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Week One notes from SOC 240

by: Daniel Meyer

Week One notes from SOC 240 Soc 240

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Sociology > Soc 240 > Week One notes from SOC 240
Daniel Meyer
GPA 3.43
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty

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About this Document

Hello fellow SOC 240 students. I have developed a detailed set of notes from this first week of lecture. My friends tell me I am a good note taker and I want to help you succeed in this class. Plea...
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Meyer on Friday August 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 240 at Illinois State University taught by Michael Dougherty in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 184 views. For similar materials see People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community in Sociology at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 08/21/15
Soc 240 Sociology of community Demographywho lives where For this class International communities some Domestic communities mostly and Space spatial inequality Professor s studies Natural resources and in Latin America Who am I and what community do I identify with Nick criminal justice community 4th oor of Schroeder Mara criminal justice community student community DJ computer science community Jesse martial arts community Bryan music festivalconcert communities food vendorpromoter Layered community everyone has similar interests Common experience work promotion Alejandro theater community studies acting aspires to act Quotemoc west side Chicago community Communities of interest share set of interests but not bound by particular geography Soccer fans Martial artists Field of study It doesn t matter where you are borders don t confine you Community of place 1 Social interaction 2 Common institutions conditioning social interactions Everyone is familiar with a mall in their area or a church These things can be found on a map 3 People bound geoaraphicallv Cities towns and neighborhoods Nested communities of place like Russian dolls one within the other The west side of Chicago is within Chicago which is within Chicago land which is within northern Illinois Census defines community based on population numbers this class is not the census though Goals for the course 0 Define community and compare and contrast among the wide variety of communities of place in human society 0 Know key debates within the subfield of community sociology 0 Re ect critically on and write creatively aboutyour own communities of place 0 Discuss the connections between global economic political and social forces and the changing salience of communities of place in our society 0 Formulate solution for the waning social and economic vitality of our communities of place How can we strengthen our communities so there is more vitality economic opportunity and livability Raw intelligence means very little The important thing is timetask How you invest your time in the tasks Day Two What distinguishes sociology The space between people their relationships Finding new perspective in familiar communities Traf c Jams At first glace they are typically boring and common People get frustrated because they need to get somewhere Flip others off Passing on shoulder dangerous How do we make this interesting Search for new perspectivesangles Consider how much information individuals have about the traffic jam Why are people so dependent on cars How has our society turned into one car one person 0 In the late 1940 s we were recovering from WWII and the Great Depression 0 The economy was in a recession so society started to build suburbs to create new opportunities 0 Roads and highway systems were required to move people from the cities where jobs are to the suburbs 0 Society started to become structured aroundwe became dependent on automobiles Purchases at Walmart Super capitalism complex cheap goods include hidden costs costs we don t pay for Take for instance a cheap rubber ducky There are multiple jobs required for the production all require a wage 1 Make rubber 2 Shape rubber on assembly line 3 Paint the rubber good 4 Ship from China to big box store fossil fuel is a hidden cost not paid for by the consumer Without suburbs highways and automobiles there would be no need for big box stores Big box stores strive on a poor class of people Wealth disparity wasn t big enough in 1940 s for a big box store to succeed Sociology is to complexify the mundane like a Walmart purchase or explaining why traf c jams exist Berger calls sociologists peeping toms A sociologist is curious about people and why people do the things they do 0 A sociologist s lab is society 0 All people or agents including the sociologist are apart of society 0 It is difficult to escape society 0 It is hard for a sociologist to get out of their lab 0 A geologist just needs to put the rocks down and go do something else Culture shock at home Using comparative studies people can make the familiar strange and the strange familiar Most American s are aware of Jim Crow south To be lectured about it is mundane and boring It is typical knowledge Fewer Americans are aware of the Caste system in India Fewer are aware of the details By comparing the two Americans become familiar with the strange Indian Caste system and notice more pain from our past than understood through the typical knowledge C Wright Mills midlate 20th century sociologist Born 1916 in Waco TexasGraduated from University of Wisconsin in 1941 History affects us today while we shape history in the present pushpull There is interplay between individuals shaping society Protest alone not powerful Inspire one by one suddenly there is a historical movement And how society shapes individuals How you act in public Society fills individuals with social interaction Correlation between education level and economic status A relationship between the economy and society A Series of Trans Social norms kids these days I Collapse of tradition I Refusal of contemporary art 0 People who think EDM has ruined music I People fear change I We get set in our ways I New class registration systems irritate us I But it may be better just different People will always be uncomfortable in society because we are unsure of our roles Contemporary art may bother older folks because it makes them feel dated or irrelevant The solution is to cultivate and exercise sociological imagination Sociological imagination connects personal troubles of milieu and public issues of social structure 0 Social forces beyond our control condition the private lives of individuals 0 Economies contractexpand 0 Value of goods rise fall 0 These variables depend on social forces 0 It could be less of your fault that you were red than you think When society upholds our values we feel less alienated When society changes or we grow old we feel alienated Adapting depends on the person By cultivating sociological imagination it helps us adapt Social forces caused you to lose your job not poor performance


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