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Learnsmart questions

by: Alyssa Reyes

Learnsmart questions POLS 1336

Marketplace > University of Houston > POLS 1336 > Learnsmart questions
Alyssa Reyes
US and Texas Constitution and Politics

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About this Document

US and Texas Constitution and Politics
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Reyes on Tuesday April 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 1336 at University of Houston taught by Simas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 773 views.

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Date Created: 04/14/15
Why do we study constitutions To understand the importance of political culture and its impact on the structure of government Separation of powers provides a check on the actions of government Political cultures drives institutions The political culture in Texas and the constitution strongly supports widespread decentralization of local schools Which effort to revise the Texas Constitution was ultimately successful Both efforts failed Identify the two steps involved in the constitutional amendment process of most states39 constitutions Proposing amendments and citizen approval Which phrase best describes how constitutions should be in theory Clear and exible Which recent issue challenged the supremacy clause of some state constitutions Concealed handgun laws The constitution of 1827 for a unicameral legislative body The Texas Constitution of 1861 was essentially the same as the 1845 constitution Which requirement from the 1827 provincial constitution of Coahuila y Tejas did Texans ignore The observation of Catholicism as the official state reigion What stands in the way of broad changes to the Texas Constitution The conservative nature of Texas politics What factor caused the slight increase in voter turnout for the 2005 Texas amendment ballot to change the constitution The antigay marriage amendment was on the ballot Which phrase correctly characterized the constitution under the Republic of Mexico Federalist in concept In what year was the current Texas Constitution written 1875 How do most constitutions governing American states compare to the federal Constitution They are longer w greater detail In what year did Texans ratify its current constitution 1876 How does the Texas Bill of Rights compare to the US Bill of Rights The Texas Bill of Rights recognizes more individual liberties Which of the following contributes to voter apathy or confusion about constitutional amendments Complex wording or phrasing uniformed voters Which statement is true regarding the freedoms identi ed in state constitutions and the US constitution State constitutions provide more than the national constitution Constitutional conventions and constitutional commissions are identical False Which statement best describes the relationship btwn states and state constitutions Most states have several constitutions What does the phrase quotseparation of powersquot mean Power is divided among the three branches of gov39t When did the Republic of Mexico draft the constitution that rst governed Anglos in Texas 1824 Which statement is true US constitution has been amended far fewer times than state constitutions The 1824 constitution was in concept federalist Which of the following best describes the power of the governor as de ned by the Texas constitution of 1869 Fouryear term for governor and strong appointive authority Most state constitutional amendments are proposed by the state legislatures The limitations on the power of gov39t in Texas today re ect the state39s individualistictraditionalistic political culture In the constitutional amendment process in Texas ballot wording is an issue Constitutions are contracts btwn the gov39t and the people The constitution of the Republic of Texas provided for a unitary form of gov39t Identify which phrase correctly describes the separation of powers Power divided btwn an elected executive an elective legislature and the judiciary Which of the following statements best summarizes the constitutional amendment process in Texas Voters approve far more proposed amendments than they reject thanks to intense efforts by interest groups Which one of the following clearly re ects principles of state constitutions Popular sovereignty and limited gov39t Which phrase best describes a constitutional convention An assembly of citizens who may propose general revisions to the state constitution Constitutions provide broad outlines of gov39t Virtually all state constitutions of Texas have the power of gov t limited The 1861 Texas Constitution included which one of the following as addition to the 1845 constitution The 1861 constitution prohibited the emancipation of slaves What is the function of civil liberties in state constitutions To grant basic freedoms Which statement is the most accurate Ballot wording can increase voter confusion What does the supremacy clause do it makes the US constitution the supreme law of the land The principle of separation of powers re ects which one of the following Divided power among the branches of gov39t How do constitutions limit the scope of government By grants of powers and denials of power The 1845 statehood constitution provided for limited executive authority Limitations of gov39t are very much in keeping with the traditionalisticindividualistic political culture The Republic of Texas Constitution of 1836 did provide for property rights protection The 1845 statehood constitution re ected which political characteristic Traditionalistic The Texas Constitution of 1876 severely restricted the powers of the state gov39t The Reconstruction constitution of 1869 was a fundamental departure from earlier constitutions Which constitution of Texas is called the Reconstruction constitution 1869 Most Texans today have an appetite for large gov39t False Texas39 rst constitution did not provide for a bill of rights Which statement is accurate regarding amending state constitutions State constitutions are amended much more often than the national constitution How does the life span for state constitutions compare to the life span for the federal Constitution Most state constitutions have a limited life span and must eventually be replaced What has been the overall historical result of constitutional amendment elections in Texas Voters have overwhelmingly approved most proposed amendments The 1876 Texas Constitution re ected the strong in uence of land owners Approximately how much money did one company contribute to federal and state partybuilding activities which led to public outcry and the passage of campaign nance reform o 4 million Which activities are fundamental aspects of civic engagement 0 Voting elections campaigns As a consequence of individual political engagement or indirect democracies tend to be more stable 0 Representative Match 0 Referendum an election in which voters vote on a legislative proposal 0 Initiative A citizen sponsored proposal that could result in a new legislation 0 Recall Voters vote to remove an elected official from of ce 0 Proposition a proposed measure placed on ballot In the 2000 presidential election what Florida ballot type was faulted for causing unintended votes for the independent party candidate Pat Buchanan 0 Butter y In some states a election is held if no candidate receives a majority of the vote in a primary 0 Runoff Which of the following candidates complained about voters getting confused and casting the wrong vote in the 2000 election 0 Al Gore Pat Buchanan Match 0 US president resident of the United States for 14 years and a natural born citizen 0 US representative 25 years of age 0 US senator resident of the US for 9 years Which statement below is accurate concerning PAC growth 0 Corporate PACs doubled in number btwn 1977 and 1980 Which of the following provisions were included in the Federal Election Campaign Act FECA 0 Provided public nancing for quali ed candidates agreeing to spending 0 Created an enforcement mechanism for federal campaign nance laws 0 Provided a voluntary tax checkoff system to fund presidential election Under which presidential administration was the Teapot Dome scandal o Harding A paid professional who specializes in the overall management of political campaigns or an aspect of campaigns such as advertising is known as a campaign 0 Consultant The internet has revolutionized campaigns by 0 Providing a mechanism for increased political engagement What was the maximum amount an individual could contribute biennially in the 2010 election cycle under the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act to all candidates 0 45600 What reasons may typically be given by a voter in order to obtain an absentee ballot 0 Disability military service work convenience The number of electoral college votes required to be of cially elected as president of the US is o 270 In the 2000 presidential election the US supreme court ruled that o The absence of a single judicial of cer overseeing handcounted ballots violated equal protection A motivational factor of people declaring their candidacy for of ce is a 0 Sense of civic responsibility Under what circumstances would a 527 committee be required to report its activities to the federal election commission 0 Expressly advocating the election of a federal candidate 0 Engaging in electioneering communications The quotpermanentquot staff member in a professional campaign responsible for staf ng and fundraising is the campaign 0 Manager Before the Citizens United Ruling which factor contributed to the rapid increase in the number and in uence of PACs on campaigns 0 A law lifting the ban on the number of PACs if the entity does business with the federal government The US Supreme Court held in Buckley v Valeo that 0 Campaign spending by a candidate is protected speech was the rst state to permit voting by mail 0 Oregon Which of the following factors increase the level of competition in general elections 0 Amount of candidate fund raising 0 Level of of ce sought 0 Strength of the incumbent Which one of the following statements about independent expenditures is accurate 0 PACs may spend an unlimited amount of money for this purpose In some states a election is held if no candidate receives a majority of the vote in a primary 0 Runoff A general election determines o The of ceholder The impact of the reforms enacted after the national political party conventions in 1968 was to 0 Signi cantly increase the in uence of party voters Which type of primary leads to increased political party discipline by ensuring that voters cannot select nominees from the opposite party 0 Closed Today39s media coverage of candidates differs from the past in that campaigns today focus more upon 0 Candidate personalities General elections nationwide are typically scheduled o The rst Tuesday after the rst Monday in November The current primary and caucus system for presidential nominations bene ts small agricultural states by 0 Ensuring that those states can analyze candidates thoroughly without distraction The term that corresponds to the blueprint for campaign budgeting fund raising advertising and staf ng is the campaign 0 Strategy Which of the following is incorrect about the presidential candidate nomination process o If a nominee is not determined at the convention Congress will vote to determine the nominee What was the maximum amount per calendar year an individual could contribute to a national party committee in the 2012 election cycle under the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act 0 30800 What is one reason the current presidential nomination system should be changed to a national primary system 0 States will not be forced to accept a nominee that does not t their interests What was the maximum amount an individual could contribute to each candidate to each candidate in the 2012 election cycle under the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act 0 2500 The Teapot Dome scandal involved 0 Money loaned to a gov39t official in exchange for securing oil eld leases A state that prevents members from one political party and quite possibly voters registered as independents voting for another party39s nominees has which type of primary 0 closed Which campaign nance loophole was exploited by a corporation leading to the passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 0 Soft money When fewer news sources existed limiting campaign information voters focused most upon which aspect of the campaign 0 Policy stances What exception to the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 was determined by a Supreme Court ruling 0 Advertising within the 30 or 60day window could not be prohibited Compared to the 19805 campaigns today involve more 0 Expert staff speci cally dedicated to campaign management An advantage of voting by mail is 0 Increased voter turnout Popular voting in presidential primaries results in the selection of o Delegates True or false in order to win a federal general election candidates must capture a majority of the popular vote 0 False The quotHelp America Vote Actquot of 2002 allocated federal money to the states to assist with 0 Updating voting machinery Identify the sector with the least number of PACs o Cooperative associations not corporate and labor entities What speci c advantage do states with early presidential primaries have over states with primaries late in the nomination process 0 Greater ability to determine the eventual nominee At what level are the informal eligibility expectations for candidacy the greatest 0 National What weakness was identi ed with the provisions of the Political Activities Act of 1939 0 Groups wanting to evade the act s donation limits formed additional groups that made donations A disadvantage of voting by mail is 0 Increased chance of vote fraud True or false The US constitution stipulates that the federal gov39t will be responsible for conducting and regulating the elections process 0 False A disadvantage of voting by mail is 0 That the nal few days of the campaign process are rendered les relevant When voting in a presidential primary voters are selecting 0 Which candidate39s delegates will attend the nominating convention General election candidates are determined from o The primary election winners What is the trend regarding the number of political action committees since theHincep on o The number of PACs dramatically increased at rst and then remained fairly high overall A presidential primary election that aimed at increasing the political importance of southern and rural states became known as 0 Super Tuesday Which was legal challenge to the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 o A ban on independent issue ads According to Robert Putnam which one of the following has led to the declining use of group activities to foster civic engagement 0 Computers The political scientist Robert Putnam suggest that a decline in social networks leads to a decline in social capital Which of the following constitutes a social network 0 Informal associations Campaign expenditures that are not a coordinated part of a candidate s campaign are known as 0 Independent expenditures


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