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Week 13 notes

by: Meghan Rixey

Week 13 notes Ger1502

Meghan Rixey
GPA 2.75
Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst

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About this Document

Indo-European Folktales
Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Meghan Rixey on Sunday April 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Ger1502 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. E.Wylie-Ernst in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 105 views.


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Date Created: 04/12/15
Week 11 o Lark and Taming of Women 0 Answers the question Why do husbands beat their wives o quotthe devil you know is better than the devil you don t knowquot 0 The unity of marriage is more important than the woman s well being in these tales quotTwo in a Sackquot 0 Hard to say what type of story this is Magic tale Jest Mixed Type tale Sack fairy tale motif 0 Idea that a male relative has the right to discipline not only his wife but other females in family Spousal discipline Man requires a magic helper he cannot do it on his own 0 Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten o Resourceful wife who avoids the punishment 0 Bluebeards husbands who cross the line 0 There is a secret behind the man s door 0 Background of Bluebeard Tales 0 Cautionary tales for men about the punishment of mistreating women To some degree Cautionary message for women about being to curious Fantasy wish ful llment for women in oppressive relationships Bluebeard tales are universal o quotCunmar the Accursedquot serial killer kills wives when they become pregnant but last wife returns from the dead gives birth and founds a convent Cunmar was a real gure thought to be a werewolf 0 References to real life crimes in some versions quotGilles de Raisquot mass murderer of 15th century in France referenced Turned to dark magic to regain fortune Involvement with dark magic eventually led to his arrest 0 Common Features of OralBased Bluebeard Tales 0 Bride s father is weak or absent 0 Nominal improvement of social status when the wife marries bluebeard o Husband must leave give his wife an object to test her loyalty Egg Flower Key Forbidden roof contains the dead wives 0 Wife sees tries to hide her mark of betrayal then brings the dead sisters wives back to life and escapes o Leads to the downfall of Bluebeard O O Interpretation Feminist o If a woman can see l she can subvert the power structure of the man Eastern Bluebeard tales 0 Different concept of a woman Herione may not be virtuous Women are proactive against abuse there are no male saviors No secret chambers so women s curiosity is not an issue Come to terms with abusive husband outsmarts man can be vicious and able to kill their own offspring Tiger tale Division of Labor 0 The Farmer His Wife and the Open Door 0 The Wager o The Husband Who Was to Mind the House 0 The Mouse The Bird and the Sausage Stories portray traditional female work as difficult requiring practice and expertise Conclude that the storytellers of these tales were women Adultery o Frequent and universal motif 0 Features of tales Usually committed by woman not man Infringement on property rights not the sanctity of Christian marriage 0 Holdover from preChristian social norms Ex Roman 0 An affair with another man s wife violation of his property Adultery and Property Rights 0 Husband has total freedom in marriage wife is chattel 0 Wife is held responsible for the act not the other man 0 Ex Joseph and Potipher s Wife His refusal based on respect for his master s property not on morals 0 Tales told from husband s point of view with motif of revenge for this violation not breach of commitment AntiClerical Adultery Tales 0 Common European motif Material resentment o The Priest Who Knew How Revenge via the priest s own property his sheep 0 Old Hildebrandt Victim of priest s deception anticlerical AntiClerical Adultery Tales 0 Anticlerical aspects antiCatholicism o Criticizes policy of celibacy OOOO o Criticizes Church practices and abuses 0 Folk Saying quotIt s not necessary for priests to marry as long as peasants have wivesquot o Friedrich Engels 0 Origin of the Family Private Property and the State 0 Looked at family relationships in economic terms 0 Husband the owner and marriage does not necessarily include quotlove and sexquot These are different can be divided from marriage 0 Adultery the result of economicbased relationship called marriage and equal to the natural outgrowth of capitalism o Punishment of Adultery o quotGesta Romanorumquot Adulterous animals are killed Con ned lover killed forced to use their skill hair is cut Husband needs heirs and forgiveness is property consideration Margeret de Navarre 0 She wrote for the most elite social class in Europe 0 Versions of folktales with a twist dedicated to her own elite audience Supporter of religious liberty and mid church reform Courted by many literary men Best known for Heptameron 72 tales in Boccaccio mode Tale quotAn Adulteress s Punishmentquot shows sympathy for patriarchal views Virtuous Wives 0 Women never men are quottestedquot Tests and Virtue o Tests of seduction Seducers have social political power Tests can be a false accusation Tests represents an abuse of power 0 Virtues for the wife Obedience loyalty intelligence 0000 Week 13 Old Age and Death 0 The Cycle of Life 0 Focus on all aspects of life from birth to death 0 Pedagogic functions of tales teach Traditional childhood youth Marriage married life Human standards and values quotOld Agequot Today 0 How does American public react to quotbeing oldquot Not well many beauty products items sold to stay quotyoung 0 The notion of again makes our culture nervous Old Age De nitions Health 0 Now We can ght quotold agequot have a life expectancy in the 70 s 0 1750 Life expectancy was around 40 Lack of medical care Women often died in childbirth Old age meant a decrease in use Old Age Social Status 0 Now More complicated Elderly can have a great impact in the social system AARP retirement plans social security 0 Then With age came decrease in productivity elderly faced poverty were at the mercy of the young Conditional Family Relationships Background 0 Historic correlation between parent child relationship and child old parent bond 0 Story relationships seem to contradict understanding of how children should relate to old in rm parents 0 Unconditional parental love for child Enlightenment notion CFR History 0 Prior to the Enlightenment parental love was very conditional High infant mother death rates Gender of the child boys are privileged in patriarchal society Health of a child Scarcity of resources Has a clear impact on later family relationships between parents and children Traditional German Proverbs 0 quotOld Age is a sicknessquot o quotA Man loses manhood in old agequot Etc Social Norms vs ldeals o Contradictory messages in old age tales l historic discrepancy between social norms and ideals o Norms life s last chapter was in reality a bitter one Tales re ect resignation o ldeals we should respect the old Social Norms Resignation to a Grim Reality 0 The Old as Family Burdens Old Widow and her Ungrateful Son How the Wicked Sons were Duped The Stingy Daughter OOOOO 0 Tales of Outright Killing Geronticide A Wendish Legend Why People Today Die Their Own Death 0 Addressing Fear of Old Age 0 Man and His Years Gains extra years from the animals then lives as they do Questions of choice here Old age is never portrayed positively in these kinds of anecdotes 0 White Pet 0 Bremen Town Musicians In each case disenfranchised individuals band together to form alternative societies Bremen Tales 0 Genre Mix of legend and fable Bremenspeci c location Talking animals elements of fable 0 Message Old can still be useful and the young need compassion so they do not overlook the lasting positive qualities of the elderly 0 Traditional Cultures o Multigenerational Old and sick died at home in full view of the young 0 Agrarian Even children watched animals die 0 Insecure Life expectancy lower causes of death treatable by modern medicine 0 Differences in Approach 0 Signi cant differences to death in traditional and modern American society 0 Industrial societies isolate the dead and dying shield the young from the concept of death 0 Ex Traditional Ritual Mexico Day of the Dead November 13 0 Modern Attitudes Toward Death o Is death a taboo 0 Yes people get uncomfortable want to leave when the subject of death comes up Folktales and Death o Folktales re ect attitudes of traditional cultures toward the end of life Stories from Europe rarely promise a happy ending 0 Functions of Death Tales 0 Explanation Often for children Straw Bean and Coal go Traveling The Pancake The Death of the Little Han Final 65 multiple choice Short answer Focus on last part of semester


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