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Week 1 Lecture Notes

by: Haley J Schuhl

Week 1 Lecture Notes PSY 223

Haley J Schuhl
GPA 3.59
Social Psychology
Glenn Reeder

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About this Document

These are a complete set of notes from the first week of lecture as well as notes from the power points shown in class. Great for days where you can't make it to class or if you just want very deta...
Social Psychology
Glenn Reeder
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley J Schuhl on Monday August 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 223 at Illinois State University taught by Glenn Reeder in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 08/24/15
Wednesday 081915 0 Social Psychology the science of how people thinkfeelbehave in a social context 0 Social Context anytime you re around other people 0 Scientific Studies running experiments use the scientific method 0 Social psych focuses on the individual similarities and differences between them 0 Example Why do violent conflicts tend to escalate 0 Compared to what we know about others we are more aware of our own 1 reasons for violence 2 pain 0 Violent conflicts escalate because of a failure of perspective taking putting yourself in someone else s shoes 0 Levels of Explanation O Elemental Explanation focuses on one element I Physics and Chemistry I Biology I Psychology focuses on one person I Social Psych how one person affects another A I Sociology focuses on groups of individuals I Theology and Literature 0 Integrative Explanation more abstract puts more elements together 0 Are there good jobs in social psych Yes but they usually require a master s or PhD 0 Clinical Psychologist talk therapy usually cannot prescribe medications Counseling Psychologist tend to deal with less serious problems IndustrialOrganizational takes place in a business setting School Psychologist good for someone who wants to work with cthren Developmental Psychologist studies the changes that take place over the lifespan 0 Differences between social psych and sociology 0 Unit of analysis Social psych deals with processes within the individual such as prejudice attraction or aggression Sociology focuses on the group 0 Methods Social psych emphasizes experiments while sociologists tend to use surveys 0 OOO o Social psychology vs personality 0 Private internal functioning is personality Made up of the id subconscious ego conscious and ego morality conscience 0 Personality emphasizes individual differences I example introversion being around others drains your energy generally would rather work alone vs extroversion enjoys being around others 0 Social psych emphasizes similarities in how the majority of individuals respond to something 0 Are the findings in social psychology just common sense No 0 Sample research findings example in class showed that people could receive opposing results to a question and most people didn t find them surprising 0 People were able to think of reasons supporting opposite conclusions 0 Hindsight Bias events seem more obvious in hindsight ex When 911 happened the whole country was shocked but looking back on it now people are able to reason that we could have expected such an act of violence by looking at other events such as Pearl Harbor Friday 082115 0 Common Sensequot cannot answer social psychology questions If research findings seem obvious it might be the hindsight bias 0 The same wind snuffs candles yet kindles fires so where absence kills a little love it fans a great onequot La Rochefoucauld In the class example of being apart from a significant other strengthening or weakening desire the same events can have opposite effects o Doing research 0 Understanding research methods can make you a more sophisticated consumer know what information you can actually beHeve 0 Testimonials are unreliable The people they pick to give testimonials in commercials weight loss products for example are not representative of average results They are usually being paid to talk up a product that may have had little effect on their weight loss 0 Descriptive research observational studies observes things as they happen naturally O Archival studies examining records of past events utilize data that was recorded for another use in the past Surveys ask people questions first you must identify the population of interest for example if you re interested in an issue that affects college students you should survey college students not the entire population to make sure the sample is representative of the population of interest you must take a random sample from the population random sample means everyone has an equal chance of being chosen I Interveiw oral talking face to face I Questionnaire written I Advantages can ask questions about real world problems where research about those questions might be unethical I Limitations biased wording can get different results depending on the wording of your questions people cannot predict their own behavior might logically think they d respond one way but might act differently if they were actually in the situation people tend to give socially desirable responses collects correlational data but this doesn t show causation O o Correlational data study naturally occurring relationships among variables 0 correlations range between 10 and 10 0 give direction and strength of relationship 0 doesn t indicate direction of causality WEE HEEL P iiw H lm ah p 3quot Native Relationship Edu Gallon Luigi Xeducation Yearnings Zanother factor ex wealth Z KEN x Iv w


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