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The Film Experience Chapter 9 vocab. notes

by: Shea Durkin

The Film Experience Chapter 9 vocab. notes ENG260

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Foreign Language > ENG260 > The Film Experience Chapter 9 vocab notes
Shea Durkin
GPA 3.4
Media Aesthetics
Caroline Clairborn

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About this Document

Rituals, Conventions, Archetypes, and Formulas
Media Aesthetics
Caroline Clairborn
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shea Durkin on Sunday May 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG260 at University of Oregon taught by Caroline Clairborn in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see Media Aesthetics in Foreign Language at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 05/03/15
The Film Experience 3rd Edition by Timothy Corrigan Chapter 9 Rituals Conventions Archetypes and Formulas Kev Obiectives i i Understand attraction to genres Recognize that genres come from long historical heritages that change over time In O P FP N Learn conventions and formulas of the six major genres Comedy The western Melodrama The musical Horror Crime 0 Examine how genres function as cultural rituals that parallel what the audience wants and needs 0 Explore audiences prescriptive and descriptive understanding of lm types helps create meaning through genre Timeline 192040 Genre and studio system 0 Fordism economic model that de ned US industry in the 20th century through the division of labor and mass production of parts 194870 Postwar lm genres O O 0 Film noir crime Independent lms Paramount decision studios began to decline 1970Present New Hollywood sequels and global genres O Vocab lms are franchises with lm think of TV shows tshirt etc 0 Genre provides model for other works directs audiences expectations helps critics evaluate work through 0 00000 Distinguishing features of the characters narrative and visual style The re ection of social rituals and genre The production of certain subgenres Prescriptive a model for genre preexists Describtibe a genre change over time Generic re exivity lms that are selfconscious about their generic identity 0 Generic conversions properties that reveal a genre conography images with speci c meanings Generic formulas the patterns for developing stories in a particular genre Comedy main characters with distinct physical features Narrative emphasizes funny individual over plot ends happHy Theatrical acting playful interaction with misenscene Unpredictable ie legally blonde o Slapstick physical humor and stunts ie The Hangover o Screwball fast talking verbals confrontation folly mistakes Charlie 0 Romantic Comedy happiness then comedy lighthearted Western 0 Epic Western action and movement heroic character 0 Existential Western hero is troubled by changing social status 0 Political Western focuses on ideology of politics questions individual independence and naturalized violence Melodrama o In uenced by 19th century theatre dealing with domestic oppression 0 Physical family social melodramas Musicals 0 Music interrupts plot or moves plot forward 0 Spectacular sets and settings 0 Opposite of melodrams highlights the joy of expression rather than the pain of repression o Theatrical Integrated Animated Musicals Horror 0 Narratives built on suspense surprise and shock o Visuals move from the dread of not seeing and the horror of seeing 0 Deal with fear dramatizes our personal and social terrors metaphorical or disguised forms of fear 0 Long takes give slow feeling that helps creepy effect 0 Supernatural psychological physical horror 0 Modern culture solving crimes through scienti c deduction o Marginal characters on the edge of a mysterious or violent society 0 Urban situation dark and shadowy o Deviance becomes a barometer of the state of society Laws can make normal people criminals ie prohibition o Gangster detective lm noir Shaun of the Dead 0 Techniques that make you think one this is going to happen but then another happens 0 O O 0 First scene they are having a deep conversation but Ed s games sounds and swearing are in the background Nondiegetic music has nothing to do with credit images Nondiegetic music is the only hint of horror but it is impactful Noncontinuous cuts to quotfast forwardquot Comedic parts O 0000 Ed winds up camera after zombie woman stands up after being impeded Reactions are funny Sad attempts to kill zombies They hit someone and then they re glad it s a zombie quotsup niggasquot


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