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J350 Lecture Notes, Week 3

by: Kaitlyn Endo

J350 Lecture Notes, Week 3 J 350

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Social Science > J 350 > J350 Lecture Notes Week 3
Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Princ Public Relations
Chandler C

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About this Document

Princ Public Relations
Chandler C
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Monday August 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 350 at University of Oregon taught by Chandler C in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Princ Public Relations in Social Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 08/24/15
j350 Lectures Notes Week 3 Monday RACE formula 0 Research what is problem or situation 0 Action what is going to be done Communicaiton execution Evaluation was the audience reached and what was the effect Research in practice 0 Precampaign research FritoLay example 0 main concern reputation that FritoLay products just made junk food perception problem even though they were the rst major company to cut out bad fats and such in uencers didn t know that 0 Only 30 percent of in uencers believed the company offered healthy snacks o Ninetytwo percent of people said most powerful in uencers for purchase decisions were family friends experts Focus groups 0 Revealed quotgood fatssimple ingredientsquot as the most persuasive messaging in changing in uencers perceptions what is the most compelling message Research Roadmap Secondary and Primary 0 Secondary Research Existing info already been created for other purposes 0 Can be located quickly and inexpensive Can originate from 0 Within the org 0 Outside the org 0 Primary Research Primary research refers to data or info that you as public relations professional collect directly for your own project 0 In depth interviews focus groups surveys or polls Two general methods Qualitative soft data 0 Aimed at gaining a deep contextual understanding 0 Aimed to provide an understanding of the structure order and broad patterns found among a group of participants o Is descriptive in nature 0 Ex Focus groups Groupinterviewingdiscussion technique Unstructured and spontaneous 612 people with shared characteristics moderator controls the discussion 0 can be used before a campaign begins during a strategic campaign after a campaign has concluded o timing should align with strategic goals 0 interview that take place directly between two individuals 0 does not need to be facetoface 0 ex Research question how important is trust in your relationships with your investors ask CEOs quotI absolutely believe they investors want to look into the eyes of the CEO I don t think they care whether or not im an eloquent speaker or use all the right words they re looking for honesty out of a personquot quotI think trust is almost everything If they can t trust you as a CEO and trust what you say then how do they know whether to invest in your company or notquot quotI think a company can be performing poorly but if there are rational explanations for that and you have a plan in place that you re executing on to rectify it I think investors will stick with you or buy into that vision All that is built not on hard quantitative data That s built on the qualitative stuff on the intangiblesquot Quantitative hard data 0 Structured systematic and generally associated with statisticsmath and the scienti c method 0 Often designed to make generalizations from a sample of greater population Wednesday 0 Can ask a larger population sample size more answers better idea of the average or majority o More reliable than qualitative reliability is what separates the two 0 Some primary types Content analysis can read every article of various newspapers and look at mentions of whatever category people or issues and analyze Focuses on study of recorded human communications Analyzes speeches media releases video content news articles internet posUngs Easy and cost efficient to perform 0 Can reveal meaningful trendspatters Surveys 0 Mail surveys Telephone surveys Piggy back surveys Public Relations Plans 0 Eight Basic Elements 0 000000 0 Situation Objectives Audience Strategy Tactics CalendarTimeable Budget Measurement 0 Situation identify and understand the situation leading to the need for public relations program 0 O O Overcome a problem or negative situation Conduct a onetime project Preserve reputation and public support 0 Objectives Speci c Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely SMART O Zumba and Komen Party in Pink Objectives Increase class attendance to 20 and instructor training registration by 10 Sell 135000 in Zumbawear and donate 40000 to Komen Secure 10 million media impressions Audience identify speci c and well de ned audience 0 Who should be reached with the message 0 How can the audience help achieve the organization s objectives 0 What are the characteristics of the audience 0 Pen Portrait What adjectives do they use to describe themselves What are their primary self interests Who are their peers Who are their in uential What do they like and don t like Where do they live Work Learn What are their demographics age sex How youthful do they act What are their ambitions What is their current relationship with the issue or organization What are their pleasures What are their pains EX ABSOLUT Vodka ambitious socials educated professionals men and women ages 2119 living in metropolitan areas Caribou Coffee Women 2554 college educated 35000 in HHI Urban and suburban o Zumba Komen Party in Pink Women af icted by breast cancer Strategy describes how plan s objectives will be achieved 0 Create a Zumba Fitness fundraising and awareness program in partnership with Susan G Komen 0 Host local events to support breast cancer research 0 EX Frito Lay Identify nutiriton health and food experts as perspective in uencers Target traditional and new media 0 Educate these in uencers about simple and healthy ingredients in FritoLay Tactics communication tools used to put strategy into operation and achieve objectives Party in pink logo Website party in pinkcom Events zumbathons Party in pink zumbawear developed Media relationspress kit oncologist spokesperson OOOOO Changing Audience Attitudes and Behavior 0 Research tells us that awareness leads to attitude changes 0 Increased awareness may increase positive attitudes Having a positive attitude toward an issue increases possibility of taking action 0 We raise awareness through our communication tactics news releases special events brochures tweets facebook posts plant tours We increase positive attitudes through our key messages and linking messages to values and self interest of the public 0 We alter behaviors by telling people how to change We also have to give them the means to act Evaluation 0 Evaluation is the systematic assessment of a program and its results It is accountability Evaluation starts BEFORE the program begins when you create objectives that are SMART Objectives 0 Outcome Objectives info attitudinal and behavioral These are called outcome objectives related to impact impact you hope to have because they represent speci c intended effects of public relations programs on audiences Output objectives program production and efforts news releases special events brochures tweets Facebook posts plant tours lnformationalObjectives o Create awareness for a new recycling program 0 Ex to increase the awareness of U0 students about the recycling program by 25 percent in six months 0 Difficult to measure informational objectives although easy to achieve 0 This objective is SMART Attitudinal Objectives 0 Create positive attitude toward a new recycling program 0 Ex to increase positive awareness of U0 students about the recycling program by 40 percent in one year o Difficult to measure 0 Need a baseline Behavioral Objectives 0 To increase participation in a new recycling program 0 Ex to increase UO student participation in the recycling program by 60 in one year 0 Easier to measure but harder to accomplish Measuring Objectives 0 Outcome Objectives Informational awareness comprehension retention reception surveys Attitudinal attitudinal surveys Behavioral surveys and observations of behavior 0 Output objectives Are measured quantitatively by simply counting the actual outputs PR Effectiveness Yardstick Basic level measuring message production Intermediate level measuring message awareness retention comprehension reception Advanced level measuring changes in audience attitudes and actionsbehavior Measuring Production Count the process indicators of communication tactics count news releases interviews brochures youtube facebook posts tweets Awareness and Exposure AVE Sometimes we hire services to tell us where our name appears monitoring services tell us who is talking about us and what they are saying Media impressions Advertising value equivalency AVE is what your editorial coverage would cost if it were purchased as advertising space In other words Ad Value Equivalency calculates how much it would have cost to buy an ad to appear in that same space Measuring Share of Voice We look at the content 0 news blogs etc to see how much our org is mentioned or quoted in stories an the tone of the coverage We compare it to our competitors to see if we are getting appropriate share of voice o If we are getting a high share of voice but negative tone then we need to change our strategy ROI 0 Return on investment helps us see how much it costs to reach members of our target audience 0 Simple math cost of the ad or public relations materials divided by the number of people reached Justi es big ad and big PR programs


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