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History Notes - Weeks 1 and 2


History Notes - Weeks 1 and 2 History 1200

Survey of American History Since 1865
Hunter Hampton

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About this Document

Detailed and concise notes from my first week of this class. Hopefully these will help someone out! I plan on uploading my notes from the entire Semester as well!
Survey of American History Since 1865
Hunter Hampton
Class Notes
American History
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday August 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 1200 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Hunter Hampton in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History Since 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 08/04/15
American Civil War and Reconstruction Differences Union more men more industrializedsophisticatedbetter amp more supplies organized army Navy barricade forts Confederate better leadership home advantage thought they were more tough than the city guy cotton diplomacy Similarities common language common religion capitalist beliefs in Constitutiondocuments same heroes most didn t own slaves NOT ghting for slaves quota just causequot North quotpreserve the Unionquot South way of liferights racial ideology TOTAL WAR West Point Code limit casualties on both sides don t target civilians Burning of Atlanta 1864 quotdestroyed all that we could not eatquot destruction went against West Point Code Civilians Confederate Guerilla southern sympathizers raided for supplies Union Lincoln General Order 100 kill civilians if you have to shifted idea of battle War was purification Union ghting to defend Confederate preserving way of life 3 million men 750000 died RECONSTRUCTION 13th Amedment 1864 freed slaves Presidential Reconstruction 1865 1867 Andrew Johnson takes over after Lincoln assassinated NCaroina working class southerner disdain for slavery didn t care for quotrightsquot wanted to punish Slavery aristocracy Black Code slaves can worketc Radical Reconstruction 1867 1877 Radical Republicans quottake and dividequot Civil Rights Bill 1866 given freed slaves total rights Johnson vetoes 14th Amendment 1867 gives rights not to vote 15th Amendment 1868 black men able to vote Constitutional Revolution government in charge of taking care of rights of the citizen sense of panic in slave owners FAILED SECOND REVOLUTION Reconstruction Opponents literacy test prove you can vote quotblack supremacyquot all freed slaves are focal point of government Go West Young Man The Amerian West Wieter ien eneeneeea lndlvlddellsm selliccentrel pesslens werk etlnle demestle ldeel eetlmlsm lelted tnelr eesslene In every ferm sexeel teste energy even while eeleele ete Frederlcck Teyler time yed ee yed werked werk etlnle end ef eleney Victorianism begins to crack Things Fall Apart Republicanism quotfor America to succeed it needed to be based on Yaoman farmers small communiti Horatio Alger wrote novels aspiring young man going to the city but is slowly led astray quotpurity 539 Urbanization Cen denee Men end Pelnted Wennen cennnen eemleler teke edventeee ef eeer fernn leeye Pelnted Wennen leeked lneredllely Vleterlen end teke edventeee ef fernn leeye Wlereln werkers den l werk with lnends er leedy jest tlnlnk men ere sell end eele semetnlnd eeeentlel te menlneed wee lest Individualism Charles Darwin Natural Selection Karl Marx economics driven Sigmund Freud quotIt s not you it s themquot Allure of the West Economic Railroad made life easier easy travel 1862 Homestead Act more accessible economic 160 acres for 5 years and show improvement Mass Markets consumer goods you can sell utilizing the railroad travelling products from place to Revitalization Civilization White America Theodore Roosevelt quotcareful primitivismquot grew up sick asthmatic and frail doctor told him to not move a lot because he didn t have a lot of energy he went the complete opposite direction and was very athletic Cowboys and Indiansquotquot Cowboys quotromanticquot vision of the West heavily idealized created the cowboy character but it actually sucked Cowboy culture Indians needed a bad guy for the cowboy Indian Wars Nez Perce we went back on deals made for gold Remaking Indian Life 1871 Supreme Court Indian Appropriations Act will make Indians a US citizen In exchange for land 1887 Dawes Act Makes Indians citizens as long as they go to camps and send children to missionary schools and made them White Victorian stereotype December 1890 Wounded Knee massacre quotghost dancequot NA religious ceremony to revive lndian society past spirits would come down and White people would be removed society would be restored 200 womenchildrenmen dead West in Popular Imagination George Armstrong Custer a bastard Black Hills 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn underestimated NA numbers and was killed quotCuster s last standquot was idolized like a Christ gure William quotBuffalo Billquot Cody 1886 quotBuffalo Bill s Wild West America s National Entertainmentquot progress of White society pinnacle was Custer s Last Stand idolized him 1893 World s Columbian Exposition Chicago The West Won and Lost Frontier Closed 1890 American ideal turned around the West was a place to go and be happy now lost World s Columian Exposition 1893 Buffalo Bill you could travel to the romanticized West through watching BB John Turner paper on the importance of American Frontier quotessential to Americansquot quotFrontier Thesis anus Face Increasing Importance of Race in Americ Janus M lanus pronounced Tia nusl is the gg of beginnings and transitions1 and thereby of gates doors doorways passages and endings He is usually depicted as having two faces since he looks to the future and to the past The Romans named the month of January lanuarius in his honor Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict and hence war and peace American Racial Attitudes Paternalism Racial Uplift our job to lift up the other race we are superior Dawes Act elicited total cultural change in NA lndian Missionary Schools Fascination Carefu Primitism want to know how the NA live Extermination lndian Wars Natura racism Phrenology classify people based on facial structure can place people into a class they will commit crime if their eyes are in apart etc 1877 Richard Dugdale The Jukes A Study in Crime Pauperism Disease and Heredity Eugenics The New Immigrants Globalization of Capitalism Open labor markets Collapse of Protestant Establishment Fear of Catholicism will they lose their way Irish and Chinese Eastern Cities Popery the doctrines practices and ceremonies associated with the pope or the papal system Roman Catholicism lndependent magazine Will New England Become Catholic San Francisco 1877 The Order of Caucasians San Francisco 1878 Supreme Court In re Ah Yup Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 abolishes Chinese Immigration Eastern and Southern Europeans The White League unashamed racists threatenedused scare tactics against immigrants and Italian immigrants treated as bad as Blacks Prominent fear of racial invasion African Americans Racial Uplift 1865 Freedman s Bureau Racial Uplift we are going to help them get their family back together because Victoriana are all about family talented tenth Goal for American Americans to get to middle class averagely successful Victorian values Booker T Washington Tuskegee v WEB DuBois From Sambo to black beast Without white guidance they will turn into black beasts rapists have natural aggressioncriminal intent 1889 Philip Alexander Bruce The Plantation Negro as Freeman looks at AA before and after slavery Lynching fiendish deed Differences in Culture similarities What is American Culture Who We Are no particular racial or religious American Where We Live suburban culture How We Educate Ourselves 36 of 1624 yo go to college How We Support Ourselves job time is money How We Entertain Ourselves sports watching attending participating music movies internet Facebook How We De ne Ourselves independent tough hard working loyal creative arrogant patriotic free quotAmerican Dreamquot How We Determine Who Is not One of Usquot those who don t want to be American Culture 1860 Who They Were White AngloSaxon Protestants WASPs Where They Lived 80 of Americans lived in rural areas farms towns with populations of less than 2500 people How They Educated Themselves less than 1 of Americans aged 1824 attended college How They Supported Themselves 50 of Americans livedworked in farming How They Entertained Themselves Entertainments including reading group singingmusic visiting storytelling wealthy options opera How They De ned Themselves Americans thought of themselves as rugged hardworking individualists destined to rule over the western hemisphere How They Determined quotOutsidersquot Anyone who was not white AngloSaxon Protestant was not truly American and Americans viewed Native Americans African American Irish Catholics and easter and southern Europeans as inferior races of people 1860 industrial revolution factory workers many fears freed slaves willing to work for less immigrants assured their jobs were safe because these people were quotstupidquot and incapable Mo Money Mo Problems The Rise of Corporate America Second Industrial Revolution lndustrial Economy consumption changed how people thought about moneyexchanged moneyidea of money nationa markets buying and selling without being present quotrobber baronsquot or quotcaptains of industryquot Andrew Carnegie controlled the stock market self made John D Rockefeller came from wealthy family owned production of oil Anxieties Social Darwinism Chares Darwin natural selection not a Victorian idea random Herbert Spencer The Evolution of Society quotsurvival of the ttestquot quotVictorianizedquot Darwin s idea society evolves just as the nches do upwards Wrestling with Wealth Social conventions Etiquette manuals Conspicuous Consumption de ne yourself by what you buy quotmore more morequot Psychological Neurasthenia quotdisease of the agequot indigestion tooth decay wet dreams fear of responsibility openclosed spaces society of fears of everything sense of hopelessness Luxury prefabricated life you didn t have to make your own clothes order from a magazine everything at your ngertips quotparalysis of willquot Jane Adams From Salvation to SelfRealization Personal transformation Protestant conversion DL Moody country boy who moved to the city told people that it was theirchoice when they changed after you were converted he recommended a church but he didn t lasso anyone to anything Henry Ward Beecher preacher wealthy congregation became more of a manager quota dollar a day is not enough to feed a family not enough to smoke a drink a man who is not able to live on bread and water is not t to livequot sold his name to advertisers Therapeutic Ethos people became concerned with physical and mental wellbeing Consumption Advertising quotReason Whyquot selling a look


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