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J 350 Lecture Notes, Week 2

by: Kaitlyn Endo

J 350 Lecture Notes, Week 2 J 350

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Social Science > J 350 > J 350 Lecture Notes Week 2
Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Princ Public Relations
Chandler C

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About this Document

Princ Public Relations
Chandler C
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Monday August 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 350 at University of Oregon taught by Chandler C in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Princ Public Relations in Social Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 08/24/15
J 350 4 Credit Hours Principles of Public Relations Spring 2015 Course Syllabus Instructor Connie Chandler Office Allen Hall 323 Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays 1 150 pm and by appointment Email chandle2uoregonedu Students are encouraged to use of ce hours to discuss issues pertaining to the class professional development and academic and career advising GTF Derek Moscato Office UO Annex 4 Office Hours Monday 12 150 pm and by appointment Email dmoscatouoregonedu Class Meeting Time and Place Monday and Wednesday 200 350 pm in Allen Hall 141 Course Description Overview of public relations practice in a diverse global society including theory career opportunities history communication forms and channels and legal as well as ethical concerns Learning Outcomes By the end of the course students should be able to 0 de ne public relations and describe its role in a diverse global society encompassing varying degrees of freedom and expression 0 outline the ways public relations has historically been practiced how the eld has changed over time and how the relationship between public relations and journalism has developed over time 0 apply public relations theory to effectively address public relations opportunities and issues 0 reason through a public relations ethical dilemma and defend your conclusion referencing the Public Relations Society of America s PRSA Code of Ethics 0 apply legal concepts to public relations such as copyright trademark patent fair use libel and slander 0 critically analyze communication materials and political rhetoric 0 formulate basic effective communication tactics using traditional and new media channels Required Materials 1 Wilcox DL Cameron G T Reber BH and Shin J H 2013 Think public relations 2013 Edition Boston Pearson 2 IClicker For this class you will need an IClicker Clickers are sold at the U0 Bookstore 5050 new 38 used or online prices vary Starting April 6 2Ild week of the term we will use Clickers for taking attendance completing quizzes and participating in interactive inclass activities and exercises Please make sure to get a Clicker before April 6 and register it on the J 350 site on Blackboard 3 You will need to read The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and be able to discuss current political social and economic issues in class 4 Additional readings will be available from timetotime on Blackboard Recommended Christian D J acobsen S and Minthorn D 2013 Associated press stylebook and brie ng on media law New York Associated Press Class format and policies The course consists of lectures discussions a series of exams individual writing assignments inclass activities and environmental scanning reports Lectures are designed to build on the material found in the reading assignments not as a substitute for them Class participation and preparation is expected Inclass activities will build on lectures and assigned readings to introduce you to the real life setting in which public relations practitioners perform their duties Individual writing assignments are designed to help you develop critical public relations skills and expose you to a variety of public relations tactics and techniques Assignments must be submitted on Blackboard by the beginning of the class on the day the assignment is due All assignments will be considered late if not submitted by the beginning of the class period when due although assignments can be turned in early Ten percent 10 from the total points possible for the assignment will be deducted for each day the assignment is late Additionally no work will be accepted by email There are no makeups given for inclass activities and participation points Makeup essay exams for Exams 1 and 2 will be possible under certain circumstances requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation If you miss the Final Exam you are eligible for an incomplete in the course if you provide appropriate documentation and are passing the class Keep in mind the university provides advance information about the Academic Calendar including the Final Exam schedule Students are expected to keep this calendar in mind when making personal plans including travel plans at any time throughout the term Attendance Class attendance is vital for understanding the material and doing well in this course If you are planning to miss classes please don t be surprised with your grades at the end of the term At least 10 of your nal grade is based on inclass activities and discussion Please don t not arrive late or leave early If you arrive later than 10 minutes into the class period or leave earlier that 10 minutes prior to the end of the lecture without an excuse you WILL be considered absent Important information and materials for this course will be distributed via the Blackboard class site and email Please make sure to check your U0 email account If you are not currently using your U0 email account you should go to the IT website and have your U0 email automatically forwarded to your primary account Communication with instructor Email is not a substitute for meeting with the instructor and GTF Of ce hours or scheduled appointments are the best place to ask questions about the material and to discuss issues related to the class Email on the other hand should be used to schedule an appointment outside of of ce hours or for short questions to clarify class assignments or speci c items from the class Indepth questions about course readings or an entire day s lecture as well as questions about grades are not appropriate for email Accommodation Students who need to take their exams in the Testing Center are responsible for bringing the appropriate documentation You are responsible for bringing the paperwork before each exam and for scheduling your exam during the class time Do not email me the forms and expect me to send them over It is your responsibility to bring the forms before each exam Schedule your nal exam now because the Testing Center lls up during the nal exam week School closure In public relations we plan for the unexpected There is a chance that there will be a school closure for some unforeseen reason If school closes before the term ends then your grade will be based on the work completed to that date There will be no makeup work and no rescheduled exams or papers so do well on assignments early in the term Evaluation Individual grades in this course are determined by a combination of scores for writing assignments exams participation including inclass activities and the news conference simulation All grades will be in points Grading Scale A 1000 970 97100 B 869830 83869 C 729700 70729 A 969930 93969 B 829800 80829 D 699600 60699 A 929900 90929 3 799 770 77799 F lt 600 lt 599 13 899870 87899 C 769730 73769 The letter grade for students is based upon the total number of points obtained in the course This is out of the possible 1000 points Grading Clarification If a grade falls between two letter grades by a decimal point of 05 or above the instructor will round up to the next single digit Decimal points below 05 will be dropped and will not be rounded up to the next single digit Grading weights This is the way your grade will be computed Exams 300 pts 30 Exam 1 100 pts 10 Exam 2 100 pts 10 Final Exam 100 pts 10 Environmental scanning 3 x 100 pts 300pts 30 News Conference 300 pts 30 Participation 150 pts 15 News release 150 pts 15 Class participation 100 pts 10 Total 1000 100 Exams Periodically you will be tested on your understanding of public relations concepts theories strategies and tactics Exams will be based on lectures class discussion and assigned readings Environmental scanning You are required to read The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal in order to follow current news and events Three times during the term you will prepare a 300 350 word approximately one and a half page doublespaced environmental scanning report that outlines how a particular event can have an impact on your client s organization and how you should react to it if at all The clients will be assigned at the beginning of the term The reports must be turned in on Blackboard by the beginning of the class period when due Writing assignments In order to successfully complete the course you must also be able to write coherently and logically When preparing environmental scanning analyses news conference materials and other writing assignments you should make careful considerations of the following Purpose Persuasive Strategy Appropriateness Format Accuracy Creativity and E ectiveness Your ability to successfully adhere to the standards of excellence along these criteria will determine your grade All writing assignments should be typed using Times New Roman 12 point and doublespaced Participation Your participation in discussions is expected As a practitioner you will be required to in uence public relations activities and affect campaign strategies in boardroom meetings where your ability to converse about your craft will be necessary Your ability to intelligently discuss issues is critical therefore prepare for class anticipate discussions and be ready to talk intelligently about issues relevant to class lectures and assigned materials Inclass activities are counted toward your participation grade and are created to facilitate understanding of the material Religious Holidays It is the policy of the university to excuse the absences of students that result from religious observances and to provide without penalty for the rescheduling of examinations and additional required class work that may fall on religious holidays Please let me know in advance if you have any con icts Course Policy on Academic Honesty The policy regarding academic honesty for this course consists of the de nitions and policies as stated in the Faculty Handbook October 1998 Honesty is a fundamental precept in all academic activities and those privileged to be members of the university community have a special obligation to observe the highest standards of honesty and have the right to expect the same standards of others Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to cheating plagiarism fabrication and fraud Cheating is the use of unauthorized materials methods or information in any academic exercise including improper collaboration Plagiarism includes the representation of the words and ideas of another as one s own Fabrication includes the falsi cation or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise Fraud includes the falsification forgery or misrepresentation of academic work including the resubmission of work performed in one class for credit in another class Cheating or plagiarism of any kind will result in zero points for the assignment and an F in the course Students are expected to be aware of and abide by the University of Oregon Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Community Standards available at conductuoregonedu Personal electronics You are permitted to use your laptop in the class to take notes on the lecture but for that purpose only If you choose to use your laptop to take notes plan to sit in the first two rows of the class room seating You may not use your laptop and other devices for recording the lecture or for surfing websites during class Put your cell phone on silent mode before class begins Please refrain from using your phone for texting tweeting etc throughout the class in order to make the most of your J 3 50 learning experience Class Etiquette 0 Focus your entire attention on the speaker and the assigned task 0 Use the restroom prior to class to minimize the possibility that you ll need to interrupt others by leaving 0 Arrive at least a minute or two early to class and do not leave early Coming in late and leaving early interrupts the ow of the lecture and distracts your classmates 0 If you must leave early or arrive late for a legitimate reason please tell me in advance and sit in the back of the classroom 0 Wait to talk to me or Derek about grades or personal issues until we can meet privately 0 Set aside nonclass materials when class begins 0 Express respect professionalism and a positive attitude Write emails with a polite and professional tone We are committed to responding to emails within 24 hours However in case of an emergency you may not receive a timely reply 4 Tentative Class Schedule Date Topic Assignment Readings Monday Introduction policy and March 30 schedule Wednesday What is public relations Chapter One April 1 Assigning teamsguidelines for ES Reports Monday The growth of the Complete IClicker Chapter Three April 6 profession registration on J 350 site Wednesday Careers in public Chapters Two amp Four April 8 relations Today s Practice Monday Public relations research ES Report 1 Chapter Five April 13 and program planning Wednesday Communication amp Chapter Six April 15 Measurement Monday Exam 1 Returned Assignment ES April 20 Rpt 1 Wednesday Public Relations vs Reading on BB April 22 Investor Relations Monday Public opinion and ES Report 2 Chapter Seven April 27 persuasion Wednesday Preparing materials for Chapter Eleven April 29 the mass media Guidelines for news conference assignment Monday Managing Competition amp Returned Assignment Chapter Eight May 4 Con ict ES Rpt 2 Wednesday ExecutiveinResidence May 6 Lecture Gina Dietrich Monday News conference prep no ES Report 3 May 11 formal class Wednesday Exam 2 May 13 Monday Public Relations for Returned Assignment Chapter Eighteen May 18 Nonpro ts ES Rpt 3 Wednesday Ethics and the law News conference case Chapter Nine May 20 study news release due Monday Memorial Day Holiday May 25 Wednesday News Conferences May 27 Day 1 Monday News Conferences June 1 Day 2 News Conference Debrief Wednesday Global Public Relations Returned Assignment Chapter Fourteen June 3 News conference materials Monday Final Exam 245 Final Exam June 8 pm April 6 April 13 April 20 April 27 May 11 May 13 May 20 May 25 May 27 Junel June8 KEY DATES IClickers Deadline for Registration on J350 Blackboard site ES Report 1 Exam 1 ES Report 2 ES Report 3 No Formal Class News Conference Prep Exam 2 News Conference Case Study News Releases Due Memorial Day Holiday News Conferences Day 1 News Conference Day 2 amp News Conference Debrief Final Exam 245 pm PRSSA Professional development is an important part of a career in public relations The U0 Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America PRSSA meets regularly throughout the month You are invited to attend the meetings and gain valuable public relations insights and experience NOTE The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus based on the class development j350 Lecture Notes Week 2 Monday Ex of opening paragraph of environmental scanning report The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Nestle USA will become quotthe rst major US candy manufacturer to remove arti cial ingredientsquot from many of its chocolates including its Crunch and Butter nger candy bar by the end of 2015 RACE formula John Martson 1963 o Research what is the problem or situation 0 Action what are you going to do about it anaysis and planning 0 Communication how will you communicate with your publics execu on o Evaluation how will you know if you were successful 0 Public Relations as a Process 0 Public relations is a process that is a series of actions changes or functions that bring about a result 0 Underlying philosophy of two way symmetrical model 0 The objective of public relations is to build mutually bene cial relationships between the organization and its various publics o In other words organizational policies and actions should be a winwin situation for both the organization and the publics Mixed Motive Model o In the model organizations and publics are viewed as holding separate and sometimes con icting interests Nevertheless negotiation and compromise permit organizations and publics to nd a common ground the winwin zonethe model suggests that a number of outcomes are possible within the winwin zone Sometimes people will just not agreebut using a mixed motive can help both parties reach a compromise Communication and Behavior 0 When symbolic communicationbased relationships are divorces from behavioral grounded in actions and events relationships public relations practitioners reduce public relations to the simplistic notion of image building which offers litter of value to the organizations they advice because they suggest that probs in relationships with publics can be solved by using the proper message disseminated through publicity or media relations to change an image of an organization 0 Public Relations is Unique 0 Public Relations Differs from Journalism Journalists gather and produce information for the public They usually write for one channel sometimes two channels attempt to be objective and write for a mass audience They write the news stories and editorials we provide background and info they need 0 PR differs from Marketing Marketing seeks to attract and satisfy customers of an organization It deals with goods and services Marketing contributes directly to bottom line 0 Public relations builds relationships with publics It can support marketing but we do not use marketing measure to evaluate our success 0 Advertising is controlled communication You pay for it and therefore you control the content and outcome of the message 30 second super bowl ad costs 25 to 3 million 0 public relations usually uses uncontrolled communication When we need to gt messages into controlled media we buy ads 0 journalisms are looking for things that are quotnews worthyquot relevant to their audiences Aristotle ethos logos and pathos o Rhetoric quotthe faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasionquot News Conference 0 Was the information Tony Hayward CEO of BP Oil provided to the reporters the information they needed andor wanted to know 0 What image did Mr Hayward project to the media What did his nonverbal messages communicate What do you think he needed to accomplishment with the news conference If he failed why If he succeeded why Stuff from book Public Relations it s been around longer than you think Rosetta Stone considered one of the rst news releases description of a Egyptian pharos accomplishments 0 After battle of EgyptiansGreekRomans fought a big battle l purpose of those events to keep community involved and connected in the victory and creating a relationship 0 Boston Tea Party considered one of the most successful public relations events lots of support and generated results very symbolic that sticks in the minds of people and it s memorabe really galvanized the issue 0 PT Barnum 18005 gives PR the press agentry description 0 Pseudo event event that is planned to be reported on Pioneers in Modern Public Relations 19001950 lvy Ledbetter Lee 1905 o formerjournalism at New York Times rst public relations counsel emphasized truthful accurate information rather than distortions hype an exaggerations journalistin 0 quotOur plan is frankly and openly on behalf of business concerns and public institutions to supply to the press and the public of the United States prompt and accurate Information concerning subjects which is of value and interest to the public 0 Ludlow Massacre April 20 1914 serious event that Lee addressed high pro le story in colorado and nationally 0 Worked for Rockefeller family owned 40 interest in CFamp o Became high pro le target 0 Lee hired as consultant 0 Edwards L Berynays two way asymmetric model 0 Father of the modern public realtions o Nephew of Sigmund Freud o Torches of Freedom Campaign 1929 make cigarettes more popular female empowerment o ldea make smoking a symbol of liberation 0 Communication invite journalists and photographers o Generated publicity across the country women went on streets in boston Detroit and SF 0 Another idea was the bacon industry campaign list doctors and talk about the importance of hearty breakfast Wednesday 0 Women in Public Relations 0 Doris Fleishman an outline of careers of women a practical guide 1928 o Betsy Plank the quot rst ladyquot of public relations rst female president of PRSA godmother of PRSSA 19605 0 lnez Kaiser rst African American women to lead a national PR rm rst African American woman president of PRSA 1960s 0 Arthur W Page Corp Public Relations O brought credibility to profession to corp setting 0 Arthur Page Societyl professionals come together to talk about what research needs to be done in the eld Society came up with key to PR Tell the truth Prove it with actions Listen to the customer Manage for tomorrow 0 Don t just be reactive be proactive Costbene t analysis is it hard to x Dominate coalition dominant leaders and decision makers aka CSuite chief nancial chief operations chief communications etc 0 PR should be a part of the CSuite in order to be effective Conduct public relations as if the whole company depends on it Realize a company s true character is expressed by its people Remain calm patient and good humored why did the vampire subscribe to the New York Times because he heard it has good circulation the witch who became a weather forecaster she predicted sunny spells CEO view published by Arthur Page society 0 Social Media is here to stay Changing the way we communicate 0 Message segmentation is dead Can t really target your audience because nearly everyone has access to information etceveryone sees everything all the time 0 There are more stakeholders now Because everyone has access to the info everyone can focus on the info Ex cruise ship that was stranded 0 Reputation is more valuable every day 0 Work setting and specializations Public Relations Agencies 0 Examples of rms Waggener Edstrom Edelman Fleishman HillEknowlton Ketchum Porter Novelli Ogilvy Public Relations Hired by other orgs to manage public relations activities 0 Hire at the entry level regularly They need a lot of people to work on their many accounts 0 Wide array of project work for clients If big client can do many things for that one client 0 Fast paced with substantial workload Agencies have as many clients as possible and try to service them with just enough people in house on their payroll Hit the ground running with diverse assignments 0 Work on rapidly unfolding situations for variety of clients simultaneously 0 New career opportunities can result from networking responsibilities to generate new clients 0 Expand tactical PR skills quickly while also developing other useful managerial skills reporting to supervisor client and even do budgets o Disadvantages Few opportunities to see the outcocme of work Generating new clients and billable hours can create sweatshop of ce culture Resources can be limited with high expectations for achieving results Turnover can be high and bene t packages minimal 0 Work settings and specializations corps 0 Can work on several of these at once Media relations Crisis communication Investor relations Internal communications 0 Like newsletters to employees Issues management Reputation management Corporate social responsibility CSR o In House PR quotDepth of Experiencequot 0 Pros Opportunity to interact with senior leadership team and impact the long term Involvement in organizational strategic planning as well as public relations planning and implementation Singularly focus on speci c organization in speci c industry highy informed storytelling O O Upward mobility with good bene ts 0 Cons EX 0 Starbucks Facebook Nordstrom 0 Nike Deschutes Brewery Portland Art Museum Fewer entry level job opportunities Daily pace slower less exciting Networking opportunities less diverse Changes in ownership or senior leadership can lead to less job security Nonpro ts and Trade Associations 0 EX O 0000 The Nature conservancy Oregon Food Bank Life Works Portland Japanese Garden Outside In Oregon Symphony Oregon Children s Theatre Member relations Volunteer relations Make them feel appreciated lnternal relations Development Educann Public affairs 0 Government and Political Campaigns 00000 0 Fundraising and event planning Speechwriting Media relations Media training Volunteer relations Donor relations 0 Job Listings Examples 0 O O O 0 Director of Marketing and Public Relations Media Relations Associate Sr Sports Marketing Coordinator Basketball Web and Social Media Specialist Director of Public and Investor Relations 0 Public Relations Salaries 0 Corporate 38750182000 0 Agency 35250185000 199052000 0 Burson Marsteller PR is mainly Perception management reputation management and corporate social responsibility 0 CSR corp America acknowledging and acting upon social responsibility 0 CSR the current enviro o Lev 2012 quotWinning over Investorsquot argues that rebuilding investors and the public s trust is the most serious challenge confronting the senior executives of today s public companies 0 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer based on an onine survey of 27000 general population respondents 58 trust business and 48 trust government the largest ever gap since Edelman began study in 2001 0 Building and Maintaining Trust 0 What can a CEO do Assume responsibility and accountability Personally and visiny show care and concern for stakeholders Stick to a code of business ethics no matter what Communicate openly and frequently with stakeholders o How can companies rebuild trust Be open and honest in business practices Communicate more clearly effectively and straightforwardly with customers Visibly demonstrate concern and consideration for employees Make the CEO a spokesperson beyond reproach beyond criticism CEO can t be described as someone without facts no emotion etc Be involved with the community 0 We have to be doing things right to begin with What we say has to really be how we act 0 Social issues of CSR o Hunger 0 Job trainingimproved economic opportunity 0 Health issues 0 Product quality and safety 0 Access to clean water and sanitation 0 Protecting and preserving the environment 0 Sustainable economic development 0 The homeless 0 Child abuse 0 Sex traf cking


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