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Week1: Earth System Science - Environmental Science

by: Bianca Notetaker

Week1: Earth System Science - Environmental Science ENVS 101 004

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Environmental Science > ENVS 101 004 > Week1 Earth System Science Environmental Science
Bianca Notetaker
GPA 3.0
The Blue Planet

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About this Document

Week one, Chapter one notes of The Blue Planet. Bulletpoint-note form, tables and graphs from textbook included!
The Blue Planet
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bianca Notetaker on Tuesday August 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVS 101 004 at University of New Mexico taught by Priewisch in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see The Blue Planet in Environmental Science at University of New Mexico.

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Date Created: 08/18/15
0 Earth System Science 0 A holistic approach to studying earth as a whole 0 Geographical Information System GIS used by scientists to store and analyze data 0 Earth System Science what is a system 0 something that can be isolated from the rest of the universe A concept of science allows scientists to break down problems from large proportions into smaller more manageable and more easily studied pieces I Can be whatever the observer defines it to be EX can be large small simple complex etc 0 There are three types of systems I the closest thing to an isolated system there is only exchange of energy not matter I EX eggs greenhouse closed water bottle I quotimaginaryquot neither energy or matter can be exchanged across boundaries I exchanges both energy and matter across boundanes I EX bodies of water living systems body cup of co ee Ilseleted system Clesed system Open system FIGURE B1 Systems The three basic types ref systems are A An iselated system I A closed system C An open system 0 Model 0 What is a model I A representation of something I There are 3 types of Models I Physical I Graphical I BOX Ch 1 Continued Friday August 21 2 15 2 213 0 System 0 Definition A key understanding of the earth39s system measuring volumes and exchanges of material and energy between earth39s reservoirs change over time I Earth is quotessentiallyquot a closed system CI Note essentially because matter cannot enterexit with the rare exception of meteors satellites etc 0 Earth39s 4 Spheres O Each of earth39s ecosystems combined into one 0 The combination of gases surrounding earth 0 All of the water on earth39s surface including the clouds O Any of the regions of matter that make up the earth and its atmosphere lithosphere and hydrosphere 0 Feedback 0 Two types of feedback I System response is in the opposite direction of the initial input ii Ex 1 When a body is hot it sweats to prevent overheating which then cools the body down ii Ex 2 When a body is cold it shivers thus warming up the body 0 Selflimiting and selfregulating 0 Leads to a dynamic equilibrium I an increase in output leads to a further increase in output ii Ex 1 Melting ice leads to exposure of land exposure of land leads to a higher intake of the sun higher intake of the sun leads to warmth warmth leads to melting of ice 0 Vicious cycle 0 Destabilizing 0 Cycles 0 Natural cycles are not simple and exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium I Ex Energy cycle rock cycle tectonic cycle hydrologic cycle biochemical cycle etc 0 Global Change 0 There is no place on earth that humans haven39t altered 0 We search everywhere for ay possible resource 0 No animals are as plentiful as humans 0 What we39ve changed I Causation of fertile topsoil to erode I Desert expansion I Remote polar regions 0 Based on observation and is a systematic collection of evidence that can be seen and tested 0 A hypothesis can either be an observation or a law I single event I repetition of a single event New Section 1 Page 1


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