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Sarah Binder Legislative Politics PSC 2118 Class Notes from April 20 and 22nd

by: Amanda Rewerts

Sarah Binder Legislative Politics PSC 2118 Class Notes from April 20 and 22nd PSC 2218

Marketplace > George Washington University > Political Science > PSC 2218 > Sarah Binder Legislative Politics PSC 2118 Class Notes from April 20 and 22nd
Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder

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About this Document

Our papers are due next week. At the beginning of class on the 22nd we talked about Loretta Lynch's time waiting for a confirmation vote. Also the Ratios for senate floor votes to cloture motions.
Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Thursday April 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2218 at George Washington University taught by Sarah Binder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Legislative Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 04/23/15
4615 Figuaa ma KeyVale Measures Simian pagom Pm by Mimi270 2 NO but Virginie 4197 Opportunities to filibuster Motion to proceed Most floor motions amendments bills conference reports 3 motions to get to conference now combined into a single motion Appeals of presiding officer rulings Key myths about the filibuster Original feature of the Senate in 1789 Reserved for major measures quotPartisanquot filibusters are new Never kill measures preferred by a majority Ensures moderation of legislation 39 7 Mid lag NE W i 00 of f I M film lid ncj H Senators policy views from a bye gone age Senators policy views today Carmine I H 3 4615 l a Sources of Senate majority party power Filling the amendment tree Motions to table ll disk1 Slim We 09a WWW Mg m M 39 4QC VW4 gm onallbi will Mr PM quotram wllWl 392 Wallinfamy l0 Wh lofs Morr biPmliim at UM km and SWMRS Just nah LjTo k x 12 4615 3d Ar 39 lsterzm dare Filling the treequot C W45 Q I39X j HQQV Why is Senator Sessions RAl a 36 0 so mad 42 in clip Why does Reid do it E Does filling the treequot a sign of Ie r majority party power K 50 ON WM rpwiajrs 324 q J39 b Pro ck39wbe 7 j 4 Far bloc NadirMm njmg Wm M Mg W paczd 07 M6 iv be duh8m QM Going Nuclearquot Senate styla Ndmr Odd mkamICH MS PM q 5 Reid makespoixuoforden simplemjuity I mclamorith Ch rmlcszlfsuumjodtywittvokcciompompfordunotmlimd wudi 5 Reidlppulsmlingnl39uudl dwnmlald Imuhm d hllu Mos i ml jriqn39i39 39 MWW W 39S Rquot NEH kiwi14 Mm 0 611 McCu39mcll Viill 39 5 makupo ol39ordermmdywu I39mclown msrmmmmmwwcwmfwm39 m M Vote In susuin chlit39l viii130842 Dans ovatum chair with 51 W Unorthodox process 7 77 summarized Expansion in number of actors participating in legislative process 39 02 4 W with J J Leaders respond by devising new 0 ways to manage the uncertainty caused by expanded participation 13 What forces drove the change Electoral forces reshaped the two political parties Institutlonal reforms of the 19705 had unintended consequences More unified parties acquiesced to stronger party leadership 19705 procedural reforms Power of committee chairs diluted Power moves downward to subcommittee chairs and upwards to leaders fy Sunshine rules increased incentives roll call votes and amendments Democrats turned to leadership to manage uncertainty 4615 1 MOinLF W fb 60Wde 0 Comm Party polarization l 879 201 3 mummy much5M f A MIN quotquot9 in b W IN V 1 AM W fJ r I g n n g I a hurrrn quot1 n Y mummmm1mmmurmtmmmmmmn Mir 31 Annirm winmu refm gar7L Q w MirWig 7L0 194 Hair ma MM VinP 9amp6th W 4 rm l4 41715 Advice and consent Judicial nominations Patterns and mechanics What drives con ict Consequences of con ict The nuclear option and a ennath Judicial confirmation rates 1947 2014 mans 1W m a u I I a I a s a o i 5 oamamp hum 3533335555 3 quot 839 83335313 quot d i azagaitiisiie h iimiisa i iii li 3mg 2i 3 i quotfiffw Q k 4 L D 1 W W 539 39 1 393gaiiijzitightiiiiiiiia J a m t d v m r q i vyig Jrd39f39 s x r 7 r 1 39vawrJrmnm K W i9 0 1is u 4 91 r quotquot 39 s Advice and consent President selects nominee refers to Senate ABA rates nominee Senate Judiciary Committee sends blue slips to the two home state senators 4l l715 rme 313m SENATE wmmmjrnm M napml T39 h 5 D huu h frin Evi wdbfmn m quotdc nl39mdhm uh MuimuluimnoUyq nnhmw n nk1f IliapmqumhmChm L hm L m M um Hull d TallIr MA 5 3 Advice and consent President selects nominee refers to Senate ABA rates nominee Senate Judiciary Committee sends blue slips to the two home state senators SJC holds hearing maybe and reports maybe opposition may delay vote 411715 Advice and consent Senate oor In Executive Session majority leader requests UC to call up a nomination for con rmation 39 Any senator can object J k Vl thout UC leader may le cloture now need 51 votes to cutoff debate Mthout UC or 5 votes nomination dies at end of Congress What drives con ict i W r 1 r i 5 iquot L Conventional Wisdom U 4 r r I Nothing new under the sun aIways political The big bangquot theory Alternative view Ideological incentives to disagree Partisan incentives to disagree Institutional capacity to obstruct Partisan tit for tat SenatorJohn Cornyn R Texas What goes around comes around When the shoe is on the other foot there is going to be a temptation to respond in kind Senate GOP in March 2009 vow to libuster any nominee they disapprove of 4l17I15 Forces shaping chances of con rmation note 56 have negative effect Consequences of conflict Justice delayed Growing caseloads perjudge slower courts Does con rmation con ict diminish public con dence in federal judges 77 7 How would we know A survey experiment a Fall 2006 national survey on intemet Randomly divide respondents into groups Give different groups different con rmation scenanos Tell respondent how judge voted Ask their views about the judge Treatment and control groups Nominating president Con rmation vote George Bush 5347 George Bush unanimous Bill Clinton 53 47 Bill Clinton unanimous Not mentioned 5347 Not mentioned unanimous 417115 Experimental conditions Federal Judge Ralph Jones was appointed to the bench by President George W Bush and was confirmed by the US Senate in a 53 47 vote after a contentious threeyear battle over his record Experimental conditions FederalJudge Ralph Jones was appointed to the bench by President George W Bush and was confirmed unanimously by the US Senate Experimental conditions Federal Judge Ralph Jones was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton and was confirmed by the US Senate in a 5347 vote after a contentious three year battle over his record 4117115 Survey question o Jones recently struck down a law that prohibited the sale of guns within one mile of any school in the ruling Jones argued that quotalthough protecting children from firearms may be ajustified policy under the Constitution Congress does not have the right to mandate local zoning codesquot Do you agree with Judge Jones39 opinion To what degree do you trust JudgeJones to make decisions that are right for the country Who agrees with Judge Jones Treatment Treatment Unanimous voted Contested yo Partisanship of respondent Democrat 3 53 Republican 75 76 Independent 60 Do you agree with Judge Jones 4l17l l5 Independent variable Effect Gun owner Contested vote treatment Bush treatment Clinton treatment ns Strong DEM Clinton treatment Strong GOP quot Bush treatment Strong DEM Strong GOP ns C quot 15 Obama Democrats and the Nuclear Option White House slow to nominate judges for vacancies why Democratic Senate con rms roughly 60 of nominees con ict spills over to trial courts GOP footdragging as 2012 election approached why January 2013 reforms Shortened postcloture debate for district court nominees to 2 hours Democrats39 nuclear move Semi game changerquot quotGoing Nuclearquot Senate style lulu main point of Brian 31mph major1w for down an Herniadons Choir ruin Ilium majority In Invok clnun quotIn of order not wmlncl lull ll ll 396 0quot Chi dulr denu nllnd Input nMIhuhlt Van to sunIn dulr39u rullnu 43521 Dom aurturn duhwith SI mu Sn nu prcdenl quotmammothquot of Stun lulu n Madonnall MAD malte vein of order need Ifquot lnr cunn Choir more to Hunt procedan I39I39III39I39N39I damn for neml MinnaII OppI39ll IGMI 4l17l15


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