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J 350 Reading Notes, Ch. 1

by: Kaitlyn Endo

J 350 Reading Notes, Ch. 1 J 350

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Social Science > J 350 > J 350 Reading Notes Ch 1
Kaitlyn Endo
GPA 3.43
Princ Public Relations
Chandler C

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About this Document

Princ Public Relations
Chandler C
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaitlyn Endo on Monday August 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 350 at University of Oregon taught by Chandler C in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Princ Public Relations in Social Science at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 08/24/15
J 350 Reading Notes Ch 1 The Challenge of Public Relations 0 Skills 0 Written interpersonal communication research negotiation creativity logistics facilitation problem solving CNN Public relations specialist one of the top 50 professions for job opportunity and salary potential 0 US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts much faster than average growth for the public relations profession Public relations specialists concentrated in large cities where communications facilities are readily available and where many businesses and trade associations have their headquarters Global Scope 0 More than 300 universities have sequences or majors in public relations and 100 in European universities Public relations eld most extensively developed in the US where orgs are projected to spend almost 8 billion annually by 2013 on PR 0 The Holmes Report annual agency industry isting goba power of PR 0 Belgium Brazil Canada China France Germany Italy Japan Sweden UK top 50 agencies in 2011 according to income which ranged from 5315 millio to 218 million among those top agencies 0 Alan VanderMoIen envisions growth of 23 in Asian revenue in next 5 years 0 China emerging as quotnew frontierquot opening to market capitalism PR increase too now 20000 practitioners in country and annual spending on public relations has reached 22 billion Variety of de nitions 0 PR is a process involving numerous subtle and farreaching aspects beyond media coverage 0 Includes research and analysis policy formation programming communication feed back from numerous publics quotPublicsquot any stakeholder 0 De nitions quotpublic relations is the management function that identi es establishes and maintains mutually bene cial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends 0 this de nition reps current belief that PR is more than persuasion should foster open two way communication and mutual understanding whie complying with principle that org changes its attitudes and behaviors in the process quotstrategic management of competition and con ict for the bene t of one s own organization and when possible also for the mutual bene t of the organization and its stakeholders or publicsquot def casts the public relations professional rst and foremost as advocate for employer or client but acknowledges importance of mutual bene t when circumstances allow does not imply PR professional acts only in self interest of employer without due regard to honesty integrity and org transparency Other Deliberate public relations activities is intentional It s designed to in uence gain understanding provide information and obtain feedback Planned public relations activity is organized Solutions to problems are discovered and logistics are thought out The activity is systematic requires research and analysis and takes place over a period of time Performance effective public realtions is based on actual policies and performance no amount of public relations will generate goodwill and support if an organization is unresponsive to community concerns Public interest reputable public relations activity is mutually bene cial to the organization and the public it provides for the alignment of the organization s selfinterests with the public s concerns and interests Two way communication public relations is more than one way dissemination of informational materials It is equally important to solicit feedback Strategic management of competition and con ict public relations is most effective when it is an integral part of decision making by top management Public relations involves counseling and problem solving at high levels not just the dissemination of info after a decision has been made by other leaders Public relations as a process 0 PR is a series of actions changes or functions that bring about a result 0 RACE byJohn Marston 0 Research what the problem or situation 0 Action program planning what is going to be done about it 0 Communication execution How will the public be told 0 Evaluation Was the audience reached and what was the effect quotpublic relations practitioners utilizes a variety of professional communication skills and plays an integrative role both within the organization and between the organization and the external environmentquot CASEBOOK FritoLay 0 Used primary and secondary research to identify media trends an determine how to reach in uencers journalisms boggers and health professionals During process company essentially conducted situation analysis obtaning feedback from target public looking at what media were currently reporting on in industry examining past campaigns and performing other forms ofresearch Ex Focus groups quotgood fatssimple ingredientsquot 0 Public relations personnel used research results to establish objetives which led to strategy development and recommendations to management This is the adviser role of public relations Ex consulted with nutritionfoodhealth expert 0 After management made its decisions public relations personnel fully developed the snack sense and license to snack campaign including de ning measurable objectives strategies and tactics a timeline a budget and evaluation guidelines 0 The program was executed Frito Lay set up booths at bogging conferences held workshops for dieticians sent educational materials and product samples to journalists and brand fans created Youtube content developed educational websites and more Ex Twitter tour of plant chefs and recipes 0 The effectiveness of these actions was measured by the percentage of attitude change number of positive blog posts and tweets and success of brand fans in in uencing their ends and family 0 The company undertook postanalysis and adjustment of the public relations program The cycle was then repeated to solve related aspects of the problem that might require additional decision making and action The Components of PR 0 Counseling 0 Research 0 Media Relations 00000000000 0 PubHc y EmployeesMember Relations Community Relations Public Affairs Gov t Affairs Issue Management Financial Relations lndustryRelations DevelopmentFundRaising Multicultural RelationsWorkplace Diversity Special Events Marketing Communications 0 Beware of Bamboozling Bloggers 0 PR blogger Bob Conrad offers 6 observations about dealing with bloggers Genuinely engage bloggers on their blogs rather than spamming them with press materials Target bloggers appropriately Understand that bloggers can be more in uential than traditional journalisms Monitor and contribute to blogs always keeping yout client s or org s needs in mind Do your own blogging Be helpful transparent honest and genuine rather than trying to pitch to bloggers 0 How Public Relations Differs From Journalism 0 0 Public relations is simply being a quotjournalistinresidencequot for a nonmedia organization Scope effective practice of public relations requires strategic thinking problemsolving capability and other management skills Objectives public relations communication activity is a means to the end a way of managing competition and con ict in the best interests of the practitioner s employer in other words not only is inform but also to change people s attitudes and behaviors so as to further an organization s goals and objectives Whereas journalists are objective observers public relations personnel are advocates Audiences journalists write primarily for a mass audience readers listeners or viewers of the medium for which they work A public relations professional in contrast carefully segments audiences based on various demographics and psychological characteristics such research allows public relations messages to be tailored to audience needs concerns and interests for maximum effect o How Public Relations Differs From Advertising 0 O Publicity info about an event an individual or group or a product appears as a news item or feature story in the mass media Material is prepared by PR personnel and submitted to news departments for consideration Advertising in contrast involves paid space and broadcast time An organization writes the advertisement chooses the type style and graphics and controls where and when the advertisement chooses the type style and graphics and controls where and when the advertisement runs in other words advertising involves renting space in a medium where the advertiser has considerable control over the nal message Major disadvantage and advertising is its cost For this reason companies increasingly use one tool of PR product publicity that is more cost effective and often more credible because the message appears in a news context Product publicity is news coverage of a product or service believed to be more credible How Public Relations Differs from Marketing 0 PR is concerned with building relationships and generating goodwill for the organization marketing is concerned with customers and selling products and services PR does support sales but additionally deals with a broad array of publics beyond customers Marketing and advertising professionals tend to speak of target markets consumers and customers PR professionals talk about publics audiences and stakeholders According to Grunig publics can arise within stakeholder categories such as employees communities stockholders govts members students suppliers and donors as well as consumers Philip Kotler fifth P of marketing strategy original Ps being product price place and promotion When PRs is used to directly support an organization s marketing objectives it s called marketing communications Dennis L Wilcox 8 ways in which public realtions activities contribute to ful lling market objectives 1 Develop new prospects for new markets such as people who inquire after seeing or hearing a product release in the news media 2 Provide third party endorsements via newspapers magazines radio and TV thru news releases about a company s products or services community involvement inventions and new plans U39Ilgt 7 8 Generate sales leads usually through articles in the trade press about new products and services Pave the way for sales calls Stretch an organization s advertising and promotional dollars through timely and supportive news release Provide inexpensive sales literature articles about a company and its products can be reprinted as informative pieces for prospective customers Establish a corporation as an authoritative source of info on a given product Help sell minor products that don t have large advertising budgets Toward an integrated perspective strategic communication 0 Increasing realization that an organization s goals and objectives can be best accomplished through an integrated approach not just through marketing but through all communication functionsintegrated marketing communications convergent communications and integrated communications 0 Factors fuel trend toward integration 1 Downsizing and reengineering of orgs have led to consolidated deparments and reduced number of staff members dedicated to communication functions one department with fewer employees l lots of variety 2 Org marketing and communication departments are making do with tighter budgets avoid high cost of advertising many orgs look for alternative ways to deliver messages word of mouth targeting in uencers etc 3 Part of prob is increasing clutter of advertising 4 Widely recognized that marketing of products and services can be affected by public and social policy issues 0 Concept of integration re ects increasing sophistication of organizations as they seek to se a variety of strategies and tactics to convey a consistent message


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