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1st Week of Notes - The Scientific Method - Supplementary Notes to Handout

by: Ann Notetaker

1st Week of Notes - The Scientific Method - Supplementary Notes to Handout BIOL1100

Marketplace > Clemson University > Biology > BIOL1100 > 1st Week of Notes The Scientific Method Supplementary Notes to Handout
Ann Notetaker
GPA 4.0
Principles in Biology I
Dr. Robert Kosinski

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About this Document

Hello fellow classmates! I am a freshman Biochemistry major who loves to take notes and do them well. I do write just about everything the professor says in my own words, so if you're looking for n...
Principles in Biology I
Dr. Robert Kosinski
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann Notetaker on Thursday August 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL1100 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Robert Kosinski in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 129 views. For similar materials see Principles in Biology I in Biology at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 08/20/15
BIO 1100 1St week of notes This is a supplement to the handout in class The Scientific Method Science is a method of thinking about the world We all have a philosophy Our consciousness leads to the fact that we have our own philosophy know the definitions in the class handout The Steps to the Scientific Method 1 It all starts with an observation 0 Uses induction I Going from a specific situation to concluding a general statement 0 has to be confirmed with other literature available aka research 2 Form a testable hypothesis 0 Hypothesis an explanation of a phenomena NOT a prediction I Hypotheses are used to make predictions 0 quotA hypothesis that cannot be mortally endangered cannot be alive Trevor Platt 1964 I Basically saying if a hypothesis is not testable it s useless 0 However hypotheses may be testable but there might not be technology to test it I Hypotheses like these may be retested at later times I Example Mutations in DNA may be the cause for certain birth defects 0 This hypothesis was brought up before scientists had the ability to examine DNA 0 However it was later tested when the technology was available 3Define dependent independent and controlled variables I Dependent must be distinguished between the different hypotheses I Independent must be completely unchanged during the experient I Controlled other traits that are not being tested but may affect the results of the experiment 0 It is best in an experiment if all participants were as similar as possible in order to get the best test results 0 Example using only men between the ages of 3035 with perfect health and no history of smoking or alcohol abuse 4 Use the hypothesisamp variables to make a prediction 0 Be sure to include a null hypothesis I An explanation that completely refutes your observation at hand I Example Alcohol abuse tends to lead to family abuse 0 Hypothesis alcohol contains a chemical that may trigger a hostile reaction towards others 0 Null Hypothesis alcohol has no connection to family abuse 5 Find people to test it your experiment 0 Be aware amp ready to deal with unknown problems or complications that may happen during the experiment I Example participants experience unexpected reactions deaths and etc 6 Go Do It 7 Analyze the results 0 May require the use of statistics 0 PValue the value that calculates how big the chances are of an experiment s results being completely by chance I lt005 Not likely at all of it being by chance I gt005 Likely enough that it could be by chance 0 If this is the PValue the null hypothesis is still a possibility


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