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week 6

by: Seong Yong Park

week 6 162

Seong Yong Park
Music 162

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About this Document

Music 162
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Seong Yong Park on Monday May 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 162 at University of Washington taught by Dudley in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Music 162 in Music at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 05/11/15
DOO WOP Which of these recordings you prefer aesthetically and why LISTEN quotSh Boomquot by Crew Cuts 1954 quotSh Boomquot by Chords 1954 Crew Cuts Lead voice stands students opinion More intricate instrument students opinion Break with tympany students opinion Very bright vocal blend professor39s opinion Chords Nice warmth in vocal harmony voices like instrumental accompaniment students opinion More uid less breaks and changes students opinion Blend of lead voice wbackup students opinion Sax solo students opinion Vocal timbre more active engaging less sappy students opinion More relaxed rhythmic feel reggaeish students opinion Doo Wop very mixed race Relation to African American gospel quarters LISTEN quotThe Sun Didn t Shinequot Golden Gate Quartet DANCELinda Townsend Demise of 505 Stars Guest speaker From Big Bands to jump Bands The late 405 and early 505 were a time of transition in popular music and dance Men had been drafted into the armed forces and sent overseas depleting the big bands women formed and played in big bands but that s another story The music changed Jazz swing musicians got tired of playing the quotsame old stuffquot for dancers and some of them began M the speed of beat BPM beats per minute became faster 2688PM 3888PM Rock And Roll 19505 and Early 60 dance with partners Counting in Dance Music is counted in measure of beats Dance is most often counted over more than one measure because it takes more than one measure to complete a basic dance step Dancers count the number of beats it takes to complete a basic step 0 A 6 count dance step takes 15 one and half measure to complete we danced to this Doo Wop very mixed race Relation to African American gospel quartets LISTEN quotThe Sun Didn t Shinequot Golden Gate Quartet Demise of 505 Stars Elvis into army Little Richard to seminary Chuck Berry to jail Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens killed in plane crash New Business models for pop 1 Marketing Youth marketing and creation of teen stars Challenges to racialization of genre categories rockabilly Cross marketing with TV and movies precedent in earlier era of movie musicals Singersongwriter model Ideas of authenticity and innovation opposed to TPA Importance of producers Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller esp wAtlantic fr Ca 1950 Sam Phillips Sun Studios in Memphis Cosimo Matassa New Orleans Chess Brothers Chicago George Martin of Beatles fr 1962 Barry Gordy of Motown fr 1960 Brian Wilson of Beach Boys Phil Spector s quotgirl groupsquot eg Ronettes Beach Boys Brian Wilson writerproducerperformer quotSurf musicquot as genre Instrumental focus conducive to virtuosity Attention to instrumental sounds Invetive song writing and studio work of Beach Boys in particular if time LISTEN quotWipe outquot the Surfaris 1963 LISTEN quotGood Vibrationsquot the Beach Boys 1966 Instrumentation Theramin tambourine organ ceo fast pulse Form Starts out verse and chorus moves on to a different section and then a different piano Lots of different instruments URBAN FOLK one of the streams that mixed with Rock and Roll 1 Music and politics Woody Guthrie l Working class folk musician fr Oklahoma politicized I 19305 radio show in LA Association with 19505 civil rights and union movements Guthrie quotThis land is Your Landquot lyrics Pete Seeger College educated urban revivalist fr NYC 194005 collaborations w Guthrie 19505 Weavers coege residencies quotIfl had a Hammerquot quotWhere Have all the Flowers Gonequot popularized quotWe Shall Overcomequot 2 Anticommercial folk quotauthenticityquot gt Tension Between folk and mass pop Guthrie Seeger et al are encouraging a national movement that builds around a quotfolkquot repertoire that has mass dissemination Coffee houses CBGBs and college campuses Folk scene another 19505 quotalternativequot along with RampB jazz Commercial folk music brie y popular in 19505 eg Kingston Trio fr SF What were the criteria for folk authenticity Explicitly political lyrics Acoustic instruments Vocal harmony Song forms like ballad ddle tunes LISTEN Peter Paul and Mary quotThe Answer is Blowing in the Windquot 1963 Dylan s antiwar song Guitar harmonies Bob Dylan Born in Minnesota Learned fr Woodie Guthrie on scene in Greenwich village NYC In uential song writer brought sophisticated poetry and social commentary into lyrics in early Columbia recordings 196264 Infused the counter culture with new seriousness and conscience LISTEN quotThe Times are achangingquot 1963 Strophic ballad Folk version of youth rebellion more political not just aesthetic and sexual Bob Dylan Born in Minnesota Learned fr Woodie Guthrie on scene in Greenwich village NYC In uential song writer brought sophisticated poetry and social commentary into lyrics in early Columbia recordings 196264 Infused the counter culture with new seriousness and conscience LISTEN quotThe Times are achangingquot 1963 Strophic ballad Folk version of youth rebellion more political not just aesthetic and sexual 1965Dylan goes electric at Newport Folk festival scandalizes purists Beginning of quotFolk Rockquot LISTEN The Byrds quotTurn Turn Turnquot 1966 Roger McGuinn s electric 12string guitar Harmonies Stronger back beat more slick mainstream sound generally eg sweet sounds of BeaUes Community Culture and the Music Industry As a cultural phenomenon what did rock and roll and the folk music movement have in common antiestablishment attitude rebellion What are some important differences Instrumentation Folk music is more political Commercial entanglements of rock and roll folk musicians were kind of opposed to follow the trend of modernization and doing music for money and that s why these musicians used acoustic instruments whereas electric guitars were prevailing MOTOWN Detroit of motor town Label that practically became a genre Founded by Berry Gordy in 1960 originally Tamla records A blackowned record label that aimed to cross over to white audiences Successes eg Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye Diana Ross Michael Jackson and many others Hitmaking lnhouse writing and arrangement a bit like Tin Pan Alley Also cultivated careers a concept not often found in whitecontrolled indies Uncontroversial lyrics sentimental love songs smooth and danceable Elegant image LISTEN quotYou ve Really Got a Hold on Mequot Smokey Robinson VIDEO Maxine Powell on training for elegance httpswwwvoutubecomwatch vMlev3OFx7camplist PL2lsz2iwrerlXRRj BC63wQV683lClhq ca 1235 quotMotown sou ndquot another example of producer s importance Lush instrumental background Back beat guitar strum Lead vocalist prominent over backup LISTEN My Girlquot Temptations 1965 httpswwwvoutubecomwatchv6UG9iZDd similar to Doowop vocal LISTEN Stop in the Name of Lovequot The Supremes 1965 httpswwwvoutubecomwatchviDPiYin0n8 Jackson Five VIDEO Michael dancing singing quotABCquot 1970 httloswwwvoutubecomwatchvho7796au8U Soul Music Ray Charles Aretha Franklin LISTEN Respect Aretha Franklin 1967 SOUL What is soul music soul in spiritual sense gospel music in uence deep essence of feeling soul food Southern African food sou brother racial meaning Ray Charles began recording wAtantic in 1952 lived in Seattle before that born in GA Aretha Franklin Started as professional gospel singer Produced byJerry Wexler as pop star LISTEN Respect 1967 Aretha Franklin c0tis Redding What in uences of African American church music can you hear call and response between lead singer and backup singers Call and response and improvising style is from Latin music and African American church music James Brown quotGodfather of Soulquot quotPapa s Got a Brand New Bagquot was a crossover hit in 1965 12bar progression Before that Brown performed for black audience on a circuit of theaters including the Apollo Theater in NYC VIDEO James Brown and commentary on him httpswwwvoutubecomwatchvZFrZrH4vBY fr 140 httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvggkuy8NLo Papa s Bag httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvoRleomW6NU wSammy Davis FR LISTEN quotThe Big Paybackquot James Brown FORM Cyclical vamp repeated pattern in the rhythm Texture Polyrhythmic rapping over steady beat root of rap music no core progression What precedents can you think of for this approach to arrangingstructuring music mambo riffs church music 19605 chronology industry changes counterculture strife and disillusionment 1959 Death of Buddy Holly 1960 Motown other industry changes producers FM frequency modulation radio FM radio was like an experiment 196X Free speech movement UC Berkeley 1963 Kennedy assassinated 1964 Beatles arrive in US 1965 Dylan electric James Brown crosses over 1967 quotSummer of Lovequot in SF Sgt Pepper 1968 Tet Offensive MLK assassination antiwar of Vietnam 1969 Woodstock SF Scene Psychedelic rock 1967 quotSummer of Lovequot culmination of 605 developments in HaightAshbury district Communal living quotbeins wmusic etc Acid tests Fillmore West theater Bill Graham LSD was hot in 19605 Hippy Grateful Dead epitomized communal spirit folksy improvisational iam band created live music Jefferson Airplane more hardedged LISTEN quotSomebody to Lovequot Jefferson Airplane 1967 Grace Slick Janis Joplin Texasborn white blues singer blues comes to mean emotional sincerity and intensity If time LISTEN Summertime 1968 JanisJoplin Pop Music festivals galvanize cultural and political movements 1967 Monterrey pop festival 1969 Woodstock Guitar heroes VIDEO Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock national anthem httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvsszh6h9fM Techniques of distortion and feedback Power trio format English stars again Professor Shannon Dudley and students who are in Steelband performed today 2 A video of Gamelan performance


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