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by: Olive Corya-Pace
Olive Corya-Pace
GPA 2.56
J101 Grammar for Communicat
Leigh Jasheway-Bryant

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About this Document

J101 Grammar for Communicat
Leigh Jasheway-Bryant
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olive Corya-Pace on Wednesday April 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 33060 at University of Oregon taught by Leigh Jasheway-Bryant in . Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see J101 Grammar for Communicat in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 04/08/15
4215 Subjects Any Grammar Crimes Can Be Solved by Knowing Your Subject Tracking down the subject or subjects in a sentence prevents you from Accidentally pairing single subjects with plural nouns or vice versa Choosing the wrong pronoun case nominative objective or possessive Putting commas where they39re not grammatically correct Calling something a sentence when it s not that s grammar fraud Simple Definitions Subject Noun or pronoun that does something or is described it ALWAYS has its own verbs Object Noun or pronoun to whom or which something is done it NEVER has its own verbs Sentence Subject verb complete thought It s All About the Subject A subject either does something or is described In the meme to the left she was comforted by the knowledge that they are helpless without her She subject was comforted verbs They subject were verb What are the subjected in the sentences below MacKenzie had been accused of being self centered Mackenzie subject I picked this meme because I thought it was funny I subject Her glasses are back in fashion this fall Her subject Everyone but Sam and Vicenza went on the field trip with McKenzie everyone subject How to Find the Subject Because the subject is doing the action of being described simply find the verb and see what is doing it or what it is describing Subjects are underlined verbs in red The goat climbs on everything What climbs My sister is very goat like in her behavior what is goat like Despite keeping his coat clean all morning Garret rolled in mud right after this photo was taken who rolled Two Good Rules to Remember There may be more than one subject in a sentence Every time you make a typo the errorists win In the meme to the right both you and errorists are subjects you make errorists win Sometimes the subjects is implied it s not there the implied subject is usually you Don t eat that Subject or Object That is the Question A noun or pronoun that doesnt have its own verb or object Sentences DO NOT require objects In the sentences below the subjects are underlined and the objects are italicized The student drooled on the pillow No one knows why she slept for siX days straight Malways has this e ect on me After drinking three Red Bulls Louisa eXpected to be able to stay up all night Subjects have their own verbs objects do NOT These are NEVER the subject 1 Any noun or pronoun that is nonessential to the meaning of the sentence subject is underlines objects are italicized The gm but not her cousins attends the wedding Everyone except Bill and Ted is invited to the reception Jolene along with Ilene and Raylene drinks too much champagne every time she attends a wedding 2 Any noun or pronoun in a prepositional phrase Between you and me I think weddings cost too much Around the bend are a church and a liquor store Nonessential Information Words that indicate something that is nonessential along with as well as except but not in addition to Find The Subjects 1 Rover was misnamed because he never left the house Rover and He 2 Wearing that hat was on his bucket list Wearing 3 Don t you think he looks like George Clooney with a heard you and he 4 The two cousins put his hat on the dog and laughed like crazy Two cousins 5 Next to the table is always the best spot for scarfing up the extra food at dinnertime Spot 6 Getting dogs to wear hats is easier than getting cats to entertain the idea Getting When humans sniff in order to smell something we draw a quick puff of air in M nostrils and over chemoreceptors in our nasal cavity But octopi butter ies and other animals don t have noses like ours Instead they ve evolved other sometimes bizarre ways of sensing the world around them 4715 Module 2 Action verbs power a sentence by showing what a subject does Linking verbs help writers provide detail and description about the subject Gerunds are words ending with ing that are not verbs but nouns As nouns they are either the subject or object in a sentence They look like verbs because sometimes the exact same word IS a verb It can definitely be confusing so let s look at some examples Infinitive Word to in front of it I love to hoo la hoop To travel to London and Paris isare her dreamdreams Action verbs do just that describe action walk smile dance dribble quibble grimace Linking verbs connect the subject with something that describes it an adjective or another nounk I feel funny It tasted like chicken It smelled like a wet moose The boy lost action verb his head on spring break This is linking verb a good example of why kids should helping verb not drink action verb energy drinks Playing pranks on the beach is linking verb their favorite hobby Playing Gerund Verb Tense Present she screams Past she screamed Past Participle she had screamed Future she will scream Conjugating irregular verbs Irregular verbs on the other hand don t take a simple ed ending to Change tenses and may cause writers trouble Present Past Past Participle Arise Arose Arisen Blow Blew Blown Bring Brought Brought Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast Burst Burst Burst Draw Drew Drawn Forbid Forbade Forbidden Leap Leaptleaped Leaptleaped Mow Mowed Mown Stink Stank Stunk Lend Lent Lent Bear Bore Borr B ome Bite Bit Bitten Beat Beat Beaten Lay and Lie Present Tense When someone does something to an object use lay you could substitute the word placeplaces The bear lays places his paws on the table hoping to be fed When you mean to rest or to be in a horizontal position choose lie There is NO object As a general rule you don t lie on concrete signs you could hurt yourself Present Past Past Participle Lay Laid Had laid Lie Lay Had lain gtkNotice that the past tense of lie to be horizontal is lay not laid Why dont you go lie down for a few minutes It was she who laid the burning candle on the hay


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