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BSC 160 Microbiology & Society Week One Notes

by: Cassie Notetaker

BSC 160 Microbiology & Society Week One Notes BSC 160

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Biological Sciences > BSC 160 > BSC 160 Microbiology Society Week One Notes
Cassie Notetaker
GPA 3.19
Microbiology & Society
Jeffrey Helms

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About this Document

Hey guys! I am an elite note taker this year and I will be posting notes every week for both BSC 160 Microbiology & Society and BSC 182 Human Physiology & Anatomy 2 along with study guides for each...
Microbiology & Society
Jeffrey Helms
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Notetaker on Saturday August 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 160 at Illinois State University taught by Jeffrey Helms in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see Microbiology & Society in Biological Sciences at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 08/22/15
Microbiology 160 Lecture notes Week One Microbiology used to be de ned as quotthe study of organisms too small to be seen with the naked eyequot However scientists have discovered a microbe that can be seen with the naked eye called Thiomargarita namibiensis Microbes are de ned as small single celled and nucleic acid genomes that can be replicated at some point in their life Foundations in Microbiology 1 PWU39I Microbes play a role in defense they actively antagonize other bacteria and take up space preventing other pathogens from staying in our bodies Microbes boost immune system microbes provide the body with vitamins such as 812 Microbes protect us from autoimmune diseases Microbes keep us slim with the appropriate microbes our metabolism works properly Microbes detoxify and may even ght off stress Microbes keep babies healthy after birth microbes from the motherbirth canal helps they baby babies born from cesarean section don39t bene t from these microbes Emerging infectious disease a disease that newly appears in a population that is unknown or a disease that has been known for some time but is rapidly increasing in incidence HIV Changing infectious disease diseases that are well known and continue to change or mutate in uenza virus not all microbes are bad Parasitic microbe result in harm make us sick Commensalism one bene ts and the other does not Mutualism both parties bene t Microbes are capable of growing anywhere Only 2 of known species of microbes can be grown in a lab Plants algae and bacteria are capable of photosynthesis Algae and bacteria are the majority of what undergoes photosynthesis Learning Objectives 12 1 2 Some diseases that are caused by microbes include Ebola Human Immunode ciency Virus HIV Hepatitis E and Sabia virus Several pathogenic microbes that once were controlled by vaccines and antibiotics are now becoming a much larger issue because many of them are developing a drug resistance This is causing much more serious threats in the world and is becoming much more of a problem Emerging diseases like AIDS are a growing problem in communities where nutrition and sanitation are poor 4 Microbes form mutualistic relationships with other organisms This means that both parties bene t For example when a microbe lives inside us and keeps us healthy they also bene t from having a place to live


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