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Biology 106

by: Emma Silverman

Biology 106 Biology 106- Organismal Biology

Emma Silverman
GPA 4.0
Biology 106
Dr. Cousins & Dr. Lee

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About this Document

Biology 106
Dr. Cousins & Dr. Lee
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Silverman on Sunday April 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biology 106- Organismal Biology at Washington State University taught by Dr. Cousins & Dr. Lee in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 100 views. For similar materials see Biology 106 in Biology at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 04/12/15
4615 3 Chamber Why make this terrible system One thing that it does that a 2 chamber heart doesn39t do is a muscular ventricle can push through one capillary bed and not two The idea is it generates higher blood pressure Disadvantage potential mixing Partial obstruction that guides the flow of blood so the blood that comes back will not mix with the deoxygenated blood 4 Chamber More complete septum Highest performance cardiovascular system Right side has to create enough pressure to go through the lungs Left side has to create enough pressure to go through the rest of the body This side is more muscular Septum prevents the mixing of the oxygenated and the nonoxygenated blood This system creates high blood pressure and blood flow No deoxygenation TEST QUESTION Knowing the order in which things happen Hemoglobin When its in the middle part is it 100 saturated No 0 saturated Blood pH is changing As it moves through the lung capillaries its the red line Stingy it wants to grab the oxygen In the systemic capillaries its 100 saturated What does the CO2 and pH do to the hemoglobin Its no longer stingy it s really generous with the oxygen Low pH and high CO2 TEST QUESTION pH high hemoglobin know the order etc Transposition of the great blood vessels In defective hearts the body may get deoxygenated blood And the pulmonary artery is getting oxygenated blood Exam Prep 50 questions Scan tron Take your answer sheet with you find out answers Study Guide Review Office hours at noon tomorrow First lecture ONE QUESTION shark gt funny jaws gt if you were paying attention you ll be fine Look at study guide Animal diversity 13 from this topic 16 questions gt gonna be 50 that pretty much everyone will get What are the types of body symmetry Which of the following is not an example No symmetry radial bilateral gt not trilateral or quadrilateral All different types of animals Look at the different categories make flash cards Bilateria radiata etc Multicellular and then they start modifying themselves Sponges absolutely could be 99 sure there s one question Know is it a parazoa Or is it a eumetazoa What is the symmetry Every phylum has different characteristics Spicules choanocytes 12 questions that are a little harder gt which of the following is found in a sponge Gastrovascular 4 chambered heart etc Sponge no symmetry Us true celum true organs deuterostomes etc next thing cnidarians Has radial symmetry 2 tissue types Cnidocytes nematocysts gt more in line know these questions Memorize features Categories biology is all about categories Know where are the gastrovascular cavities Cnidarians HAVE that What are we getting from these new body plans LOOK AT THE PRACTICE EXAMS Choice is usually just opposite or the wrong category What about the videos Don t need to pee on the jellyfish stings Generally become the very hardest questions or one of the easiest questions lrukandji could kill you Golden is peaceful Go through all of the phyla Pick things out Phyla that aren t on the study guide Theres a question gt Friday before spring break Platyhelminthes Nematodes gt ONE QUESTION 3 types of mollusks He goes through study guide and picks stuff off of the study guide What did he talk about things that would be fair Arthropods deuterostomes echinoderms chordates DEUTEROSTOMES ARE LESS COVERED ON PAST TESTS HE WROTE ON STUDY GUIDE WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW Chordates don t all rule Some are filter feeding tunas 1 TEST QUESTION ON BURGUSS SHALE a lot of things or little amount of cordates Animal nutrition 13 on this Use it to supply fast growth muscle fast cardiovascular system Most is like gt digestion paramecium Target in categories like alimentary canal function in human purpose is to break down food and absorb it lots of ways it does that gt what happens in the mouth mechanical and enzymatic digestion Salivary alivay that digests starch Nothing super hard about the mouth Stomach is it mechanical or chemical or what All 3 of them Activation of pepsin and avoiding selfdigestion We ve got a structure that secretes an inactive precursor Pepsin pepsinogen Pepsinogen gt pepsin by HCI acid and pepsin and that s how we avoid digesting ourselves Chief or parietal cells are doing it chief cells secrete pepsinogen parietal cells secrete HCL Bunch of stuff about small intestine absorption chymotrypsinogen enteropeptidase converts to trypsinogen into trypsin activate at the same time ls carboxypeptidase on the test YES Large intestine Absorbs water Vitamin K Cellulose tons of them hard to break down Cecum in between large and small intestine What is this made out of Ruminant digestion cows are smart in terms of digestion Reason why meat has high saturated fat is because of the bacteria ONE QUESTION ON STABLE lSOTOPE THING python digestion Circulation and Gas exchange How fast does it take to diffuse of oxygen pH of2 in the stomach gastrovascular cavity surface area of the cubes maybe countercurrent exchange structures of tracheal system gas exchange who s got gills who s got lungs tidal ventilation order in which things happen in the bird lungs know the pathway and structure of something ridges inside small intestine villa microvilli Hemoglobin Break it down to its parts Hemoglobin holds 4 oxygens the effect of pH is this the effect of CO2 is this it does this in the lungs it does this in the muscles Right side is saturated left side no oxygen 4 chamber heart vs 3 41015 Keywords Reading Ch 45 Endocrine system Hormone Target cell Steroid Amino acid derived hormone Surface receptors Internal receptors Action of steroids Glucose homeostasis lnsulin Glucagon Epinephrine Norepinephrine ACTH Chemical signals in animals Inside and outside an organism What is a chemical signal Generally involves highly specific receptorsignal binding Pheromone signal outside of organisms A small often volatile chemical signal that functions in communication between animals Periplanone emitted by female American cockroaches Human pheromones Vomeronasal organ Will focus on chemical signals inside organisms Endocrine system Nervous system later lecture Hormone Chemical signal secreted into body fluids usually blood Effective in minute amounts Plasma testosterone 1323 nanomoles per liter Plasma glucose 5 miimoes per liter 2 to 4 million glucose molecules for every 1 testosterone How dilute is 13 nmoles per liter Ratio of water molecules to testosterone molecules is 43 billion to one What is 43 billion There are 43 billion square feet in a square 40 miles x 40 miles Many types of molecules are used as hormones Amino acid derived Single amino acids Peptides Proteins Glycoproteins Steroid lipid soluble Made from cholesterol lnclude sex hormones Hormones act on specific target cells in two ways Surface receptors Within target cells internal receptor Glucose Homeostasis Homeostasis the steadystate physiological condition of the body Glucose major fuel of cellular respiration Normal blood glucose level 5 miimoes per liter How is this regulated First look at when glucose levels are too high High blood glucose causes beta cells to release insulin


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