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Medical Terminology Unit 1 notes

by: Ashley

Medical Terminology Unit 1 notes

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Green River Community College

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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley on Sunday April 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to a course at Green River Community College taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views.

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Date Created: 04/05/15
Unit 1 The WordBuilding System Intro to Word Parts Including Word Roots Suf xes Pre xes Parts of Speech and Plural Formation 13 Word roots come from their language of origin Most English terminology originate from Greek and Latin roots 16 Word root for stomach gastro Example gastro is the combining form meaning stomach 17 A slash mark U is used to divide words into their word parts Example gastr 0 word root combining vowel 18 A combining form is a word plus a vowel Example Thermometer Thermo combining form 19 Adding a vowel to make a combining form allow two or more word roots to join to form a compound word It allows a suffix an ending of a word to join as well Vowels make a word easier to pronounce O is the most commonly used 11 1 In the words microscope microfilm and microbe micro is a combining form and micr is a word root 112 Combining Form Rule Use a combining form when adding a word root to another word root or suffix that begins with a consonant for ex b d m p s t v When building a word from acr and the suffix megaly use the combining form acro to form the correctly spelled term acromegally Example gastr and duoden and scopy gastroduodenoscopy Micr and scope Micro scope WordBuilding Gastro Duodeno Scopy 2 2 9 Combining form Combining form Suffix gastroduodenoscopy 9 Compound word 113 You would use a combining form to join the word roots neur and spasm to form Example Neurospasm 114 Word Root Rule Use a word root when joining a word root to another word root or suffix that begins with a vowel a e I o u y When building a word using aden and itis use the word root aden to create adenitis NOTE Adenoitis is an incorrect spelling Practice Lymph amp oma lymphatic tumor lymphoma Ot amp algia ear pain otalgia WordBuilding Dermat Itis Dermatitis Word Root Suffix Word 1 1 5 You world not use a combining form to join the words lymph and adenopathy to form lymphadenopathy 116 Combining forms require an ending to complete a word 117 Compound word can be formed when two or more words are used to build the word 118 Sometimes word roots are whole words 119 Practice Form a compound word using the word roots under amp age Underage 120 Practice Form a compound word from the words brain amp stem Brainstem 122 Compound word can also be formed from a combining form and a Whole word Example Thermometer Thermo is the combining form Meter is the Whole word 123 Micro means small Practice Build a compound word using the combining form micro plus scope Microscope surgery Microsurgery Surgery using a microscope meter Micrometer Device used to measure small things 124 Hydro means water Practice Building a compound word using the combining form hydro plus phobia Hydrophobia Fear of water cele Hydrocele Water a saclike cavity therapy Hydrotherapy Treatment using water 125 ic is an adjective suffix 126 In medical terminology compound words are usually built in the following order combining form word root suffix 127 In the word thermometric Thermo is the combining form Metr is the wood root ic is the suffix 128 Build a word from the combining form radio and the suffix grapher Radiographer 129 Practice Build a word from the combining form acro the word root dermat and the suffix itis Acrodermatitis 130 When a definition is stated the suffix is usually described first for example IDefinition Pertaining to electricity Suffix ic word root electr electric IDefinition In ammation of the bladder Suffix itis word root cyst cystitis 132 The suffix er means one who or one which The word root port to carry is changed by putting er after it Porter one who carries 133 A medical practitioner is one who practices medicine 135 A noun is a word that names or labels a person place or thing In medical terms a persons name may become the name of a disease and would be a proper noun Examples of proper nouns down syndrome West Nile Virus In medical terminology nouns are also labels or names for body parts instruments and medical procedures 136 Adjectives describes or modify the meaning of a noun In a medical phrase an adjective may describe size amount shape color level of severity and quality In the following phrases the adjectives are underlined Chronic cough Reddened skin Duodenal ulcer Triple bypass 137 A noun may become an adjective by changing the suffix Noun Suffix Adjective Suffix Cyanosis osis Cyanotic otic Anemia ia Anemic ic Mucus us Mucous ous Ilium um Iliac ac Condyle e Condylar ar Carpus us Carpal al Emesis is Emetic tic 1 3 8 Practice In the words cyanosis anemia and ilium the noun suffix osis ia um 140 Noun Suffixes Examples ism condition state or theory hyperthyroidism tion condition Contraction relaxation ist Specialist Psychiatrist er one who Radiographer ity quality Sensitivity Adjectival Suffixes Examples ous possessing having full of Nervous mucous able ability Inj ectable ible ability Edible 141 Practice hyperthyroidism is a condition or state of too much secretion by the thyroid gland 142 Practice Darwinism presents a theory of evolution Mendelism presents a theory 143 Practice Contraction is a condition of muscle shortening Relaxaltion is the condition of diminished tension 144 Practice Contraction and relaxation are nouns because they name a condition 145 Practice A psychiatrist is a specialist Who practices psychiatry A medical practitioner is one Who practices medicine 146 The word practitioner is a noun 147 Conductivity expresses the quality of conducting nerve and muscles impulse 148 Practice irritability is a noun 149 Practice Mucous an adjective refers to the nature of having secreted by the mucous membrane Serous refers to the nature of havingpossessing material linings closed body cavities such as the abdomen 150 Practice Nervous refers to havingpossessing to much stress or having a type of tissue made of nerve cells 151 Words ending in ous are adjectices 152 Practice To say a food is digestible is to say it has the ability to be digested To say a fracture is reducible is to say that it had the ability to be reduced 153 Practice To say that lungs are in atable is to say that they have the ability to in ate 154 Practice Words ending in ible or able are adjectives 155 Verbs are words that represent action or a state of being Verbs also have tense Which tells you When the action is happening Past Present Future 156 Create the past tense by adding ed to vomit vomited and the present participle by adding ing to vomit vomiting 157 Practice use the suffixes ed and ing With the word inject Past tense injected Present tense injecting 158 Helping verbs are also used to indicate the tense of a verb Future tense the nurse Will helping verb inject verb the medication Present tense Dr Jones is helping verb performing verb the biopsy today Past Tense Same was helping verb transferred verb from the ER to CCU 159 Rules for forming plurals Singular Suffixes Plural Suffixes Greek on a ma mata sis es nx ges Latin a ae us i um a is es ex ices ax 160 Practice Greek singular noun Spermatozoon Ganglion Suffix is Q Carcinoma Lipoma Suffix is ma Crisis Prognosis Suffix is is aces Greek Plural Form Spermatozoa Ganglia Suffix is a Carcinomata Lipomata Suffix is mata Crises Prognoses Suffix is Q Larynx Larynges Pharynx Pharynges Suffix is g Suffix is g 161 Practice Form Plural Protozoan Protozoa Sarcoma Sarcomata Diagnosis Diagnoses Phalanx Phalanges 162 Practice Latin Singular Noun Vertebra Conjunctiva Suffix is a Bacillus ba sil39 us Bronchus bron kus Suffix is Q Testis test39 is Suffix is is Ilium il39 e um Bacterium Suffix is m Latin Plural Form Vertebrae Conjuctivae Suffix is E Bacilli ba sil39 I Bronchi Bron ki Suffix is l Testes Test39 ez Suffix is Q Ilia Bacteria Suffix is a Cortex kor39 tex Cortices kor39 ti sez Suffix is g Suffix is m Appendix a pen39 dix Appendices a pen39 di sez Suffix is ix Suffix is inces Thorax thor39 aks Thoraces Suffix is g Suffix is aces 163 Practice Coccus Cocci Calcaneum Calcanea Vertex Vertices Cervix Cervices Thorax Thoraces 164 A prefix is a word part that goes in front of a word root Prefix Word New Word Ex tension Extension Ex press Express Dis please Displease Dis ease Disease Post after Postherpetic 1 65 The prefix ex means either from or out from The word press means to squeeze or push on 166 In the word disease dis changes the meaning of ease 167 In the words implant supplant and transplant the prefixes are im m a trans 168 The foundation of a word is a word root 172 Practice When a vowel is added to a word root the word part that results is a combining form 173 When two or more word roots are used to form a word the word formed is called compound word 1 75 Rules for wordbuilding Rule I Most of the time the definitions indicate the last part of the word part The descriptive phrases usually start With the suffix and then indicate the body part Examples 1 In ammation I of the bladder II In ammation itis of the bladder cvst cvst itis H I 2 One Who specializes I in skin disorders II One Who specializes studies loaist in skin disorders Dermat o Dermat o loaist H I 3 Pertaining to the abdomen I and bladder II Pertaining to ic the abdomen abdomen o cvst abdomen 0 cvst ic H 1 Rule II Where body systems are involved words are usually built in the order that organs are studied in the system Examples 1 In ammation of the stomach and small intestine In ammation itis of the stomach gastr o and small intestine enter gast 0 enter itis 2 Removal of the uterus fallopian tubes and ovaries Removal of ectomV the uterus hvster o fallopian tubes salDing o and ovaries oophor hvster o salping o oophor ectomv Rule III The body part usually comes first and the condition or procedure is the ending Examples 1 Dermat o mycosis 7 Skin Fungal condition 2 Cyst o scopy Bladder Process of examining the urinary bladder with a scope 176 Practice acro acr is the word root 0 is the vowel acro is the combining form 182 Practice megalo megal is the word root 0 is the vowel megalo is the combining form 183 Practice megaly is used as a suffix for enlarged The words acromegaly acrocyanosis and acrodermatitis refer to Extremities 187 Practice y is a suffix meaning the process or condition that makes a word a noun Acromegaly is a Noun 189 logy and logist are suffixes logos is Greek for study logy is a noun study of logist is a noun one who studies 191 itis is a suffix that means in ammation 195 The suffix that means condition statusor process is osis 196 Acrodermatitis is the sign of in ammation such as redness swelling pain and heat


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