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Notes from April 13

by: Amanda Rewerts

Notes from April 13 PSC 2218

Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder

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About this Document

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Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Thursday April 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2218 at George Washington University taught by Sarah Binder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see Legislative Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 04/16/15
4615 Changing role of committees E measure 7 measures 7 Idjlncd 3916 adjusted bypassed bypassed after Yuri committee H committee 5 committee H committal 5 196970 2 4 7 9 197778 2 6 13 20 198990 14 12 39 39 19979 10 14 35 30 200910 34 45 39 42 n cr How noncontroversial bills get to the House floor Formally bills move from called up in order Union House Correction Private Discharge DC Suspension Suspensions require 2f3rds votes no amendments allowed Rules folHm 5th W5 committees to calendars and are r l a i AW l w a m Or an ow 5mm Norris House special rules Open Closed Modified open or closed Waiver quad 4 541 willie call H0 is g 50 lmsgi 22f fl Elf Elf 4615 Open rule H Res 36 General debate shall be con ned to the bill and shall not exceed one hour equally divided and controlled by the chairman and ranking minority member of the Committee on Transportation and nfrastructure caused it to be printed in the portion of the Con ressional Record designated for that purpose in clause 8 of rule Rfill At the conclusion of consideration of the bill for amendment the Committee shall rise and report the bill to the House with such amendments as may have been adopted The previous question shall be considered as ordered on the bill and amendments thereto to final passaie without intervening motion or without instructions J Modified closed rule ed 6 dthQ WWfL VIQNS Ehe resoluttlgn pll39oylides3 gear fttii39rtigr considerationI oi House h b4 M 335222 29200unsatiszinsnzquot e atomid 303 The rule makes In order on those amendments printed in this report which may be 0 ered only in the order printed in this report and shall not be subject to amendment The rule rovides u on the conclusion of consideration of l the concrfrrent resolgtion for amendment for a final eriod in 7 LI b 94 k of eneral debate not to exceed IO minutes e uallr ivided s an controlled by the chairman and ranking mclnor ty fth c i h Bd tTh I i hmmber q o e omrntteeonte u e erue ermtste chairman of the Budget Comgiittee to offer amend ments in 6 6i I U the House to achieve mathematical consistency V jDi l I Closed rule HRes 3H Resolved That upon the ado tion of this resolution it shall be in order without intervention 0 any point of order to consider In the House the bill HR 3295 to establish a program to provide fun 5 to States to replace punch card voting systems to establish the Election Assistance Commission The amendment recommended by the Committee on House Administration now rinted in the bi I modi ed by the amendment printed n the report of the Committee on Rules accompanying this resolution shall be considered as adopted a a m fl 32 question shall be considered as ordered on the bill to nal passa e Without intervening motionexce t i I one hour of debate on the bil as amended equally divide 4615 Restrictive rules for a House debate of athg W immigration control bill 2006 quot Ll Om m c lst rule Allowed for 15 non controversial amendments HOV L1 M 2quotd IIAII df 18 m e con ggersci amEEdSnents i A Did not allow guest worker amendment madame 41239 0001 lE 47L fabkiwi gap65 904 km a consW pimomwwwm gat cf 39 hi m L mquot H Pm mmch min Tightening the Legislative Screws Nu Dalilalorry 100 WWW i ll IIIIII mil Ill as await a a les 104 a a 9L Huh 4 GOQODSO 165 lay House floor consideration MCm W Um Adopt special rule by majority vote Resolve into Committee of the Whole Quorum 100 Debate bill in COW J Time allocated equally to both sides 0 m O Time controlled by committee bill manager Speeches more often than debatj Votes on amendments post 1973 COW rises and returns to full House 218 q If 39d 39 39 A fazzmaitas39pszztgs m Km aslm m all WWM Motion to recommit with instructions Guaranteed to the minority party Language directs committee to report back quotforthwithquot or promptlyquot Gives minority 2quotd crack at favored amendment No restrictions on amendment post 1995 Motions to recommit rarely succeeded before 2007 Types of motions to recommit Flaunt Mammndopuonormwpeomoumw MW n U Nanfonh 39tc l um lyl I L39E h I J uispcdmxamc scar incl In cumac quotadmit mute 11831 nu knit quotShlxil Matu toutmum I Main b Rmmmh Example of successful motion to recommit Spending bill debate in House Fall 1984 Motion to recommit with instructions Tells HJC to report back with major crime bill attached Under House rules 5 minutes of debate per side Motion passes 243166 Dems can t vote against crime bill before an election GOP Senate adopts measure 4615 Mowin dome ii m QwiglhlA d J qongw owlh lhill W W 4615 GOP s motions to recommit gommittees order to report back promptlyquot rather than forthwith Emotion passes bill recommitted and res Democrats caught Oppose motion to recommit politically tough Risk losing underlying bill Two ways to get bills to the Senate floor 1 Leader asks for unanimous consent to call up a bill 2 Leader makes a quotmotion to proceedquot to the bill Min 5 We Camilaq W44 dan l M buff lt10 wr l it N GO voltsmsmllg bll IS ml fonUQKT gl Blocking a UC request Senator goes to the floor to obiect to the request or Senator places a quotholdquot on the bill or nomination in advance W Bum n mm C unxmi Malia Clnegn39l UOVLK dismal 4615 Holds a Moi 59cm l39 c s not Used to be placed so that senator 39 l would get advance notice before bill 3910 LC I a E came to the floor Sometimes used to temporarily postpone floor consideration a a e Often used to block measures and indefinitely Sen Wellstone complains on Senate floor about secret hold would like to know which brave Senator has put an 39 it quot iquot anonymous hold on this bill With all due respect this piece of leglsiation which is ca ed the Heather French Hen Veterans Ass stance Act is named after Heather Frenc Henry a Miss America who made this her No 1 priority Her quot dad is a disabled Vietnam vet it passed out of the Veterans39 Affairs Committee with bipartisan unanimous support c There is a Senator who has put a hold on it and I cannot find out who he or she Is These anonymous holds drive me up the wail am putting a hold on just about every single plece of legislation that any Senator on the other side of the e e aisle wants to put through here until this piece of legislation goes through I have come out here twice or three times I can39t find out who objects to It i would love to debate a g ll39latol39 about why he or she opposes this homeless veterans r e Senate hostage taking PW places holds on GOP39s non emergency bills GOP needs UC to consider its internet tax moratorium bill e GOP leadership aide suggests a hostage trade PW gets vets bill 7 a GOP gets internet bill Wellstone relents 77 Alternative motion to proceed Good solution for non controversial bills Bad solution for controversial bills Why Motion to proceed is a debatable motion and thus can be filibustered So leaders often need 60 votes to call up a bill but see new version 4615 Unanimous consent agreements UCAs May be simple Eg Sets time for final vote allows any amendment filed by a certain date May be complex Eg Specify amendments with time limits limit 2quotd degree amendments etc Example Complex UCA August 1986 ML Dole circulates i UCA for defense debt ceiling SAfrica SA sanctions and aid to Nicaraguan Contras NC bills SA broad support NC bare GOP support UCA took up 3 pages in Record and took an hour to read 4615 Key provisions UCA set time for cloture vote on each bill If cloture was not invoked on BOTH sanctions and contra aid bills UCA cancelled and August recess used to complete action on both bills Democrats really wanted sanctions bill so UCA killed Dems incentive to filibuster contra bill Cloture invoked first on sanctions bill and then on Contras bill man 655 AyeHS 9 56155 sodu l V5495 7 Ma atlititiiiiilllllllllilll h ln 1 ii I 1 3 i New Ma 6 CW 3 Number of objections to unanimous consent F n we kill Mann J Him In Dunsnan by Pan 0 hubJ and agentI HalZOE MMMMMWJIEM 1 h h c 39 d a 39 quot o39 udquot 4 mmmeuatqmmwmu brim n 1quot nv39n w39v vt39w 59 us 50 n3 IIu l tci mm Source Steven S Smith The Senate Syndrome Brooklngs Institution 2010 POl Jrlml l 10 Figtlaa WdMMMWW mampauonmycmgrmmzmz 4615 UMJ C IOMU J Opportunities to filibuster Motion to proceed Most floor motions amendments bills conference reports 3 motions to get to conference now combined into a single motion Appeals of presiding officer rulings Key myths about the filibuster Original feature of the Senate in i 789 Reserved for major measures Partisan filibusters are new Never kill measures preferred by a majority Ensures moderation of legislation llll Senators policy views from a bye gone age 7 51quot senator 60m senator 4615 Senators policy views today S I senator 6039quot senator Sources of Senate majority party power Filling the amendment tree Motions to table 12 Beginning of class notes from LP on April 13 and 5 April 13 0 Holder Attorney General who is stepping down 0 African American Woman 1st ever is going to be put up and it s the first time ever 0 Republicans want to object but will be nominated 0 She is very for immigration and is an advocate 0 Republicans kinda like 51 vote majority so that way they can at least get a few republican votes no blame avoidance April 15 Revised bipartisan Iran Bill 190 House committee vote 0 Drops need to certify if Iran not engaged in terrorism 0 Clarifies target and timing of Congressional review 0 Either chamber can initiate resolution to disapprove lifting of sanctions stops president from waiving imposed sanctions 0 Provides for expedited consideration of resolutions in both chambers 0 No amendments no senate filibuster no committee consideration in other chamber after 30 day review ends 0 Passed DocFix with ammendments


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