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Week One Notes-Climate in Russia and Kievan Rus'

by: KatieAlbritton

Week One Notes-Climate in Russia and Kievan Rus' History 325

Marketplace > University of North Carolina - Wilmington > History > History 325 > Week One Notes Climate in Russia and Kievan Rus
GPA 3.7
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray

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About this Document

These notes discuss the climate in Russia, as well as the beginnings of civilization in Kievan Rus'.
Russia to 1881
Dr. Susan McCaffray
Class Notes
Russia to 1881, Kievan Rus', Hst 325
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieAlbritton on Friday August 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 325 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Dr. Susan McCaffray in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Russia to 1881 in History at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 08/21/15
Week One Notes Katie Albritton Study Soup The Weather in Russia It39s cold Limits on Russia based on geographic location It39s in the Northern part of Europe The first Russian civilization rose in Kiev in modern day Ukraine Decent growing season better than the one farther North Land locked Continental weather system extreme temperatures The temperature hovers around 0 F in Moscow three months of the year It gets much colder in Siberia It is hard to drive in the country during Spring and Fall because of mud Winter Cold Lasts a very long time Around October through May There are many different words in Russian for snow storm How did people live here Sparse population big space Tundra in the north Not many people live here Borreal forest and Taiga in most of the space Poor growing soil cold Mixed forest and Steppe prairie Where civilization happens Good farmland Mountains and desert Very few Forest v Steppe Where you lived was apparently a pretty big deal Steppe civilization Open welcoming But hard to defend Forest civilization Grim dark spooky forests Easy to hide in Less open inward looking More pious and religious Topography in Eurasia Mostly at hard to defend Ural Mountains divide European and Asian Russia Mountains in the far northeast Rivers there are many owing NorthSouth few EastWest Limited contact with Western Europe Kievan Rus39 11th century On the Dnieper River Autocratic absolutism autocracy Serfdom Empire Russia from the 9th through 19th centuries Kievan Rus 8621240 Appanage period 11251328 disintegration Mongol Invasion Tatar Yoke 12401480 Muscovite Russia 14801700 Imperial Russia 17001917 Eurasia through the 8th century CE People moving east to west in Eurasia Huns Avars Bulgars Khazars Magyars People moving west to east Slavs The Slavs Moved west to east 6th century C E Western Slavs Poles Czechs Southern Slavs Serbs Croats Slovenes Eastern Slavs Great Russians White Russians Ukrainians Pagan worshiped many gods Did not have a written language Settled around the Dnieper River Farmers Had interesting neighbors up north Viking Migrations 8th10th c Vikings Norsemen Normans Normandy Varangians Rus39 Talented sailors Needed resources On the move all over the place Had an organized social systemgovernment Russia39s First Written Source Russian Primary Chronicle Written by monks 10371118 Concerning events 8621118 Calls the Vikings Rus What happened in 862 Slavs fighting amongst themselves Invited the Rus to come rule themselves Invitation to the Varangians 19th century Norman Controversy Invitation to the Vamagians Polyanians Steppe dwellers Derevlians forest dwellers Dneiper River critical for trade Rurik r 860879 First ruler of Kievan Rus39 Novgorod Rurik settled here Started first dynasty Kiev Established to better control trade on the Dnieper Kiev39s first rulers Oleg Rurik39s relative Igor Rurik39s son r 9 13945 Mixed SlavVaragian elite Constantinople Igor attacks them Because he wants to trade with them Eastern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire Byzantium Constantinople on the Bosporous Strait Above Sea of Marmara KievConstantinople Trade Forest products going down the Dnieper Furs honey wax hemp ax slaves Luxury goods going up the Dnieper Wine silk cloth art spices gems horses Main trade route between Asia and northern Europe VaragianRus39 attacks on Constantinople 860 With 200 ships Prince Igor 941 lost 10000 ships 944 gets a trade treaty Probably When rulers in Constantinople decided to subdue the Rus39 bring them in With trade Then convert them to Christianity


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