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4-6 and 4-8 Anth 203 movie

by: Alejandra Gutierrez

4-6 and 4-8 Anth 203 movie 3446

Marketplace > Washington State University > 3446 > 4 6 and 4 8 Anth 203 movie
Alejandra Gutierrez
GPA 3.8
Anthropology 203

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About this Document

These are Monday's and Wednesday's notes, which were movie days. They include the notes from the Power Point from class, and things that were said that were not on the slides. Enjoy.
Anthropology 203
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutierrez on Friday April 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3446 at Washington State University taught by Abdul-Karim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 04/10/15
Kids spend a lot of time on media Selfvalue and worth depends on it as well as Value depends on how people see themselves and compare themselves to the media Media shapes people s view on women Media strived to unrealistic ideal of women Media has little portrayals of women There is media negativity There s a concept of a perfect women People change their appearance to fi in to society quotWhen is it going to be enough When will someone take a stand The ideal image is impossible It has been digitalized Girls measure themselves to digital images Men also measure people to digital models We get conditioned to think that people should look a certain way Political economy of the media The media is about wanting you to be someone you are not Women spend a lot more money on makeup and other procedures then on education Girls learn to see themselves as objects It becomes more likely to have Depression Lower GPA Cognitive abilities Less political ethics Women less likely to vote They are less likely to become leaders The US has a lot less women in politics than other places Something is wrong with our institutions Paid family leaves Women has been creating good policies So we need them But we need to have some candidates and Psychological breakthrough We have a gendered socialization We encourage boy leaders What you see inspires your ideals There is not a lot of female role models that encourage girls to become leaders Fims Women are never the protagonist But it seems normal for us Things are not getting better Chick flicks center around males Female leaders are portrayed as Bitchy boss who sacrificed family Reality is a backlash There s a notion that people are bitchy manipulative backstabbers That they are enemies And this is so counterproductive Many women on the news are objectified Female News Anchors first Anchor People focused on her and not the content Hate mail mostly about sexuality On TV people are with revealing clothes and a lot of makeup and perfect hair Where is the line of attractive or being professional There is pressure to look a certain way It affects women s ability in politics Media disrespects Female leaders Point to attractiveness Says many things about them that is gendered People focus on how people look From there they are judged There is more coverage about her appearance People who have ran to office the MRS Label diminishes her accomplishments Women are more likely to be painted as men irrational so should not be a leader A women in power is seen as a negative thing


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