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LLT361, Week 1 Notes

by: Sarah Hepler

LLT361, Week 1 Notes LLT 361

Sarah Hepler
GPA 3.2
Second Language Learning
Dr. Loewen

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About this Document

Second Language Learning
Dr. Loewen
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Hepler on Wednesday April 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LLT 361 at Michigan State University taught by Dr. Loewen in . Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Second Language Learning in Language at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 04/15/15
Week 1 Notes January 12 2015 the most of important requirement for both L1 and L2 acquisition Needed for both L1 and L2 acquisition 0 Languages can t be learned without input there are many stages of language acquisition 0 Don t go from knowing nothing about language to perfection 0 L1 Child Grammars Stage 0 L2 lnterlanguage Stage a learner s developing 2nCI language knowledge 0 May be targetlike in some way 0 May have characteristics of the L1 0 Can be systematic consist with learners internal rules 0 Can be dynamic continually developing based on new information o EX 1st Lang gt 2nOI Lang 0 lnterlanguage 1st language learners go through predictable stages in acquiring certain complex linguistic structures 0 2nCI language learners go through similar stages Refers to progress within one complex morphosyntactic structure 0 Question Formation there are 6 stages to reach mastery o Negation 0 Past Tense 0 Both L1 and L2 learners go through stages of acquisition Learners learn various grammatical structures in a predictable order 0 Order of acquisition refers to the development of MULTIPLE morphsyntactic structures ix 77 fr 2 71941 T it willllll lllrllmll ll 0 L1 Acquisition 0 Blank Slate Theory Children are born with a blank slate language 0 Innate Ability Children are born with an innate ability for ability Chomsky s theory of Universal Grammar UG 0 L2 Acquisition 0 Already have rst language knowledge 0 Have world knowledge general knowledge of the world around them These things add to their 2nOI language learning 0 A natural ability to learn a language which does not include intelligence motivation and interest 0 L1 not a strong factor without cognitive issues 0 L2 this is a strong factor some people are better at learning second languages than others 0 L1 doesn t in uence learn your rst language despite motivation 0 L2 Very strong factor must have some motivation to learn 2nCI language 0 L1 doesn t depend on instruction happens regardless of instruction 0 L2 Usually much instruction plays a key role usually in school 0 The in uence that the L1 has on L2 acquisition 0 Negative Transfer When L1 hinders L2 acquisition 0 Positive Transfer When L1 helps in L2 learning Cognates words that are virtually the same or very similar in L1 and L2 0 L1 end stage native speaker L2 variety of end stages don t usually acquire nativelike pro ciency


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