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AST 111 Week One

by: Ashley Childers

AST 111 Week One AST 111

Ashley Childers
General Astronomy
Christopher Sirola

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About this Document

This is labeled as the first week of notes, however we only had one day of actual class this week so these are short section of notes. Easy to read, complete in outline form with diagrams for extra...
General Astronomy
Christopher Sirola
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Childers on Friday August 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AST 111 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by Christopher Sirola in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 193 views. For similar materials see General Astronomy in Physics 2 at University of Southern Mississippi.

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Date Created: 08/21/15
Astronomy Notes Week One Constellations Why do constellations exist Sometimes stars form 39pictures in the sky Navigation Cosmological signi cance Seasons Stories of history hero s ect Lyra the Harp Location zenith straight up in fall and summer Description a parallelogram of stars represent the strings and the bright star VEGA stands for the handle History ancient Greeks traveling musicians spread stories and shared culture musicians would sing or recite poetry such as the Iliad Myth Son of Apollo and muse Caliope Opheus was regarded as best musician ever He married a lady named Eurdice in an outdoor ceremony where she was bitten by a snake and died To save her Opheus travels to Hades Greek underworld and realm of the dead to plead for her life Hades allows her to leave on one condition Opheus must leave the underworld without looking back until he is in the living world He embarks on the journey but eventually can t bare the silence so he turns to see her vanish before his eyes He spends the rest of his life mourning her until he angers a noble man who throws him into a pit of snakes and he dies His lyre the Greek instrument which resembles a harp is thrown into a river where its magic escapes and it become remembered in the sky Science Vega normal bluewhite star named for color which is larger and brighter than our sun It is also hotter 0 RA 18H 36min latitude on star charts 0 Dec 39 degrees longitude Belongs in the summer triangle asterism asterism unofficial grouping of stars not constellations so stable that it was once used as the comparison for star brightness 7 39 In 2006 Vega was found quot to be spinning at higher speeds lt rotates once ever 125 hours as comared to one month New Views of Vega 1 The Summer Triangle he Eu n a planet aroundVega from Earth Creditdohn Monnier U Michigan as viewed from our view WWW39S EEFWI I39QWJWW Graphic mama with Starry Night Pmrm The original North Star The earth wobbles like a top its axis making a complete circle once every 26000 years This effect is called precession is due mostly to the tides gravity of the moon and sun Thus the direction of the Earth s axis is slowly but Precession of Earth continuously changing we 14000 years ago the North star was Vega and it will be again 12000 years from now Precession


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