > Music > 162 > Week 1_Music 162 American Popular Music
Seong Yong Park
Music 162

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About this Document

I did not get my laptop until the third day of lecture so please forgive my hand written notes but I guarantee that you will enjoy my notes throughout the course. Ignore the Korean writing (unneces...
Music 162
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Seong Yong Park on Sunday April 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 162 at University of Washington taught by Dudley in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Music 162 in Music at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 04/05/15
African American music How does the process of cultural transmission differ for African Americans compared to European Americans Important to recognize African quotconceptual approachesquot to music rather than African repertoires eg Sprituals LISTEN quotSheep Sheepquot What s African about this Call and response form Percussion body Movement dance even in religious context Texture homophonic but also quotheterogenousquot Scoops and bends in the melody LISTEN quotCoo Coolquot What s African about this The way the voice and instrument Banjo American instrument but African as an ancestor of African heritage The speech patterns Timbre of banjo African conceptual approaches Cyclical form eg call and response Rhythmic contrast including polyrhythm Heterogeneous timbres individual voices stand out inclusion of buzzingrattling sounds Strong association between music and bodily movement including religious music Speechsong continuum Professional entertainment before 1850 Opera Italian opera English ballad opera John Gay s 1728 quotBeggar s Operaquot broadside ballads Pleasure gardens Musical variety shows READ Levine HBLBL p 109 11415 on concert spectacles High BrowLow Browquot cultural divide in later 18005 Subsidized symphonies start in 1889 wChicago symphony Theodore Thomas director READ p 118 and 136 lnferiority complex vis a vis Europe 0 READ p143 0 What was distinctively American about the Jubilee singers music I black music American racial anxiety Foreign fascination wblack music Ministrel show as the rst US popular culture Why the High BrowLow Brow split FILh 19005 Ethnic notions 1941 cartoons that have unpleasant racial images Watermelon Appeal to people black people do not look like they are shown in the cartoons 1947 Uncle Tom s Cabana Cabin Images of laughing black men children entertainment Consequences Late 18205 Cartoons the symbol or segregation Jim Crow Exaggerated character dance as a Jim Crow character Images of crippled black men People like them 1843 Slave debates The ugly black nanny valued in a society by contributing their work whereas white female focused on appearances Seen as black men are weak and black women are strong Birth of a nation emancipation wrong politically Black men chasing white virgin Rationalized slavery Offense to civilization black must be controlled Images of alligators pursuing black children Images of black children throwing bricks and shooting guns at each other Implied Black children must be killed Black men had to put make up on to look more black in order to perform in front of audience and paint white on their mouth Door way out of hunger Opportunity Blacks started moving from urban to city and from south to north Songs and images that show black men are aggressive and vicious US Army lm WWI reinforced white supremacy Songs by the time used word quotniggerquot a lot Black face artists with black face make up and white lips To impress white men pro t incentive 1927 Black men went to theaters to watch white men put black make up on and white lips and perfome Media racial jjjj After black face make up was prohibited Acceptable and funny Images of black people on products like cigarettes and etc quotBlack is ugly compared to whitequot Grotesque Laughable quotBlacks are savagequot Blacks from least developed Africa Blacks are happy servantsquot Black nanny


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