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History since the 1500s Professor Agnew HIST 1011 Last week of Classes April 27-29

by: Amanda Rewerts

History since the 1500s Professor Agnew HIST 1011 Last week of Classes April 27-29 HIST1011

Marketplace > George Washington University > History > HIST1011 > History since the 1500s Professor Agnew HIST 1011 Last week of Classes April 27 29
Amanda Rewerts
GPA 3.35
History since the 1500s
Hugh Agnew

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About this Document

Only one class he lectured, the second class he went over the final exam
History since the 1500s
Hugh Agnew
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Rewerts on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST1011 at George Washington University taught by Hugh Agnew in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 163 views. For similar materials see History since the 1500s in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 04/29/15
39 the Great amnesia md roams Einemism in Em 1921219 s 39nz r ww av m Unavun39v va 39 9 25 sawmate a K tadnary 3 Wmupz39rl a B A Second World War NaziSoviet Pact of 1939 Bankruptcy of ideology 9 German and Italian advances 0 France collapses Britain endures but for how long ejapan in the War 39 Attacks on British and French interests Pearl Harbor 1941 brings US into war World War II Defeat of Fascism Germany and the War 4132015 HU EMF m Twin 01 VWQHKB 2r W402 0 N bx W an W M m 09 9023 quot Jon m M M J 139 Eat661 27c WWquot 050 3th Ya is up wit at armada ght WM J PM 3 mg 3H Kg m W Hag rm Fr mwge my a m5 iQULWE i W 8ch Hing Min a W 0 x WW 8 40 h at a 33K Eastern Fronw Western Front v ejapan and the end of the War in the Pacific Rightwing corporatism hangs on Spain Portugal Latin America 7 tk39quot amp mm mm 5miva illi 4132015 The toll of the Second World War expressed as R x 5 numbersquot while striking even this graph cannot convey the 4 39 b 7 scope and impact of the destruction Wortd War II Deaths V A i39 V I like dead 71 Il Tnd thatquot manual cw undlmtm iam Taddcdun bdlmpm Wi mm 10 J Juan Peron and his wife Eva 1952 Peronism emerged in 1946 had some characteristics similar to the Fascism of Italy or Spain 4132015 The Cold War Superpower Con ict 9 United States Democracy and Capitalism quot r M 1 quot fo F I gaggl silgf UM HasU ta mtmgfetdw an tag Kyla Mpg7i a Soviet Union Socialism Council for Mutual Economic Assistance l a WarsawPact 1955 I t a A W Sp1itwith ChinalSBDs NWP r d W Proxy Wars Korea Vietnam J0 39 Space Race t QW 16037 0 3 V A Decolonization 9 Costs of Empire no longer bearable X 4 National Liberation movements v 39 r r L 1 India and Pakistan 194 39 t 0 5 304 h C1 391 French in Indochina Vietnam 1954 A e v A Gamal Abdel Nasser and Suez 1956 4 I J v African Decolonization Winds of Change 1957ca 1975 at as t a g a anmi 2 c4 QWEZW f dd 39 u 33 n t 7 micn nu Cedingat In a speech in South Africa in 1960 British PM Harold Macmillan made a reference to wind of changequot blowing across the continentthe implication was clear but it would take years for change to happen in South Africa This is how British cartoonist Leslie Ringworm reacted to the speech 4132015 t Aspects of Decolonization in the7 Balance Cold War angle appeal of Soviet Reaction against West 39 Soviet military and other aid Economic mismanagement Cults of Personality l1eptocracie quot eg Mobutu Sese Seko in the Congo Zaire39 mod e l l itquot me f 0 C V Mahala 1 3 lt5 a Jpz gj Iquot Q C ig J l hquot I faga we The Soviet Uniori set out to compete with the United States for in uence in what came to be knowu as the Third Woridquot i I Playing with a Stacked Deck Borders originally drawn in Europe by colonizers No regard for ethnic cultural or other factors Civil Wars 5 Economies had produced raw materials for imperial interests 9 Socialiststyle central planning did not help Superpower competition ooded Africa with guns and money w va 4N UV WII fit5 N m5 sawx 0 W m Democracy Capitalismand the Others Churchill Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time o 1974 36 democratic states o 2000 139 formally have universal suffrage 86 considered to have rule of law and civil rights A a M 91 The Soviet Union Failure of Socialism Travails of centrallyplanned economics Stalin s FiveYear Plans achievements Complications of postwar empire Indebtedness to West by 19705 Military might unable to resolve all problems Hungary 1956 Czechoslovakia 1968 Afghanistan 1979 Poland in the 19805 Could the system be reformed Events in Eastern Europe 198889 Fall of Soviet Union 1991 The Chinese Road A New Variation on an Old Theme oPostMao reforms of Deng Xiaoping Chinese economy becomes one of world39s fastest growing Problem of political change 1989 and Tiananmen Square oUnifying China Hong Kong and the two systems one state approach o Capitalists in the Communist Party 4132015 audit 4 4 Ar 5 r iii51 cs CitF Europe Integration and Stability o Europe s road from economic through political union 19505 to 19905 Tying France and Germany together to avoid another war Economic Union broadened Transatlantic institutions 6 A framework for economic cooperation or a superstate Lisbon Treaty new constitution Europe continues to have great economic potential and face great economic and social challenges Intolerance nationalism terrorism Economic stability in Burozone 4132015 Some final thoughts 0 War dominated the twentieth century Broke Europe s empires Ravaged the decolonized world Only the US came out richer and stronger 6 Democracy appeared to Win the struggle of ideologies Democratic rhetoric adopted even by authoritarian regimes More countries democratic now than at any other time in World Histo 9 Has a Neworld Order really emerged US as sole superpower facing challenges European Union resurgent Russia China i5 alll 1415f owL 5 led J emit4L 4 3 I c History Notes from 429 Class Notes Test questions will be narrower and the will be only from the material from the midterm till now He goes on to describe the nal exam Think about the outline of the essays before you write them It would be helpful to bring in material from the rst unit 2 hour test ID questions Can be people or concepts Now the world Nationalism It will be one ID question Don39t worry so much about the dates and space if you can39t do exact time frame its okay use time frames maybe ESSAY QUESTIONS If he says compare and contrast make sure you do both Always take in the context and the in uence of that century There many be some questions with quotations in it Make sure that your answers are dense of facts and real answers Be speci c as possible HOW TO STUDY Don39t try to read all of the chapters Use the textbook questions and study those discussion questions Break up your studying and study different parts and different themes on different days Go back through the lists of the documents Make a reference to a primary source document into your essay question Break up your studying for all of your different tests Do the course evals online


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