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Lecture Notes week of 3/31/15

by: Linda Jiang

Lecture Notes week of 3/31/15 POLISCI 121

Linda Jiang
GPA 3.7
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro

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About this Document

Hegemonic control
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Linda Jiang on Tuesday April 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLISCI 121 at University of Massachusetts taught by Vincent Ferraro in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see World Politics in Political Science at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 04/14/15
33115 Continuation of Hegemonic Control 0 US base in Guantanamo Cuba 0 Pure act of Imperial power 3 things required to be a power Capability to be a Hegemonic power 0 Finances 0 Large amp Diverse economy 0 Dominance in a technological sector I Manufacturing industrial machinery 0 Political Power based on projective military power 0 The symbol of projective military power is the aircraft carrier I US aircraft carriers are stationed all over the world I 10 aircraft carriers exist 0 Japan lzumo aircraft carrier 0 65 of the world could become a hegemonic power if they wanted to 0 People expect the US to intervene in international relations 0 A commitment to a system that it mutually beneficial o The Islamic state has an alternative to the Liberal system I has a lot of serious problems 4215 Background of The Just War Doctrine Based upon the long telegram written by George Kennan a foreign service officer in the soviet union 0 Kennan was a realist We have to fear the power of the soviet union 0 We have to contain the soviet union 0 Kennan wanted to preserve the interests of the United states Have to defend Europe and Japan and wants the oil from the Middle East Kennan is head of the Policy planning staff This document was drafted in secret and was only seen by 14 people The distribution of power has been fundamentally altered The United States is fighting because they think it is morally justified The Just War Doctrine A way to think about war in moral terms A contradiction to religion 0 Killing is wrong Killing in war is not murder The Christian edition of the Just war is adopted by the UN 0 The first Christians were all pacifists in order to avoid persecution 0 year 323 Constantine converts to Christianity Rule 1 0 you have to try all peaceful recognitions before using violence 0 The reason for going to war better be worth the deaths of the people Can only be waged by a legitimate authority Reduce killing not to reduce Justice You can t go to war first The most important rule in the conduct of war 0 no nobility only barbarism 0 lowest form of human activity


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