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Brach Populations - Paleontology

by: GreenOwl713

Brach Populations - Paleontology GEOLGY 317

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Whitewater > Geology > GEOLGY 317 > Brach Populations Paleontology
GPA 3.0
Rex Hanger

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About this Document

Text is pretty simple this was first week notes so not much info, but text explains pretty well
Rex Hanger
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by GreenOwl713 on Thursday August 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOLGY 317 at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater taught by Rex Hanger in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Paleontology in Geology at University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.


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Date Created: 08/06/15
1062014 Waconefa wacaensfs aouamlW M 3 ohm 1062014 A Diva Mam a gunman anquot I up Vanni rrvouvuv numua v 39 39 Table 3 Summary of concepts regardin the cvdic deposition water depths tectonic and dimmic factors in uencing sodimant supply and depositional ram Aumons QC amp m Armu Soon Handrirh 90415 McGill Vpung hm Paper R FEORMAYIONS 1932 IMO 157 96 1967 1972 r 50th my Jam255mquot BUDA Mum Mumuh Sud Sube E dnmlc Qunrzhzc Swain 7 120600 In 33309 GRAVE Mvgml Inlrmen39ac Ymnwmncn Sntxnmrq lknliblo Cmmooaliur Basin van 4 I20 600 ll duped V A39mnoodl MAIN SIREET Ncl m Inf50mm Sum Suule 5m 904am W d W II 603 H lnel PM39IPAW Manual niunewc Ragmman Sammy Unstable In dagn Delim V r f V II206001II Ishmluvm I Endemic Euumn I Shun WENO Newc In lnrgm Tvmyymlm Sub Sud w 950nm 1706001 yum Benn 7 d DEN39ION Ma39qmd Epnmnn runsm Summin erablt 39 39 A er ShunVac l l39amvilic I39m Lon Ruin A FORT WORTH quotnu ommuc 7nnsgmninn Slam Stem Shall Shczl Inmnm lc i U R qregign SJbsding LIMIle immunoan Tummon DUCK CREtK M Nuizi tpbamyal 384 Sam 7 L Ivanggmicn Summing Su 9 Tumixion KIAMICHI Neum Epnuiuc melm L mnm quin Shouhue Ito120quot Tramnon Bum 1062014 13351 is tree soimare i39ar scienti c data ansiysis Mh iuncmns or dais manipulabari Dialling uniivariabu and muliivarial a statis cs DCIIDgiical analysis iimu Marius and Sinaiial analysis mrphomeirics and Blra igiaphy iF39Elst wanl mmugh El complete redesign in 2013 Past work39s umer moan v ermns or Winam and a theta E ersicm i in Mac is available bsluw Cuneni version Omaber2l1 3 303 Dawnlmade Rewuman 39 W EMILm zlngJigi WW JJDJi EDEmanml M j TI Bid Past Iranian 21139er11 maan is 5ii availabihax hm Elwind Hamml r Nalmal Hial39ury lMuawm Unimreila Ii Oslo oha mn lunmlinhmuicnu N 18 Min 175 Max 265 Sum 3678 Mean 2043333 Std error 005546005 Variance 005536471 Stand dev 02352971 Median 2005 25 prcntil 185 75 prcntil 22025 Skewness 1031671 6 168180132204216228240252264 Geom mean 2031238 Coeff var 1151535 Frequency b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b 1062014 gt N 1 8 gt Min 1 75 gt Max 2 65 gt Sum 3678 gt Mean 2043333 gt Std error 005546005 gt Variance 005536471 a o gt Stand dev 02352971 g gt Median 2005 E gt 25 prcntil 185 gt 75 prcntil 22025 gt Skewness 1031671 b Kurtosis 1056316 04 08 1216 20 24 gt Geom mean 2031238 gt Coeff var 1151535 Table 3 Summary of concepts regarding the cydic deposaluon water depths tectonic and climatic factors in uencing sediment supply and depositional ram MINquot AUYHORS MW Subudm Adkms 5wquot Hrndnch Sincll McGill Vnurq Hm 919431 Ram FORMAIIDNS 1937 191 957 me 1907 1917 Sumh Nuvlh an my 2 i A quotReal9511 l iUDA Hum l39Iimw In Sub mvzinm S VJIM39J39 1199730sz 5 GRAYSUY Mug viii Iniuzumc T a39ugrmlcn Suimmrq UrsILvU CmmcDuhuv Faun 170 500 quoti NCCYI w A vl ll39leI df v MAN 5mm NH 1 mumm 2mm Saul Sun 77 112061101 7 PAM 11 3311 er m um 1 r1 EngJ n9 nmm dam DvluL r 117 I111 l id rugquot i 7 qum l Shale ammo 111111 011mm Lmyum s n Sun39c m 91mm 1170600 quotI mm Ham M Kquot I Damon MNquot imam mwmn Sulm 4 21111qu 7 PM Emu1w i39il39avlevrllc v Rur quotif remixcam nm 1 mar 1 Magmagnu sum 5mm 5mm SALJ 4 menu114 7 gt 7 U Sumqu UMth Cornet391 Mn nucx cart 11 irvitic mtmm 5m Haws Li 5mm Suisnlnq 8154 73111 mum KIALIICHI lie11 p 1mm Hcpmuzn imam Mqu Shrubs 401201121 z I on 55310 1 ulmrnx39l utzm 1062014


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