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CIS Notes through Week 3

by: Elizabeth Notetaker

CIS Notes through Week 3 CIS 111

Elizabeth Notetaker
GPA 3.5
Intro Web Programming
Patrick Holleran

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About this Document

Lecture notes from week 1,2, and 3.
Intro Web Programming
Patrick Holleran
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Notetaker on Sunday April 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 111 at University of Oregon taught by Patrick Holleran in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Intro Web Programming in Computer Information Systems at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 04/19/15
April 1 41915 818 PM PREVIEW Operation of WWW World Wide Web and your Web browser 0 Browser reads interprets and displays HTML CSS and JavaScript 0 Displays results independent of source cod File Systems on Local Machine and Server 0 Folder structure on local machine laptop or computer 0 Directory structure on UNIXbased server shelluoregonedu SSH Secure Shell 0 OS Xbuilt in Terminal app in Utilities folder 0 Windows use Secure Shell Client 0 Site licensed to U of Remote resources 0 Located on another machine or another Web site 0 Must use absolute references which means giving directions that would make sense from anywhere in the world such as a street address include host name and file spec Local Resources 0 Created on or copied to local system same machine as current file 0 Typically use relative reference which means you have to take into consideration where you are standing now such as saying take a right a block up then I m the third house down Typical external resources files you will use 0 External JavaScript files where you will write your Java Script code 0 Images always in our images folder for this class we will normally use local resources and relative references DO NOT USE ABSOLUTE REFERENCES js Javascript file in the same folder as the HTML file jsrandomjs A Javascript file in the js folder library file gif image in the images folder U of O uses Apache publichtmldirectory When accessing Web pages use pagesuoregoneduquot instead of sheluoregoneduquot for host name eliminate the publichtmquot when you access the page on the Web HYPERTEXT AND HTM L History 0 First concept expressed by Vannevar Bush in 1945 Memex worked by trying or linking two or more things together 0 Hypercardfirst commercial application 0 Tim BernersLee at CERN created first Web client and server in 1990 w specified URL s HTTP HTML 0 Created HTML and Web pages Display and Layout 0 Hypertext Markup Language HTML Formatting is specified using tagsword surrounded by angled brackets lt gt 0 Start tags end tags and text they enclose an HTML element 0 lttitlegtDemo of DOM lttitegt 0 Elements can be nested inside one another 0 ltheadgtlttitlegtDemo of DOMlttitlegtltheadgt Headinformation about the document 0 Bodythe actual material on the page 0 White spacemultiple spaces tabs blank linesnot displayed by browser 0 Paragraphs ltpgttextltpgt Start new line ltbrgt To force use of a space use nonbreaking space character ampnbsp 0 Horizontal line lthrgt Various size headings lth4gt lth6gt Comments 0 May be used to communicate lt This is a comment gt Formatting 0 Bold ltbgtltbgt Italic ltigtltigt Underline ltugtltugt HyperLinks Takes the user to another page 0 By default shown in color and underlined but style can be set CSS 0 Specified using an anchor tag 0 lta hrefgt lta hrefgt Images ltimggt 0 jpg gif or png file 0 Use src attribute to specify the location of the image or file Displaying lists 0 Lists can be constructed and displayed using one of 2 list tags 0 Unordered list ltugtltugt o Ordered list ltogtltogt 0 Actual items on the list ltigtltigt Tables 0 Used to display tabular row and column based data 0 Also used to line up textual content 0 Use the table tag for the table 0 lttablegtlttablegt Divs o Other items can be placed in containers called a ltdivgt April 6 amp 8 41915 818 PM Netscape founded to develop commercial Web browser JavaScript developed 1995 Where JavaScript can be used 0 Scripting Web pages target in course Runners used in this course 0 Create OS X Dashboard widgets o Create Windows apps 0 Substitute for Yosemite Serverside Web programming using nodejs Language Basics 0 Instructions in a text file Interpreter is built into web browser Interprets instructions and produces output The Language 0 Consists of statements to computer 0 Each all lines with a semicolon Whitespace can be used as desired 0 Indentation can be chosen but will be specified for this course 0 JavaScript is case sensitive varX is not the same as varx Location of JavaScript Statements 0 Within ltscriptgtltscriptgt tags in the ltheadgt or ltbodygt of HTML files 0 JavaScript processed before the full page is loaded In a tag as the value of an event handler attribute In a separate text file by convention with a js suffix All JavaScript statements must go in a specific JavaScript file Statements are made of tokens Made up of expressions which can be evaluated to produce a value Comments 0 at the beginning of a line marks it as a comment 0 and can mark the beginning and end of comments 0 Not evaluated by the JavaScript interpreter 0 Serve as notes to the programmers 0 Also can be used to disable sections of code Writing JavaScript in the HTML environment 0 Create your html file say xyzhtml Fill out ltheadgt and ltbodygt sections in the file 0 Create a companion JavaScript file called xyzjs 0 Note make sure you can see the extension on your comp 0 Write JavaScript code in the js file 0 Put the following line in the ltheadgt or ltbodygt of the html file 0 ltscript srcquotxyzjs gtltscriptgt In this class and in general the ltscriptgt tag goes in the ltheadgt section 0 Load or preview the html file with your browser 0 Remember to save the js file before loading or previewing 0 Make sure you are previewing the html file Producing Output 0 Writes the output to the web console Getting Input 0 Can solicit input from the user 0 Use the prompt command II Variables o are containers for storing information 0 they are given names 0 case sensitive 0 must begin with a letter underscore or sign 0 points will be deducted if var keyword is not used 0 values are given to variables using the assignment operator 0 giving a variable its first value is called initializing Types of Data 0 Numbers Floating point values 0 Hexadecimal numbers can also be specified 0 Know difference between a number and a string containing a digit 0 Not the difference between a string and an identifier Boolean Vartrue Varfalse Constant use keyword const 0 Initialization must be done in statement with declaration 0 Data in variables can be changed 0 Once assigned variables in constants can not be changed 0 Prevents inadvertent changing of values that should not change 0 Use of var or const is users choice Monday and Wednesday Lecture Notes 41915 818 PM 413 Expressionssections of JavaScript code which can be evaluated Literals a literal is a basic value 0 For now a number string or Boolean value 0 No evaluation is needed or performed operator produces remainder after 1St operand is divided by the second unary operator single operand Increment and decrement operators 0 Combines mathematical operation and assignment Strings 0 Numbers are converted to strings when strings and numbers are combined


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