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Legislative Politics PSC 2218 Professor Binder Last week of class April 27

by: Amanda Rewerts

Legislative Politics PSC 2218 Professor Binder Last week of class April 27 PSC 2218

Marketplace > George Washington University > Political Science > PSC 2218 > Legislative Politics PSC 2218 Professor Binder Last week of class April 27
Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder

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About this Document

Last week about the President and the Congress
Legislative Politics
Sarah Binder
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSC 2218 at George Washington University taught by Sarah Binder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see Legislative Politics in Political Science at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 04/29/15
x V i Congress and the president quot3 ea58W Car DCquot Tm 3 5quot q 93 J 39 l 39 x J39 it i p I quotj WA I i I n quot 33er v3 v er j l39 r g e 7 2 i QL 1 f k l39 42215 42215 Congress and the president gt Expectations of presidential power green lantern theory gt Reality of presidential power gt Changes in the balance of presidential and congressional power mild W1 ka fu W f l r J 5 Mi vljl vj l am Jig MIN lag fj Presidents legislative powers constitutional formal powers y gtAgenda setting powers gtVeto power Kind oi39quot5quotvl iii d 3 Rs iii to wait a n 55 aslerle quot31 Lil an Will it ff R J J tWPCll l Ufb i5 ifs7 J 5quot 90113 pC 1 th Presidents legislative powers non constitutional President as head of partyv Bully pulpit or Going Public Policy expertiseinformation Executive orders Partisan base in Congress gtGl cmg13 limp llle 42 lm 39 r K L W W A r Mn m fallll i loi t vole pr W a My 39 42215 Presidents HNMA QIPQMWWKK legislative strategies W lchs 0 F 7 6 C Inside strategy l39il39 lls t l um was CJKL r Skilledexperienced staff 2 quot V SChmooze CharmEt O H Patronage projects Outsidepublic strategy Public appeals to secure support Q 7 4 Leveraging public approval cJ J 194 L WW6 52 Casting blame f W I J Emergence of M v 39 LU PAB Urlal Jr faroats presidential power of flewlmk l mdal l r over the 20th century yr re 394 391 1 z Growth of executive branch n Lquot WK 5 j 39 Growth of Executive Office of the I J President Enhanced by war and crisis Fueled by congressional deference Supported by bipartisan quot arm d 40 74gt arrt lg congreSSIonal center Le Low polarization 0C feud Dipk1 t i Resurgence of Congress post 19605 o War Powers Act 1 973 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act 1 974 Development of expertise within Congress Fueled by divided government and polarization of the parties 42215 rquot 1 m i liiii mail WE Congress the President and War j mgr quot4me I 4 v v Lu Pres39de tas com der39 ch39ef l quot r f 39 z E i quot 33quot I l n mm m um Jim aha7 utcla l Lugquot Congress has authority to declare waL q and the power to fund them or not c I i I 1 39 xquot 24 539 i a g L t NF l l k Hundreds of conflicts since i 9 but 39 V quot A 39 Will quoti 2 h l g igm ttllt ti Lit will flailits in V V 10 iiiJa Logsless f i grim circular War Powers Resolution B fuw gJ President required to co itquot with Congress must notify ongress within 48 hours if military forces committed Troops must be withdrawn after 60 days UNLESS Congress approves extension no filibuster allowed f w ud r Ma a r gauge At any time Congress can pass a concurrent l I 7151 resolution no presidential signature to stop action by 39 39 tj Is the War Powers Resolution constitutional J l Supreme Court strikes down legislative a veto in INS v Chadha 1983 MW J W S in WC WT i l quotV a WPR s concurrent resolution is constitutionally suspect but the Supreme 3 gig390 Court has never ruled directly on WPR suits on grounds of ack of standing or a Federal courts have generally dismissed MC iquot chi 3L political question A more active Congress on war issues Partisan opposition increases in periods of divided government Howell and Pevehouse Congress influences the conduct of war through the media reframing the debate Congressional opposition rises as casualties mount and the economy worsens at home Howell and Kriner 42215 Congressional Budget Process Feb 4 President submits budget to Congress April 15 Congressional budget resolution adopted may include quotreconciliationquot Instructions June 15 Deadline to pass filibuster proof reconciliation bill October 1 Congress finishes appropriations spending bills Reconciliation Often included in the budget resolution Tells committees to come up with new revenues or entitlement cuts Cannot be filibustered Intended as a way to mop up loose ends in the budget Now exploited to pursue party agendas 42215 Why does the balance of power change Social and political events War and international crises Economic crises Changes in political parties why no more LBJ s Divided party government Partisan polarization Institutional change in executive and legislative branches Intervention by the courts r41 l Supreme Court on detainee rights LONIQXE 6 565 Si quot am iv umse V a c H d R fld 2004 1 gc rv CFC E Can39t deny US citizens legal rights V SoUS sets up military tribunals k r N y t W I 39 I rK 39 Hamdan v Rumsfeld 2006 If K i S I J Noncitizens entitled to legal rights R Military tribunals are illegal J II M So Congress enacts Military Commissions Act Boumediene v Bush 2008 Commissions violate Geneva Conventions habeas corpus Congress amends military commissions Military review and prosecutions resume slowly in 201 l Congress bars transfer of detainees to US do CECiLQG 39


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