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Notes for Week one

by: Merlyn Suzanne Thomas

Notes for Week one FDNS 2100

Merlyn Suzanne Thomas
GPA 3.5
Human Nutrition and Food
Barbara M. Grossman

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About this Document

Food and nutrition notes! updated weekly!
Human Nutrition and Food
Barbara M. Grossman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Merlyn Suzanne Thomas on Saturday August 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDNS 2100 at University of Georgia taught by Barbara M. Grossman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Human Nutrition and Food in Human Development at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 08/22/15
FDNS Notes 82015 Chapter 1 Food choices and Human health Preventing diseases with a powerful nutritious diet 0 Some diseases are strongly in uenced by diets others not so much 0 Nutrition in uences longterm health within the range set by genetic inheritance Top ten causes of illness and death Heart disease cancer chronic lung disease lt 0N TEST 1 Carbohydrates organic 2 Fats organic 3 Proteinsorganic 4 Vitamins organic 5 Minerals 6 Water Nutrients comes from food 0 Provide energy 0 Provide building blocks 0 Maintain body cells 0 Essential must be obtained from the diet Natural Foods are similar to what we are made of in composition Eating foods that are similar to composition to you is good for you ILtroducing nutrients Energy yielding nutrients Energy measured in kilo calories 0 Carbs 0 Fat 0 Protein Nonenergy yielding nutrients Vitamins 0 Organic compounds 0 Consumed in 2111 quantities 0 Assist in body processes 0 Vulnerable to destruction can come out Minerals 0 Inorganic 0 Consumed in varying some small some large quantities 0 Structural components not metabolized not broken down for energy do not yield Energy 0 Indestructible can t go away Water MOST IMPORTANT 0 Indispensable and abundant 0 Often taken for granted 0 Need a lot 0 Chemical reactions 0 Bodily activates Calorie values of energy nutrients 0 Carbs9 4 call g 0 Fat9 9 calg 0 Protein 9 4 calg Vitamins and minerals no calories Alcohol 7 calg but this is not a nutrient bc it doesn t support growth What is a calorie 0 Measurement 0 Food measured in kilo calories Bomb calorimeter 9 measures calories in food Some foods offer beneficial nonnutrients called phytochemicals 9 found in fruits and vegetables 9 good for decreasing in ammation 9 do not rely on Vitamin pills Nutrition Assessment of individuals 1 Anthropometric data 0 Height weight 0 Body composition 0 Skin fold O Underwater weighing 0 Bioelectric impendence low lever current 0 DEXA low level Xray 0 Biochemical lab tests 0 Blood iron urine sugar and protein content 2 Clinical 0 Physical exams 9 medical history drug use SES 3 Dietary 24 hour recall food record food frequency


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