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SOC030 Lesson 13 - Stepfamilies

by: Katrina Iobst

SOC030 Lesson 13 - Stepfamilies SOC030

Marketplace > Sociology > SOC030 > SOC030 Lesson 13 Stepfamilies
Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver

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About this Document

Notes from lesson 13 of Dr. Silver's Sociology of the Family class. Topics include definitions, the well-being of children in stepfamilies, the key factors of the stepfamily experience, and tips fo...
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Friday May 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC030 at a university taught by Dr. Silver in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 176 views.

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Date Created: 05/01/15
Lesson 13 Stepfamilies Readings 1 quotBonding and Claimingquot by Marsiglio Focuses on stepfathers 2 quotFathers The Most Vulnerable Relationship and How Children Work it Outquot by Ahrons Focuses on biological fathers De nitions 0 Stepfamily household of 2 married or cohabiting adults where 1 parent is not the biologicaladoptive parent of the children 0 Merging of 2 cultures mom amp kids dad amp kids 0 2 Types 1 Residential Stepfamily children s primary residence includes stepparent 2 Nonresidential stepfamily children visit home that includes stepparent WellBeing of Children in Stepfamilies Considerations 0 Ecological fallacy predictions not true for everyone 0 Unknown characteristics of parents or children researcher didn t ask because not sure how it effects the results 0 Number of transitions 0 40 of kids today will experience parents divorce amp stepfamily before age 18 0 Advantages amp Disadvantages 0 Advantages More money Additional adult in household help take care of kids 0 Disadvantages Lower wellbeing than kids in 2parents biological families similar to single parent Less connectioncommitment of stepparents to stepchildren Con icts over childrearingparenting style Key Factors of Stepfamily Experience 1 Nuclear Family Norm our culture continues to view nuclear families as what is normal or best 0 quotStepquot can be derogatory considered something you don t want Cinderella quotthe stepchild of quot 2 Complexity of emotions structure new relationships 0 Remarriage Chains involuntary connections between all members of a stepfamily including exspouses and extended family Stepparents could have stepparents and their own exspouses each family has extended family Can add positive expanded world view or negative con ict 0 Past amp current family members have legitimate claims on each other shared memoireshistory blood 0 Open boundaries We typically view the only power over children as parents and those who they grant power to nuclear family closed boundary Step families have more people with the right to step in and have power over children 0 Complexity changes 1 Managing emotions amp different points of view 2 Logistics of time transport sharing 3 Larger family more needs 4 Parenting biological vs stepchildren 5 Developing bonds with new family members 0 Complexity bene ts 1 More nancial resources 2 People to help in an emergency 3 Potential for special friendships with stepparentstepsiblings 4 More potential members 5 Help amp support to the children 6 Stepparent helps biological parent 3 Need for new norms Naming Affection Authority amp parenting Daily rules Holidays amp special occasions OOOOO Suodestions for Stepfamilies Go slow Stepparent is a friend rst slowly approach authority gain trust rst 0 Dependent on age small children preschool age needs to take a little more of an authority position than teens Communication between all involved Recognize the 3 key experiences 0 Don t try to recreate nuclear family Businesslike adult relationships with exes


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