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Week 1 Notes - Econ 1

by: Clara Smith

Week 1 Notes - Econ 1 Econ 101

Marketplace > Shasta College > Economcs > Econ 101 > Week 1 Notes Econ 1
Clara Smith
Shasta College
GPA 4.5
Econ I

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About this Document

Complete compilation of notes for one week for Econ 1
Econ I
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clara Smith on Wednesday June 10, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Econ 101 at Shasta College taught by Jones in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Econ I in Economcs at Shasta College.

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Date Created: 06/10/15
Dag 3 training A customer is tne most important visitor on our premises ne is not dependent on us We are dependent on aim He is not an interruption in our work He is tne purpose oF it He is not an outsider in our business He is part oF it We are not doing nim a Favor lag serving nim He is doing us a Favor lag giving us an opportunity Malatma Gandni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Customer Loyalty Tne result oF consistently positive emotional experience nttpswwwgoutubecomwatcnvnApc7GAquM Customer Service Smile 8 Move smile and move so lets wake up connect with each otlAerm ask its about people relationsnips For our cnallenges dont settle exceptional results every moment count respect otner people s time give no excuses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wnat is customer service not a dept its a pnilospng tnat includes every person and aspect oF tne best and brigntest companies act and spirit of serving tne customer not only now you serve tne customer it represents tne true essence oF a company s existence WlAg its important direct manifestation reFlections and tne execution oF a company s values pnilosopny BEST and now LPersonal recognition treat like a valued individual and not just a number 2Customers are L treated as sucn 3Listen actively Focus on cx s issues snow tnem tnat we understood and ready to nelp 4 Make it Personal ask good questions Call tnem by tneir First name but don t abuse it Try to geniunely relate 5 Decrease personal barriers 6 Speak witn clarity enunciate speak slowly practice grammarlearn vocabulary think before you speak silently say the words to yourselF 7 Watcn your tone 8 Respect tneir time give undivided attention be eFFicientbe accuratecorrect your mistakes 8 make sure to correct it rignt awaydeliver wnat you promise 6 Know your product knowledge is power K ey E mpower Y ou provide accurate inFo in a timely manner ennance your communication abilities entnusiam is inFectious develops confidence allows to skillFully manage objections xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nttpswwwyoutubecomwatcnvchVlFgDCidw Excellent Customer Service Passionate about you Brussels Airlines Did an extra mile For tne cx gt all tne employees exerted eFFort to Form a numan message tnat it s a boy There is only one looss THE CUSTOMER HE CAN FIRE EVERYBODY in the company From the chairman clown simply log spending his money somewhere else Sam Walton CEO Walmart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Customer Satisfaction cx expect service basis service process key to exceeding expectations cx expectations are oluel leveled cx wants relationships manage promise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Phone numlaers Deo 639272032756 lamogoBgmailcom Ana 0673267131717 anaeunice02L7gmailcom Avonne 6367333647180 avonnevillagonzalogmailcom Reg rlope21188gmailcom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx httpsolocsgooglecomFormsollSoSMHMchWlaugFJSQr4lltvJRD LlJJVBZoln F Anq 5UviewForm Quiz on Customer Service


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