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Mind & Society

by: Emily Doyen

Mind & Society

Emily Doyen

Azim Shariff

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About this Document

Class 7 notes: Development I
Azim Shariff
Psychology, development
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This 4 page Reader was uploaded by Emily Doyen on Thursday April 24, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 98 views.


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Date Created: 04/24/14
Class 7 Notes Developmentl April 24 2014 Is depression related to IQ 0 People who are below average in IQ are more likely to get depression when older than people with an IQ above 100 0 People with an IQ above 100 have a higher likelihood of developing lifetime mania but a decrease in the likelihood of other disorders and dependances drugs alcohol etc How were historical presidents Qs calculated 0 People gathered a bunch of historical biographies about presidents and removed any identified information such as names and gave the information to people who could determine the approximate IQ of the person being studied 0 Catherine Morris Cox 1926 The early mental traits of three hundred geniuses o Convergent Validity is agreement between measures of the same construct assessed by different methods a John Quincy Adams had the highest IQ of the presidents o IQ is something but it ain t everything If humans need large brains to manage to live in large groups how come ants don t 0 Their cooperative behavior is coded into their DNA a It is all in their gene s favor to be cooperative Videos watched in class o Conservation httbswwwvoutubecomwatchvYtLEVNu815o 0 Related to the Stage Theory developed by Piaget Self Recognition in Apes httbswwwvoutubecomwatchvvJ Fo3trMuD8 Can Babies Tell Right From Wrong httbswwwvoutubecomwatchvHBW5vdhr PA Steven Pinker interview httpthecolbertreportcccomvideosn36bqbstevenbinker Epigenetics in NOVA Science httpvideobbsorqvideo1525107473 Jean Piaget 18961980 0 Study children to figure out what happens during a lifetime to see what happened throughout the evolution of our species o Children are active thinkers constantly trying to construct more advanced understands of the world described in detail in the textbook o Stage Theory developed by Piaget o Sensorimotor birth2 years o Preoperational 26 years The infant explores the world through direct sensory and motor contact Object permanence and separation anxiety develop during this stage o Concrete Operational 712 years The child uses symbols words and images to represent objects but does not reason logically The child also has the ability to pretence During this stage the child is egocentric o Formal Operational 12 yearsadult The child can think logically about concrete objects and can thus add and subtract The child also understands consenation Object permanence the ability to know that an object is still there even if you can t see it Pros and limitations of Piaget s Stage Theory o Pros of Theory o Unlike prior stage theories of development Piaget s was testable o Limitations of Theory 0 Theoretical Limitation Piaget never really explained how children moved through the stages just that they did 0 Methodological Limitation Piaget s studies and this conclusions relied extensively on selfreport Watch Conservation video for examples of children in the stages theorized by Piaget Link above Self Awareness Mark Test or mirror test is a test to determine if an animal has the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror Developed by Gordon Gallup Jr It is also used for children to see if they can recognize themselves at a certain age Animals able to pass the Mark Test Chimpanzees Bonobos Orangutans Gorillas Dolphins Orcas Elephants Solipsism amp Theory of Mind 0 SallyAnne test a psychological test used in developmental psychology to measure a person39s social cognitive ability to attribute false beliefs to others Wikipedia Theory of mind a The Autism Spectrum o Degrees of Autism Autism High Functioning Autism Asperger s Syndrome Norma o Autism o Mirror Test Pass at 24 months 70 pass o SallyAnne False Belief Task Pass at 4 years at 10 years 20 pass 0 Reading the Mind in the Eyes Task look at the eyes of the people and determine which adjective is associated with the eyes in a picture I Systematizing drive to analyze of construct a system men to tend score higher while women tend to score lower in systematizing I Empathizing drive to identify a persons thoughts and feelings and respond appropriately women tend to score higher in empathizing while men tend to score lower Watch the Self Recognition of Apes video Link above The Beginnings of Morality SelfRegulationDelay of Gratification o Walter Mischel and Marshmallow test 0 Fouryear olds left by themselves in a room with a marshmallow o Told that they could eat the marshmallow or if they could wait 15 minutes they would get two marshmallows o What helps with selfregulation I Making the reward less salient covering eyes to not see marshmallow I Distract self from the rewarding qualities singing to themselves I Transform the reward think about the outcome symbolically o What does it predict 10 or more years later I More selfcontrol and social competence better planning and coping skills higher education levers Lower drug use Higher SAT scores Higher popularity Watch the Can Babies Tell Right from Wrong video Link above Nature and Nurture The Blank Slate 0 quotGive me a dozen healthy infants wellformed and my own speci ed world to bring them up in and I39ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might selectdoctor lawyer artist merchantchief and yes even beggarman and thief regardless of his talents penchants tendencies abilities vocations and race of his ancestors I am going beyond my facts and I admit it but so have the advocates of the contrary and they have been doing it for many thousands of years quot John B Watson Behaviorism 1930 Genetic Determinism o Genes are destiny 0 Francis Galton People who are not smart should not reproduce o Adolf Hitler o Dangers of the Blank Slate argument 0 Excessive blame for failed parents I Sandy Hook school shooting for example o Release of psychopathic criminals under the assumption that they have been reformed through nurture o Totalitarian attempts at social engineering Watch the following videos links above o Steven Pinker interview 0 Epigenetics


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