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4/7 & 4/14 & 4/16 notes

by: Linda Jiang

4/7 & 4/14 & 4/16 notes POLISCI 121

Linda Jiang
GPA 3.7
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro

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About this Document

Proliferation, Globalization, & Market Capitalism
World Politics
Vincent Ferraro
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Linda Jiang on Tuesday April 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLISCI 121 at University of Massachusetts taught by Vincent Ferraro in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 104 views. For similar materials see World Politics in Political Science at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 04/21/15
4715 There are 2000 communities on the planet that self identify as nations with populations that are less than 100000 people 193 states Nothing is holding together Yugoslavia after Tito dies 0 back to the pre world war 2 as independent nations being ruled by a single state 0 serbs croats and bosnians are the primary people living in yugoslavia Milosevic and Tudjman lead the creation of nation states for slavs Serbs tried to distinguish themselves as different 0 everyone was crossbreeding so there was no way to physically tell the difference between the three groups Serbs tell the croats and bosnians to leave 0 Sebs said You can leave or we will kill yo 0 ethnic cleansing in Bosnia I rape the women to break apart the family structure until their families no longer want them I non serbs are forbidden to be in public places The UN does nothing and allow the serbs to slaughter thousands of people Clinton doesn t want anything to do with the UN 0 Calls in NATO to help stabilize the serbs 0 And the war ends instantly because the serbs and the croats don t want to fight NATO The only defense behind excess slaughter is to adopt a principle without discrimination 41415 NonProliferation Soviets and North Korea The only reason to have nuclear weapons is not to defend yourselves but to deter yourself from another nuclear state 0 No legitimate use for nuclear bombs in a military standpoint Rapid sequence of states developing nuclear bombs Soviets help China develop a nuclear bomb As soon as the Chinese develop a bomb they discuss a treaty to control nuclear bombs NonProliferation Treaty Creates two categories 0 nuclear and nonnuclear states Vast majority of states sign the treaty despite it being completely voluntary 0 States didn t want to keep their weapons It takes a lot to maintain a nuclear weapon 0 The US came up with a special system of launching missiles o The twokey system on opposite sides and they had to be turned simultaneously Most states did not know how they would use a nuclear weapon in the state of war India and Pakistan refused to sign the treaty o fought 3 wars against each other since 1947 0 Wanted to prove to each other that they had more than one nuclear bomb Israelis refuse to admit they have a nuclear bomb 0 Speculations that the bomb test in South Africa was a test by the israelis 0 There is no South African Nuclear weapons program North Korea felt under threat by the US 0 Slgned the treaty in 1994 Axis of Evil 0 North Korea Iran Iraq After US started the war in Iraq in 2003 0 North Korea decided to pull out of the treaty Three issues raised by the Treaty 0 Safeguards I Gives every nation the right to develop peaceful nuclear energy I The International Atomic Energy Agency 0 Checks the percentage of enriched uranium so that it doesn t go over a certain percentage 0 Balanced Obligations I Commitment of the nuclear states to disarm o No time limit specified in the treaty 0 Security Assurance I Nuclear states are supposed to protect states without nuclear power I Not a credible security assurance 41615 Vincent went to Dartmouth College will be on quiz The Fourth Challenge to Realism o Is globalization going to erode the nation states ability to regulate the economy Globalization 0 The integration of market forces into a single market 0 Land labor and capital 0 First Phase 14921914 the period of European Imperialism o Tried to create a universal market for market capitalism 0 Second Phase 19451991 period of US amp Soviet Hegemony o 2 systems simultaneously I one is capitalist and the other is socialist o Competing systems trying to maximize trade in their individual blocks 0 Third Phase 1991 Present 0 Universal Capitalist Market 0 Collapse of the USSR 0 Entry of India and China 0 From an effective labor market of 15 billion workers to 3 billion workers Market Capitalism 0 Private property 0 A relatively new phenomenon in history 0 The Enclosure Acts in Great Britain Protect Selfinterest Freedom for the Factors of Production land labor capital Private Property is the bedrock of liberalism 0 Private property is necessary to have rights 0 Market Capitalism relies on supply and demand 0 Doesn t care about distribution or consumption 0 There is only one mechanism for the distribution of wealth o Trickle Down Prosperity I Backward and FonNard linkages


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