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Japanese 202: Chapter 17, Week 7

by: Adrianna Martin

Japanese 202: Chapter 17, Week 7 Japa 202

Marketplace > Japanese > Japa 202 > Japanese 202 Chapter 17 Week 7
Adrianna Martin
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

The notes cover onomatopoeia, kanji review, new kanji, and new grammar points.
Japanese 202
Miho Endo
Class Notes
Japanese, Genki, onomatopoeia, kanji, grammar
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adrianna Martin on Saturday February 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Japa 202 at a university taught by Miho Endo in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 02/27/16
Onomatopoeia ざざざざ -Describes rushing water or pouring rain. -Describes TV of speaker static. ざざざざ -Describes a hard object hitting something. Tapping. Clicking. Drumming. -Describes grinding away at a job. ざざざざ -Describes the sound or act of thin sheets of metal or plastic being bent back and forth. Twanging. -Describes bowing humbly many times and assuming a servile attitude. -Describes being very hungry, famished, or ravenous. Kanji Review ささささ (essay) ささ ささ (store) さ さささ (oneself) ささ ざざざざざ (to bring thing) さささささ ざざざざざ (to live) さささささ ざざざ (story) さ ざざざ (telephone) ささ ざざざざ (every year) ささ ざざざざざざ (H.S. student)さささ ざざ (to leave) ささ ざざざざ (Shinto religionささ ざざ (this morning) ささ New Kanji さ - to gather Top radical- old bird (ささささ) ささささ- さささ ささささ- ささ(ささ/ささ) さささ- ささささ- to gather; to collect ささささ - ささささささささ- to concentrate さ - to start; to reveal Top radical- departure; to start ささささ- ささささささささ ささささ- NA ささささ -さささささささ – to make public, to give a presentation ささ -ささささ – pronounce ささ- さささささ- departure さ - to express; surface Top radical- animal Bottom radical- clothes (さささ) ささささ- さささささささ ささささ- さささ(さ)ささささ ささささ -さささささささ – to make public, to give a presentation さ - to learn top radical- feather (ささ) *white feather used to write notes as you learn ささささ- さささ ささささ- ささ(さ) ささ-ささささささ- to learn ささ -ささささ- calligraphy さ - letter; character Top radical- katakana さ ささささ- さ ささささ- NA ささ -ささささ- calligraphy ささ- ささ- character, letter さ - goods; refinement All radicals- mouth ささささ- ささ ささささ- さささささ ささ -ささささ- a piece of work (book, film, etc.) ささ -さささささ-Elegant さ - lively left radical- water ささささ- さささささ ささささ- NA ささ- ささささ- activity ささ -ささささ-Life, living さ - to copy Top radical- katakana さ ささささ- ささ ささささ- ささ(さ) ささ- ささささ- photograph さささ -さささささ-Camera shop, photo studio さ - true; reality Middle radical- eye; to see ささささ- ささ ささささ- さ ささ- ささささ- photograph さささ -さささささ-Camera shop, photo studio さささ- ささささ- center さ - to walk Top radical- to stop ささささ- さささ ささささ- ささ(さ) ささ- さささ- to walk さ - field Top left radical- rice field Top right radical- katakana さ ささささ- さ ささささ- さ ささ- さささ- realm, field ささささ -ささささ-Mr.Ms. Ono Grammar ざざざ ささ is the informal version of the quotation particle さ and it can be used after a short form instead of ささささささささ or ささささ to quote what you heard from someone else. Example: ささささささささささささささささささささささささささささささささささ Takeshi said tomorrow is his birthday. He wants a stuffed animal. さささ ささ is used to explain if or when statements. To say an if or when statement you say the if statement first followed by ささ followed by what you will do if the if statement occurs. For example, if you want to say that you will take a plane there if you go to Japan you would say “If I go to Japan ささ I will take a plane.” Keep in mind that for ざざ statements the first statement has to take place before the second. So, you could not use it to say “If I go to my mom’s next week I will hang out with you this Friday.” The さ in ささ comes from the short past tense of the last word in the if statement. So for the example, you would say ささささささ. If the subject of the first statement is different from the second you need to use ざ instead of ざ. Example: さささささささささささささささささささささささささささささ If I was a kid again, we would play all day long. さささささささささ ささささささささ describes something you do not need to do. It is formed by dropping the さfrom the ささ form of a verb and adding ささささささささ Example: ささささささささささささささささ I do not need to go to school today. ささささささ Noun + さささささ can be used to say that something resembles something else. Example: さささささささささささささ This person looks like a panda. Short form verb + さささささ can be said to say that something seems to be true. Dictionary form implies that something will happen, past tense implies something did happen, and さささ implies something is happening. Example: ささささささささささささささささ It seems that Takeshi is crying. ささささ/ささささ Before/After something… Noun + ささ(さ)/Noun + さ+ささ(さ) Dictionary form + ささ(さ)/さform ささ(さ) Example: さささささささささささささささささささ I read a travel book before going to Japan. さささ さform + ささ さささ is used when you do one thing directly after doing something else. The second thing done needs to be an action. Only two actions (clauses) can be used in the sentence. The first sentence is what you did first, and the second is what you did second. Example: ささささささささささささささささささささ I take a shower and then eat breakfast.


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