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Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand

by: Amaris Mae

Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand GEO3120

Marketplace > George Washington University > Geography > GEO3120 > Antarctica Australia and New Zealand
Amaris Mae
GPA 3.75
World Regional Geography

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About this Document

These are the notes from the week of April 13th, in which we discussed Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand, their histories and cultures as well as political issues.
World Regional Geography
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amaris Mae on Thursday April 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO3120 at George Washington University taught by Dymond in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see World Regional Geography in Geography at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 04/30/15
Australia New Zealand Antarctica Physical Geography Australia Very dry in the outback Desert in central Australia And central west Steppe climate to the east Tasmania is more temperate oceanic temperate climate All the people live peripherally on the coast Ports Best living conditions with climate Huge empty interior spaces the further north you go south of the equator the warmer you get the further south you go south of the equator the colder it gets Technically there is no true tropical rain forest in Australia Yet there are forests Very similar to rain forests But not quotrain forestsquot because they are elevated Mountain rainforests OROGRAPHIC LIFT Storms are only on the coast Not much whether within New Zealand Further south More elevated Cooler climate Oceanic temperate climate And oceanic boreal climate in south island Antarctica Permafrost in the tundra Permafrost frozen ground for 2 years It39s a lot like Australia in the fact it is a desert Just a frozen desert Very little precipitation Australia is in the middle of the Indian plate Moving north towards the Philippines plate the Eurasian plate and the paci c plate Australia does not have earthquakes or volcanic activity Antarctica is also situated in the middle of the Antarctic plate Far from the periphery Not much geologic activity New Zealand on the other hand has a plate boundary coming right through it Most people live in North Island The alpine fault Somewhat transform boundary in the middle of New Zealand Active volcanoes Frequent earthquakes Although it is a more developed country it has had some signi cant losses in the recent years Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 71 In 2010 Canterbury 63 In 2011 Christchurch Natural Resources Australia Iron ore and many other metallic ores Coal Farm products wheat and beef East Asian markets South and south east Also a growing wined industry Exported to East Asia Europe and North America MOST EXPORTS GO TO EAST ASIA Darling River On the western slope of the Great Dividing Range mountain range The longest river 1702 miles long Flows from east to west And then south Joins the Murray River And ows out just east of Adelaide as the Murray River Huge irrigated agriculture zone because little precipitation where the verruns River is being overused Population Irrigated agriculture 5 Taking more water from the system than nature is putting in Drought prone area This part of Australia is getting less rain over time the tropics northern edge are getting more rain over time New Zealand Love the outdoors and want to exploit their natural resources wisely Timber Waterhydro power Wool lamb deer and dairy products Sheep outnumber people 12 to 1 Sols39 largest deer farming country No agricultural subsidies Ended in mid 19805 OECD reports that NZ is least agricultural subsidies industrializes country in the world NZ farmers don39t want subsidies Antarctica Oil and natural gas we think Under the continental shelf Marine life sh resources in surrounding oceans Coal and minerals interior NO ONE is exploiting this Actually Russia and the US decline any claim to Antarctica Historical Geography Aborigines 50000 years ago Brits were the rst who wanted to incorporate Australia James Cook Marginalized and degraded the aborigines quotWhitequot only policies 18005 19605 British did not integrate Australia into SEA or regional market systems James Cook claimed Australia in the late 17005 British penal colonies The early inhabitants were a farming economy Australia is a Common Wealth country Independence in Jan 1901 But still a common wealth Queen is the quotHead of Statequot Last time the Queen intervened in Australia was the 19705 Begrudgingly did so was encouraged to by Australians Maori New Zealand Indigenous Brits began farming settlements after 1840 Similar structure to Australia regarding sovereignty Was not integrated into regional trade Been a better road for them than the Aborigine in Australia Antarctica Late 18005 and early 19005 Euro and Russian exploration First to reach the South Pole was General Amundsen in 1911 Establishment of research stations and early international territorial claims 1961 Antarctic Treaty First 6 signed Now 52 countries signed Anarchic Treaty System is the defector governing body of Antarctica Under this system no individual country39s sovereignty is recognized Under this system you are forbidden to exploit resources For research only Population Austria 235 million And increasing Everyone is along the coast 89 urban Now Zealand 43 million And decreasing Most on North Island 86 urban Contemporary I55u5 Australia Resource exportation and trade Greatest trade pattern are with china and Japan West Paci c Concern that economic imperialism is going on here Some of the resource extraction has become so powerful that Austria is acquiescing to foreign trade Environmental organizations are unhappy Aborigines are quite dissatis ed o It occurs on what they consider is quottheir landquot Immigration mono to multicultural It has been diversifying Population has changed pretty dramatically in the last 25 years East Asia South East Asia quotNot as European as it used to bequot Can Australia has restrictive immigrating but still hold on to trade Many European Australians wanted to restrict immigration And not allow in refugees from South East Asia Laws about prejudice in the last 10 years But still want better integration Or full integration Great Barrier Reef Huge resource as far as tourism The largest continuous reef in the world Climate change is affecting the reef How to mitigate he impact Fresh Water Critical The biggest river system is the Darling And it is being overused It is polluted Frightening climate change patterns with rainfall New Zealand Emigration issue Educated youth are leaving Or who want to be educated Getting educated in Australia Or moving their postgraduation to be in the excitement of Australia Natural Resources Incredibly outdoors minded populations Want to nd sustainable ways to use their resources Development How to develop a diverse economy Want to have an economy that attracts smart youth to stay Tourism You can pretty much do anything in New Zealand quotOutdoor adventure capital of the worldquot However it is quite far Cities yachting rolling hills mountains bungee jumping TV and motion picture production Lord of the Rings And the Hobbit too PeterJackson built a lm industry there


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