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Notes for Week of 8/17

by: Jordan Jarrett

Notes for Week of 8/17 MIST 2090

Jordan Jarrett
Introduction to Information Systems
Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan

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About this Document

Detailed notes on material covered in lectures on 8/18 and 8/20
Introduction to Information Systems
Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordan Jarrett on Thursday August 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIST 2090 at University of Georgia taught by Janine E. Aronson and Nikhil Srinivasan in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 205 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Information Systems in Business, management at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 08/20/15
81815 MIS using technology to change business management information systems 0 Technology is transforming virtually every business sector 0 All the world s info and media is online 0 Mobile devices mean anyone can reach anyone anywhere anytime 0 Cloud computing puts a supercomputer in your pocket 0 as a result barriers to entry that have stood for decades are melting away every incumbent business is vulnerable to competition and disruption power has shifted from companies to consumers and expectations have never been higher Companies can t get away with having crummy products at least not for long For example bad product reviews trump clever marketing Today great products win 0 the people that can have the biggest impact of all are the ones we call smart creative 0 these are the product people who combine technological knowledge business expertise and creativity 0 when you put today s technology tools in their hands and give them lots of freedom they can do amazing things amazingly fast digital business innovation 0 enabling new business possibilities with digital technologies 0 consulting 0 business analysis 0 quot 2 different career opportunities 0 leading IT enabled change in organizations 0 creating value with digital technologies consulting and business analysis 0 many paths from technical to nontechnical and everything in between 0 2 types external consultant or internal business analyst MIS majors terry college 0 1 placement 0 1 starting salary 60000 0 US 0 CNN 15 of top 40 best jobs 1 software architect 0 US bureau of labor stats 5 of top 10 jobs with most openings jobs requiring a college degree MIS recessionresistant 82015 PWC one of big 4 accounting rms consulting rm Price Waters Cooper Works with other companies not consumers Employs 195000 people in 150 countries and territories 0 US 49000 partners and staff 0 34 outside of US also does taxes does business with 95 of fortune 500 list 70 in Atlanta tests vulnerability of companies websites advises chief manager on risks and threats on organization 0 documents and frameworks followed to assess risks company must identify what key assets are bc there are threats against those assets 0 hacker o disgruntled employee who may want to steal info what is in place to help prevent these things 0 Logs Usually takes a few months for a risk assessment also called project or engagement Time varies bc clients needs vary Technology consulting practice enterprise resource planning systems run biggest companies around the world Cloud some other company is providing web hosting or some other service on the internet 0 Keeping track of HR info employees info 0 If there s servers you have to check on them all the time o In the cloud oracle you use their system that s already there and just put in your parameters that de ne it you don t have to worry about updating it To prevent hackers secure info that is con dential UPS transportation company that delivers packages Also very focused on technology Data management and analytics throughout business 400000 employees across globe 0 100000 international with a business degree marketing easy to move throughout the company in accounting MIS nance technical positions lots of data bc drivers include all info when delivering packages what was delivered when amount of time bw stops 0 data helps drivers minimize mileage and do stops in most efficient way Orion system developed to do this avoids backing up and left turns been around since 1907 must have evolved to have lasted so long analyze current customers and see what they can do to improve customer experience and win over potential customers 0 talk to current customers going from traditional to digital advice do your research on different opportunities that are out there 0 employees looking forjobs network 0 connect with terry professors build relationships 0 you ll have to look for more people to sell to start recruiting process early 0 companies start looking in the fall for employees and interns for the summer go to events bc employers will remember you get internships study abroad learn core responsibilities of a job and then work on how you can improve it people who hire you expect you to ask questions gure out what your interests are and what your brand is what sets you apart what makes you specialthe right person for the job Have something that your passionate about pick a major you really enjoy and your passion will show through in the interviews Network and sell yourself within the company Multiple internships sets you apart from other resumes


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