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Weekly Notes Week 1

by: Miranda Dangerfield

Weekly Notes Week 1 102

Marketplace > Chemistry > 102 > Weekly Notes Week 1
Miranda Dangerfield

Chemistry & Society
T. Zona

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About this Document

This is out first notes from week one. As everyone knows the first tuesday was just syllabus information, so these are the actual notes from Thurs Aug 20th
Chemistry & Society
T. Zona
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miranda Dangerfield on Friday August 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 102 at a university taught by T. Zona in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views.

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Date Created: 08/21/15
Chemistry 102 Week 1 o The Ionian Enlightment o Thales 585 BC 0 Anaximander 565 BC 0 Anaximenes 545 BC Main thought by thinks of IE was world was understandable in terms of quotnatural phenomenaquot 0 EX Plant Growth The result of Assertion was the belief the quotstuffquot in the world of the world must be made of the same composed substances Thales proposed water as the basic stuff Anaximander said that stuff could not be identi ed with anything we have direct experience with Which is called Boundless Anaximenes contended air was the ultimate stuff Zenos Paradox 0 Series of Paradoxes designed to probe the concept of in nity Named after Zeno of Elia Most simple version rejects the possibility of motions from one point to the other 0 Democritius 460370 BC 0 Father of Atomisms Believed nothing exists but atoms and the void all else is opinion 0 Aristotle 384 322 BC 0 Father of formal logic His studies found idea of the void to be rational and proved matter was continuous Believed in the 5 basic elements 0 Ea h 0 Air 0 Water 0 Fire 0 Aether o 2 Types of knowledge 0 Bastard Knowledge is that provided by senses 0 Pure Knowledge is the product of rational thought processes 0 Ptolemy 65120 AD 0 Was a Greek and Mathematician and Astronomer Was de ning work on motion of the planets in the 14005 Ptolemaic model The universe revolves around us 0 In order to rational the observation of the retrograde motion Ptolemy invoked epicycles Copernican Model The Heliocentric model What is a Scienti c Model or theory 0 An explanation made to rationalize the behavior of nature 0 An ef cient means for adding to your sensory EX experience observations 0 Occam s Razor 0 O Stated quotEntities should not be multiplied unnecessarily called the Law of Parsimony Copernican model is more a more accurate description of celestial motion than Ptolemaic model and it is simpler explanation of the facts However Copernican description does not speak about the galaxy The milky way at about 486000 mph 0 Scienti c Method 0 O O 0 State a hypothesis explaining a set of observations Design an experiment Gather Data Either change the hypothesis to t data or design new experiment


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