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by: Meredith Johnson


Marketplace > University of Houston > POLS 1336 > POLITICAL SCIENCE Class Notes 4 7
Meredith Johnson
GPA 3.4
US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Richard Murray

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About this Document

Lecture notes from the week of April 7th. Detailed & bulleted for easier understanding. NOTE: Due to personal illness, there are NO NOTES for the class on April 9th.
US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Richard Murray
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meredith Johnson on Friday April 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Richard Murray in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 223 views.

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Date Created: 04/10/15
Different elements of political parties organization or a group operating with a particular goal in mind 0 Organizations provide incentives to motivate people to work for them whether monetary social spiritual etc Back in 19th cent parties provided a lot of material bene ts jobs etc 0 Many of these organizations pretty corrupt Sold favors passed out jobs etc Rules tightened Today millions of government jobs but mostly lled on a civil service basis 0 Job protection after parties change power workers continue not patronage jobs Material incentives not given out by parties much anymore However an ambassadorship is considered an incentive Parties in the government Divided government makes things dif cult to get things done Party in House v party in Presidency can check each other and deadlock legislation Most people who run for of ce are elected as D or R usually predicts how they will behave So political parties are also part of our government structure Party in the electorate Whether you register as D or R or just register most voters have partisan orientations usually predicts how people vote Many quotindependentsquot are leaners generally vote for the party they lean towards Partisan loyalty dictates media attention as well republicans watch fox democrats watch msnbc etc So we seek out information that we like and agree with tune out things we disagree with Locks into partisan orientation and choose not to hear what disagrees with us Predictor of partisan leaning Age the older voters are the more republican they are likely to vote and vice versa 0 And older voters tend to vote more so republicans are doing well in nonpresidential elections 0 But in presidential elections there39s more of an even divide Gender republicans do better with male voters democrats do better with female voters o What really matters is married women or unmarried women 0 Married women are pretty republican unmarried women pretty democratic 0 Married women have more nancial security so they aren39t concerned so much with the government support network Unmarried women are generally not in such a good economic situation EthnicityRace WASPs tend to be more republican minority tends to be Democratic Community 0 To oversimplify three geographies Big cities Suburbs RuralSmall towns o A few years back Big Cities Dem Suburbs Rep RuralSmall mixed 0 Now small towns are strongly Republican the Big Cities are even more strongly Democratic Suburbs are quotinterestingquot exurbs are becoming strongly Republican innercity older suburbs are becoming more Democratic States also tend to be partisan like Texas has been voting Republican forever but certain states are con icted look at Florida 0 The northeastern part is pretty Republican but southern peninsula is Democratic so it is a heavily competed state Voting is also concerned more with symbolic issues Not as much economic voting as moral voting 0 Used to be the richer you were the more Republican you voted 0 Now based on symbolic issues etc Next class more on media Except I was ill and missed this class and for that I apologize


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