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Ecosystem Notes

by: Shea Durkin

Ecosystem Notes Bi 132

Shea Durkin
GPA 3.4
Animal Behavior

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About this Document

Very interesting notes on animal ecosystems and how they sustain themselves.
Animal Behavior
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shea Durkin on Sunday May 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Bi 132 at University of Oregon taught by in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see Animal Behavior in Biology at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 05/03/15
BI 132 Week 5 Class Notes Predation Plants Active predator can see you 0 stalking deer when alone and knows a predator is close 0 Sometimes being out in the open helps you get away 0 Moths with bright colors taste bad so moths mimic that I The more moths that look alike and taste bad the more likely they wont be eaten I Terminal buzz when bat is close bc the moth cant make a loud noise and bc the moth is sending out constant clicks so the best time to buzz is right before its snatched o The prey can be predators themselves eat worms grubs small animals plants We evolve with the plants we eat Plants are acidic to defend themselves from being eaten from herbivores Predator and prey evolving together but also the plants are evolving Moths adapted to chemical after ingestion ghost ecosystemsquot animals are protected by factors that no longer exist vegetation recovers ecosystems are a complex balance trophic cascade ecosystem changes from the top predator down rewilding undoing the damage we have caused bring back the species and let nature take course Can t keep a species the same forever because every second thousands of cosmic rays pass through our bodies once every several months it actually hits something Most of matter is mostly empty space Alone or Together Dilution fundamental reason why species stick together because you reduce the chance that you yourself will be eaten Advantages of being alone more food quality of food it higher less competition easier to hide easier to find a mate likelihood of competition is less Advantages of being in a group protection easier to fight defense dillusion childcare share duties monkeys birds take care of relatives elephants defend all babies visual distractionsconfusion zebras and fish smaller energy for foraging 0 Protection can depend on social rank animals in the back get lousy food and could be left behind and eaten o Quails survive better in groups 0 Optimization there is an optimal group size depending on of food and predators 0 Natural parameters and frequency histograms Fixed action patterns hunt stalk chase kill 0 Means they must have an individual stimulus for each stage 0 Fixed amount of energy don t want to expend more energy on finding food than the food gives 0 Honey bees send scouts in several direction when food found it comes back to tell everyone forage in the most energy efficient way Foraging Video Groups help kids learn how to help mere cats hunt scorpions Cow Video Plants have toxins ie alkaloids Boom and bust farming let the cattle eat everything so they adapt to variety those plants are selected to survive drought makes land better


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