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Week One Notes

by: Toni Ritchie

Week One Notes ART 323

Toni Ritchie
GPA 4.0
Archana Shekara

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About this Document

The basic overlook for typography, it has each style of Font that we will need to know for the final.
Archana Shekara
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Toni Ritchie on Thursday August 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 323 at Illinois State University taught by Archana Shekara in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Typography in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 08/20/15
VVednesdayVAugust192015 Typography Basics TYPOGRAPHY The Anatomy of Typography ascenders rise above the mean line descenders lowers under the base line hairline the secondary stroke of a letter thinner than the stem stem straight or vertical main diagonal stroke of a character Thicker of the strokes of a character terminal the end of a stroke in a font serifs the extensions from the strokes of letters Sometimes referred to as feet Can be below the base or above the mean counter the area of space formed within a bowl of a letter bowl the round stroke that encloses space like on the end of a g Xheight space between the baseline and mean line where the lowercase letters rest cap height space between base line and mean line Anatomy G Wednesday August 19 2015 Bracket Serifs VS Slab Serif contrast and style changes HOW MUCH SPACE ARE YOU OCCUPYING make sure you design with the idea of how much space is used mixed space all upper space all lower space Text set in all capital letters also uses a significantly greater amount of space than text set in lowercase letters of the same size TEXT SET IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ALSO USES A SIGNIFICANTLY GREATER AMOUNT OF SPACE THAN TEXT SET IN LOWERCASE LETTERS OF THE SAME SIZE Type Family Gill Sans Gill Sans Light Gill Sans Italic Gill Sans Light Italic Gill Sans Semi Bold Gill Sans Bold Gill Sans Illtra Bold Gill Sans SemiBold Italic Gill Sans Bold Italic Kerning the part of a letter that extends into the space of another to alter the fit of certain letter combinations Tracking Putting space between each letter ONLY use on uppercase it does not look correct with lowercase Ligature two or more characters tied into a single character Wednesday August 19 2015 Type categories Humanist 1460 s 2 created by Jenson 9 Low contrast thickness vs thinness Slanted stress as if formed by a quill pen 9 H Slanted crossbars on lowercase e Slanted ascenders and foot serifs Bracketed serifs Centaur Berkeley Old Style Deepdene Old Style Hllt l Hl Medium contrast Santed Stress 11ml 11111 lllll gtlllbll 1n lr lh39l lxrk39 Crossbars are horizontal Slanted ascenders and foot serifs Heavily bracketed serifs liJganl km blmmond Cap height shorter than ascenders Small xheight or body Garamond Bembo Caslon Goudy Palatino Sabon Transitional 1750 s improve Old Style Vertical stress ascenders and foot serifs nearly horizontal Transitional Finely bracketed serifs Cap height equals to ascenders Large xheight or body Modern Baskcrvillc Bell Joanna Meridien Wednesday August 19 2015 Stone Serif 1780 s ONLY for headings Abrupt contrast from thick to thin Vertical stress Hairline horizontal serifs Serifs on lowercase letters are thin and horizontal I39ll Verticle stress Mode Drastic thickthin transition of the strokes Ascenders and foot serifs are horizontal Narrow set width De Vinne Bodoni Caledonia Egyptian slab serif Neo Didot Walbaum Torino 1845 Little or no contrast in strokes Vertical stress Thick slablike serifs Little or no brackets Serits on lowercase letters are horizontal and very think slabs Vertical stress Sick Serif Little to no thickthin transition of the strokes Large xheight Clarendon Arvo Podkova Sans Serif 1800 s 1900 s 2 simple fonts No serifs Little or no contrast in stroke weight Vertical stress Often squared straight terminals Large xheight GROTESQUES GEOMETRICS Franklin Gothic Futuro Helvetica Spartan News Gothic Tempo Rockwell No serifs at all Sans Serif No thickthin transition of the strokes HUMANISTS Gill Sans Optima Stone Sans Wednesday August 19 2015 Akzidenz Grotesque Avant Garde Frutiger Trade Gothic Kabel Quay Sans Decorative ONLY for decoration or statement Script Fonts Hand drawn Zapfino ITALCI italic Originally devised as an alternative lowercase font to be used with roman small capitals c I500 Designed as an independent font Based on handwriting A true italic is distinctly different than its roman as in this example Galliard Galliard Italic OBLIQUE oblique While technically this is called it is actually is an oblique or better yet a sloped roman Sloped roman typefaces typically appear distorted Versailles Versailles Italic HOW DO I CHOOSEA FONT


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