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Week 5

by: Seong Yong Park

Week 5 162

Seong Yong Park
Music 162

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About this Document

We had our first exam on Monday (no notes). I will come up with a better version of study guide for midterm 2.
Music 162
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Seong Yong Park on Monday May 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 162 at University of Washington taught by Dudley in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see Music 162 in Music at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 05/04/15
jump Bands it was not easy to form a big band because of money so small bands were popular in the 19405 jump bands Scaleddown big bands for dancing National popularity lms and TV VIDEO Caledonia httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvOCHn9C39TbA LISTEN quotChoo Choo Ch39Boogiequot Louis Jordan and his Tympani Five form 12 bar blues verse amp 8 bar progress chorus alternating solos which regional style ofjazz does this relate to most closely Kansas CityJazz style Rise of Indies in 19405 WHY 19305 slump in record sales indies wiped out in 305 disputes over royalties 1914 ASCAP founded copyright enforcement 1941 ASCAP strike against radio BMI gives space for country RampB 194244 AFM strike against recording cos bye bye big band Wartime migration of southerners to cities Youth marketing Regional radio programming Magnetic tape makes studio recording more affordable making records became cheaper Regional dance music quotUrban bluesquot eg Chicago Blues Chess records Phil and Leonard Chess Polish Jews LISTEN Muddy Waters quotHoochie Coochie Manquot instrumentation Drums harmonica harp electric guitar bass piano form 12 bar blues progression with the 4 bar stoptime strophic refrain rather than a chorus there is a stoptime RampB recording Stars Creating styles vs presenting local styles Atlantic records Ahmet Ertegun Turkish and Herb Abramson Promoting singers nationally using studio musicians less directly related to regional entertainment scenes Ruth Brown LISTEN quotMama He Treats Your Daughter Meanquot 1953 Anything here remind you of her gospel music roots vocal timbre and effects tambourine unusual musical form call and response no changing chord Cyclical Ray Charles quotIt Must be Jesusquot by the Southern Tones httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvAvaVLZW4EY He is from Seattle He got his own sound by combining his singing style with gospel music LISTEN quotI ve Got A Womanquot 1954 Gospel chord progression and singing style Controversy Mambo in uences in mainstream eg Ray Charles quotIt Must be Jesusquot by the Southern Tones httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvAvaVLZW4 EY LISTEN quotI ve Got A Womanquot 1954 Gospel chord progression and singing style Call and response sectionl stop time also Honking sound of tenor saxophone Controversy Mambo in uence in mainstream eg LISTEN quotWhat d I sayquot Ray Charles what quotLatinquot in uence can you hear tumbao percussion rhythm from Latin style COU NTRYWESTE RN Honky Tonk Songs of loss and displacement Modern quotrootsquot of authentic country answer songs LISTEN Hank Thompson quotThe Wild Side of Lifequot 1951 from 120 Kitty Wells quotIt wasn t god who made honky tonk angelsquot 1952 1st verse and chorus Fiddle and steel guitar Storytelling Hank Williams 192353 LISTEN quotYour Cheatin Heartquot 1952 What are the markers of country style slow polka rhythmbeat boom chick steel guitar ddle accent yodeling like vocal breaking and cracking the voice form AABA ROCK AND ROLL Racial Boundary Crossing Records and regional radio programming new in 19405 bring black music to white youth 1951 Alan Freed s quotMoon Dog House Rock and Roll Partyquot In Cleveland later NYC Early Stars Fats Domino New Orleans LISTEN quotAin39t That a Shamequot 1955 Little Richard Risquee wid quality of RampR Boogie woogie piano style LISTEN quotLong Tall Sallyquot instrumentation Jump band form 12bar blues Bill Haley What did a country musician do to appeal to the growing RampB audience in the 19505 LISTEN quotRock Around the Clockquot Bill Haley 1954 Saxophone and electric guitar 12bar blues boogie woogie style walking bass Chuck Berry Electric guitar virtuoso LISTEN quotMaybellinequot 1955 What is country about this LISTEN quotJohnny B Goodiequot Iconic electric guitar solo quotCoverquot phenomenon VIDOE Tutti Frutti Little Richard vs Pat Boone Little Richard httowwwvoutubecomwatchvLh4iOAi609k Pat Boone httbwwwvoutubecomwatchvVvLAbMbEn4 VIDEO Chuck Berry guitar solo and duckwalk Nadine fr 110 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvCm8ktxzaumg Racist fears about rock and roll VIDEOS 1 White racial fears PBS History of Rock and Roll quotrenegadesquot httoswwwvoutubecomwatchvYkTCutzgs 2 Preacher railing against the beat the beat the beat39 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv9gQV15DvaE quotCoverquot phenomenon VIDEO quotTutti Fruttiquot Little Richard vs Pat Boone Little Richard httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvLh4jOAj6g9k Pat Boone httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvVvLAbMbEn4 Dot records used Boone to cover black RampB musicians like Little Richard quotmechanical revenuesquot are what Little Richard lost Lack of legal recognition for recording performance as copyrightable intellectual property book p246 read the copyright issue mentioned in the textbook Elvis Presley Sun Studios Memphis producer Sam Philips quotRockabillyquot LISTEN quotMystery Trainquot 1955 originallyJunior Parker What African American elements What White AAB texture sort of 12bar blues VIDEO Elvis singing 39Hound Dog and dancing httpswwwyoutubecomwatchv2MnmIVBSZYM Elvis singed by RCA LISTEN quotDon t Be Cruelquot 1956 notice the change Elvis s vocal stvle changed from the previous sond Buddy Holly the Crickets Rock quartet instrumentation drums bass rhythm guitar lead guitar Pioneered studio recording techniques such as overdubbing Ritchie Valens A side LISTEN quotDonnaquot B side LISTEN quotLa Bambaquot Ritchie Valens 1958 What s Latin about this Spanish language conga tumbao on drum set cavewood block son jarocho Cha cha cha LISTEN quotEl Locoquot Rene Touzet 1955 LISTEN quotLouie Louiequot The Kingsmen The Beatles From the Cellar to the Rooftop Laurel Sercombe Watch their signature performance Jump jump jump Sharing microphone together Communicate with the audience Role of media screaming girls Role of the police English police in particular The Beatles John Lennon rhythm guitar and vocals Paul McCartney bass guitar and vocals George Harrison lead guitar Ringo Starr drums Three periods of Beatles39 career Early 19601963 coming together as a professional band extensive gigging in Britain Brian Epstein becomes Beatles manager rst recordings dominant role of producer George Martin media obsession with Beatlemania begins Middle 19641966 invasion of US extensive international touring increasingly collaborative relationship with producer George Martin Late 19671970 Beatles at the Cavern Club Liverpool Pete Best on Drums 1962 quotWith the Beatlesquot in the US the title was quotMeet the Beatlesquot Beatles became very popular at the end of 1963 around Western Europe Beatles put their name out in the US in January 1964 quotI wanna hold your handquot Rubber Soul 1965 Second time coming to the US Third time coming to the US in the summer of 1965 Shea Stadium in New York Huge audience Police had to chase girls around in the stadium Girls were screaming and crying The Beatles were kind of responsible for bringing back the UK s economy according to the quest speaker Press Conference in 1966 Having something to do with the Beatles being more popular than Jesus I It made people to throw away and burn their records blasphemy It was no more just music that they had to deal with It became more political I It became dangerous to tour around Revolver 1966 2 innovative songs Rigby Tomorrow never knows byJohn Lennon I One chord I Introduction of electronic sound Sgt Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 The Beatles known as quotThe White Albumquot 1968 They were in India studying meditation Use of Drugs LSD Abbey Road 1969 Let It Be 1970 The Beatles got together for the last time and performed on the rooftop Police did not interrupt the performance and just lingered around They had a guest keyboard player it was like when your family behaves better when the family has a guest over There was an intense tension among the members of Beatles and I guess the guest keyboard player kind acted as a mediator


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