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Policing Urban Neighborhoods

by: Mallory McMullen

Policing Urban Neighborhoods 2367.02

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Sociology > 2367.02 > Policing Urban Neighborhoods
Mallory McMullen
Urban Social Problems
Dr. Brian Kowalski

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About this Document

Detailed notes from lecture and the assigned readings from April 2-14
Urban Social Problems
Dr. Brian Kowalski
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mallory McMullen on Tuesday April 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2367.02 at Ohio State University taught by Dr. Brian Kowalski in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Urban Social Problems in Sociology at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 04/14/15
Tuesday April 14 y Policing Urban Neighborhoods The Role of the Criminal Justice System in a Democratic Society C ime COMI OI MOdelz the apprehension and punishment of criminals is the central concern where suspects are assumed to be guilty Due Process M0de the criminal justice system must protect suspects and accepts that some mistakes are honest while limiting arbitrary governmental involvement Over 90 of cases are plea bargains Extralegal characteristicsthings like race ethnicity socioeconomic class gender etc Officers use discretion of extralegal factors to assess the encounter There is more opportunity for police corruption in disadvantaged neighborhoods where crime is attacked aggressively We C ln t tell if police brutality correlates with neighborhood status or race because there aren t enough white disadvantaged neighborhoods to research in St Louis White disadvantaged youth still have better experiences with cops than blacks White s enjoy a racial halo that reduces the chances of them being viewed as suspicious It starts to fade when they act like or associate with blacks Undercover cops have more opportunity for corruption because they can t be reported We are uncomfortable around cops because they have the right to make us do things there s no one monitoring them we feel like they don t trust us and they are always situationally correct Even if there is an unwarranted traffic stop you still have to stop your car and you re not allowed to leave until the cop says you can Tuesday April 14 y The people who express dissatisfaction with police are the same people at risk of committing a crime AA youth report routine police attention whether they re committing a crime or not When People feel like theY re being treated fairly they re more likely to approve of police No one is denying that stopandfrisk programs reduce crime but does it come at the price of racial profiling Minority males make up the vast percentage of stops even though 90 are innocent Only 32 of frisks resulted in detaining a weapon a gun 02 of the time Males between 1424 are only 47 of NYC s population but were 388 of those stopped Marijuana is statistically used more by whites but blacks are stopped for it and only 157 are actually arrested MOS E People s only interaction with a police officer will be when they are getting cited P0ice Brutality the use of more force than what was necessary Human Capital education and job skills people have The NYPD claims their stop and frisk program is designed to prevent people from carrying a weapon


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