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Post Marxism 4/9

by: Ally Hill

Post Marxism 4/9 SOC0150

Marketplace > Sociology > SOC0150 > Post Marxism 4 9
Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Social Theory
Rod Nelson

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About this Document

Social Theory
Rod Nelson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Hill on Thursday April 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC0150 at a university taught by Rod Nelson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 201 views.

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Date Created: 04/09/15
Social Theory 4915 757 PM PostMarx Marxism Marx attracted lots of disciples while Das Kapita grew First Generationquot Marxists 0 Karl Kautsky 18541938 Followed through with Engels thoughts with dialectical materialism Wrote a book on the origins of Christianity Georgi Plekhanov 18571918 0 Founder of Russian Marxism before Vladmir Lenin 0 Art amp Social Life Franz Mehring 18461919 0 First biographer Eduard Bernstein 18501932 Antonio Labriola 18421904 0 Founder of Italian Marxism Engels says Marxism is a scientific understanding of the world which is part of this first generation of Marxists Engels started the idea of dialectical materialism Marxism might even be a natural theory he suggests Marxism becomes institutionalized in Germany Revisionism Eduard Bernstein Evolutionary Socialism 1 The middle class was not disappearing but in fact was growing larger immiseration thesis not true 2 Economic crises growing less severe 3 The tacit rejection of the labour theory of value subject to many economic critiques Austrian economics emerges at this time and there is a critique released rejecting the labour theory of value 4 Substitution of the principle of organic evolution for that of dialectical change 5 In politics the advocating of reformism rather than revolution 6 Advocacy of socialism on ethical grounds as being a desirable economic system still considers himself a Marxist just a revised version Marxist faithful were outraged at this critique Rose Luxemberg Soviet Marxism 1917 Bolshevik Revolution Bolshevik party is very successful Menshiviks and Bolsheviks are both Marxist parties wanted a bourgeoisie revolution Leading Bolsheviks VI Lenin nee Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov 0 Wanted Bolsheviks to stand in for the proletariat 0 Leon Trotsky nee Lev Davidovich Bronstein 0 Jewish rarity Nikolai Bukharin o Wrote works of sociologies 0 Joseph Stalin nee Vissarionovic Dzhugashvili o Accused people of trying to subvert the Soviet Union Western Marxism Georg Lukacs 0 Leading person 0 Reification which is similar to commodity fetishism 0 Karl Korsch Antonio Grmasci JeanPaul Sartre Maurice MerleauPonty 0 Logical Marxist The Frankfurt School These scholars were interested in what caused the rise of fascism Also focused on the nature of mass culturequot 0 Adorno said astrology columns were very successful and studied them He suggested that these columns satisfied the longings that there is some unknown agency that has powers over them 0 Studies done on film industry suggests working class just doesn t want to get away from the subjection 0 Hollywood culture gives us phony choices gives us a consumerist freedom pepsi or coke Mcd s or BK Not a real choice You re getting what they want to give you in different packaging Strengthens conformity Walter Benjamin Herbert Mancuse Hegemony Explains consciousness in working class Manheim and the Sociology of Knowledge Manheim draws an initial distinction between what he calls the particular and total conceptions of ideology The particular conception of ideology is used when only certain parts of an opponents assertions are questioned The total conception of ideology 0 Here we are in the presence of radically different world views Manheim calls this total thought systems 0 No common underlying system of validity that the members of different worldviews can appeal to Manheim subdivides this into two forms 0 Explanatory goal of the sociology of knowledge is to show how in the whole history of thought certain intellectual standpoints are connected with certain forms of experience and to trace the intimate interaction between the two in the course of social and historical change Substantive sociology of knowledge 0 We want to determine a social basis 0 He did do some concrete works Conservative Thought It is more than an ideology it also entails other aspects about things 4915 757 PM 4915 757 PM


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