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MKT201330.pdf MKT 201

Smita Kulkarni

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About this Document

Smita Kulkarni
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by YALIN ZHANG on Wednesday April 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 201 at University of Miami taught by Smita Kulkarni in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING in Business at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 04/15/15
MKT 201 33015 CH 19 How consumers perceive communication 1 Receiver decode messages differently 2 Senders adjust messages according to the medium and receivers traits oThe AIDA Model Awareness Think Interest Desire Feel Action Do 0 Public Relations Public relations programs are used to build and maintain a positive image of the rm head off unfavorable stories or events and maintaining positive relationships with the media Firms can accomplish these public relations objectives by working with or providing the media with products or favorable information to be used in articles television appearances etc They can also work with charities or cosponsor events Elements of Public Relations Tool Kit Publications video and audio annual reports press kits news releases speeches event sponsorships electronic media Example 1 Lowe39s and the Lowe39s Charitable and Educational Foundation gave 28 million to community organizations donated their time and expertise to improve communities 2 The WK Kellogg Foundation WKKF was established in 1930 as an independent private foundation by the founder and breakfast cereal pioneer WK Kellogg It is one among the largest philanthropic foundations in the United States 3 Tom s company 0 Sales Promotions Sales Promotions can be used either to stimulate sales by the end user consumers or to stimulate channel members to sell more of a given productservice If incentives are focused on the end usercustomer the promotion is using a quotpull strategyquot If focused on channel members it is using a quotpush strategyquot Sales promotions occur either in conjunction with an advertising campaign or as a standalone component of a marketing communications plan In either case they must be consistent with the brand image CH 20 Personal Selling and Sales Management Personal Selling Expensive Tool Good seller Monetary compensation 1 Base salary 2 Commission inked to the performance Example Sweetwater Training costs Loyalty The Scope and Nature of Personal Selling 1 Internet 2 Telephone 3 Face to Face 4 Teleconference Professional Selling as a Career Personal Selling Process 1 Generate and qualify leads 2 Pre Reproach 3 Sales presentations and overcoming reservation 4 Closing the sale 5 Follow up Step 1 Generate the Qualify Leads 1 Current Customers 2 Networking events 3 The Internet 4 Trade shows 5 Sources of Leads Step 2 Pre approach 1 Extends the quali cation procedure 2 Set goals for what is for the presentation Step 3 Sales Presentation and Overcoming Reservation 1 The presentation 2 Handing reservation Step 5 Follow up 1ReHabH y 2 Responsiveness 3 Assurance 4 Empathy


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