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US Foreign Policy Professor Saunders PSC 2446 Week of April 20/22

by: Amanda Rewerts

US Foreign Policy Professor Saunders PSC 2446 Week of April 20/22 PSC 2446

Marketplace > George Washington University > Political Science > PSC 2446 > US Foreign Policy Professor Saunders PSC 2446 Week of April 20 22
Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
US Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders

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About this Document

All about China and trade
US Foreign Policy
Elizabeth Saunders
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Saturday April 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2446 at George Washington University taught by Elizabeth Saunders in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 111 views. For similar materials see US Foreign Policy in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 04/25/15
US FP Notes from the week of 420 and 422 429 is a review class 428 she will have normal office hours Final test details No IDS 2 essays 1 per hour Kind of cumulative mostly on Unit 3 material but should draw on Unit 1 and 2 China and Trade Trade is dominated by US deal close TPP regional trade agreementsbilateral and regional agreements are the future Will the US be policemen of Trade Domestic politics can get in the way the President needs Congressional buyin Trade agreements are unitary model or lactor Free trade is a nobrainer benefits of trade are profuse Many downsides of freetrade agreements Domestic unrest can happen if free trade policies don t benefit a country Argument That TPP is only benefitting the elites Agreements of Trade will benefit some and make others lose Climate Change Energy Politics Nixon creating the EPA in 1969 Massive deforrestition in Vietnam Climate change was Nixon and Kissinger Clinton really looked out for the EPA could be a security threat water fighting and fighting over funding Debate Is climate change a security Challenge Energy Crisis Long lines at gas pumps in the 70s Nixon wanted to be energyindependent since we are so dependent on other countries since 1973 and many other presidents Collapse of oil prices made collapse of USSR less credit to Reagan for end of Cold War Oil prices in 2008 must be dealt with but lost interest soon after Financial crisis of 2007 wiped this off the map What can the US do about this What s the best use Not a problem in borders 25 of smog in LA comes from China We don t know what air pollution does to children Tragedy of the Commons the benefits are concentrated the costs are diffused opposite of trade We don t think about the benefits of technology everyday We all have incentives to freeride Treat this as a business problem hard to change behavior without economic incentives free market solution This originated as a Republican idea freemarket Government puts caps on how much fossil fuel production Giver permits to business to produce only 1 unit of S02 Businesses sort this out effective for businesses C02 and acid rain and S02 Kyoto Protocol What s good for developed countries rather than developing Cup and Trade how are these distributed Natural Power Distribution takes all the permits and can take all their money The Actual practice can very hard Copenhagen was were the Climate Change Conference So Obama can approve plans through executive agreements Bottom Up plan approved from Obama More consensus one problem and more change then over before US and China announced bilateral climate agreements in 2014 and meet again in 2019 this is reshaping the US and China s economy Not everyone has agree though Use of law that are present No new regulations since 2014 Domestic politics will play a role in trade Obama needs to take action before he leaves office All of this economic policy deal with elections Kyoto Protocolif China doesn t do it why should the US Some argue that the US should lead in Climate Change Any solution you agree to will cost money and people will have to pay to see a change Make connections between lectures in final essays Class Notes form 422 China and Its Power Pivot to Asia Is the US still the World Power After financial collapse what would US delineation look like US would not be the 1st power Financial collapse Iran Iraq diminished military power undercut our strength after the Cold War Also happened after Cold War US said to be in decline also Japan was said to be in the power after the Cold War Kennedy said great power had Great Stretch of World Powers had stretched tentacles too far into other countries Difficult to make predictions when its still happening Hard to measure strength of the US After Iraq and Iran military was overstretched Who else do you compare the US to Churchill didn t realize his colonizers were in decline till it was too late Growing rapidly when you come for a very low level Most of Chinese will be over 65 year old in 2020 Best education institutions are in the US US still has a lot more aircraft carriers than the Chinese who have 1 from Ukraine China is rising but the US is very much ahead but who big is the gap If we are equal will a war happen Or is life more equal Is the rise of China a threat 4 different Viewpoints RealistOptimist RealistPessimists LiberalOptimist LiberalPessimists Liberal Optimist fundamental good things are trade growth and with China more trade they don t fight each other and get into international organization and its habit are forthcoming government will eventually liberalize WTO and SEA Submit Blue Blob idea came from this Policy used with Russia during the Cold War Liberal Pessimists Democracies won t fight each other sure but China is not a democracy their US dollars are totally controlled by the government China tries to promote its ideology they are worried about what s going on in China s government Venseuzula copied China Theory A transition to Democracy is the most dangerous time to fight against and have a war against and a war will break up a lot of time to con ict with China Russia con ict could arise also not really a democracy either Realist Pessimists Realist always and think inevitable war worrywarts Trade blocks in Aisa and require power and money They want their power they deserve why wouldn t China not want more of a say in the World Bank and IMF Think everything in the US as a worstcase scenario Fred Freeburg article is on the Final Realist Optimists Chinese growth can t stay that increasing it has to level off soon Don t think Chinese have caught up to the US as much as the Realist Pessimist think Does not have the capabilities to do the things it threatens it threatens Taiwan no possible Their realist optimist think their aircraft carriers are jokes Chinese time is not now Could be status quo power Don t worry about Russia at all Russia are taking Ukraine but not that big of a deal US can t stay ahead of everyone as much China just caught up a little it Don t cares about China become more liberalized it wont effect if we go to war US is still stronger What should we do about this Liberal Optimist Push for liberalization in China pushing China for Human rights Chinese government hates it if you get it wrong you could spark con icts with Russia and China Liberal Pessimist Don t do anything you could leave it to con ict itself Realist Pessimists Pivot to Asia and USFP look on Asia could force China aggregated to make more military to want to attack against US its dangerous if you choose the wrong side Ukraine we could choose wrong side and US has no interest there Realist Optimists RossGlazer US should end relations with Taiwan could make China mad and go to war China could be like US in the revolutionary War could comeback strong No perfect policy every side has its downsides


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