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by: Amaris Mae
Amaris Mae
GPA 3.75
Africa: Problems and Promise

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from April 21st, 2015.
Africa: Problems and Promise
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amaris Mae on Thursday April 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IAFF 2093 at George Washington University taught by Shinn in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 134 views. For similar materials see Africa: Problems and Promise in International Affairs at George Washington University.


Reviews for Terrorism


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Date Created: 04/23/15
News 4212015 Morsi was sentenced to 20 years in prison Antiforeign sentiment becoming more intense 900 economic migrants from Syria to Libya that capsized in Mediterranean biggest death rate of boat that sunk in that ocean FBI stopped six SomaliAmericans that lives in Minneapolis that were going to join ISIS in Syria Terrorism Sub statedomestic terrorism vs transnational terrorism Mostly domestic terrorism in Africa Terrorism is used as a tactic in war movement39s insurgencies etc Do not challenge foreigners or international interests Overton ingenious governments Embassy bombings is a form of international terrorism Such as ISIS in Libya Inequality identity political marginalization are reasons for terrorism Terrorism doesn39t ignite spontaneously It needs organization and politicization Media can in uence Becoming more of a presence as of late Al Qaeda is the best known terrorist org Split into branches Such as AlShabab ISIS is not AQ af liate Local subgroups aver own autonomy 2003 Kenya foiled plans to attack US cell Transiently Developed from domestic tourism Algerian group Al Q and Islamic Maghreb AQIM The gap between transnational and domestic terrorism is shrinking Failed states such as Somalia suitable environment for international terrorist groups Al Qaeda has used trade in rough diamonds as a source of income for terrorism tourist groups are very entrepreneurial for how they found themselves Domestic terrorism has become so widespread the normal use of the term has become virtual meaningless Counters like Somali must establishing a functionalism to kick out theorems International terrorism has been con ned to Northern Africa East and the Horn of Africa Sudan has the longest association with tourist groups Predates 199 When it was declared an Islamic state After 1998 attack in Nairobi US launched attacks at pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum US included Sudan inti 5 list of countries that have terrorist threat Lent past the time they have engages in terrorist attacks Djibouti has allowed us to have a bas e there to monitor terrorism activities in the region Somalia draws most terrorist concerns Al Qaeda prevalent there Convert became greater because of rise of Al Shabaab and its alliance to Al Qaeda AQIM Establish a caliphate Overthrow Algerian government Libya morocco Tunisia ET Operate in northern Africa and Sahel area Started in Algeria and spreading to neighboring countries Eliminate western in uence and assert Islamic law Assassination traf cking guerilla raids bombings etc Major players in rebellion in Mali Al Shabab mal attack in Nairobi Where elite and wealth Kenyans went Attacks tried to single out nonMuslims But ended up killing both Was to punish Kenya39s intervention in Somalia Boko Haram lslamic sect that rst appeared in 2002 Wants to fully establish an Islamic state in Nigeria quotWestern education is sinquot Attacks Nigerian politicians schools places of worship civilians More than 5 00 have been killed 2009quot wanted to overthrow Nigerian government 2013 closer collaboration with AQIM US designated a foreign terrorist organization Many mummers from impoverished backgrounds Two subgroups Focus on regional vs local interests Boko Haram concentrates on graveness such as poor governance and inequality Police brutality


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