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Week 1

by: Tiarra Jensen
Tiarra Jensen
GPA 3.9
Business Organization and Management

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About this Document

This is where you can get to know the professor in case you wanted to double check a few of her likes and dislikes. It also has detailed notes that go along with the slides including examples that ...
Business Organization and Management
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tiarra Jensen on Tuesday August 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MQM 220 at Illinois State University taught by Jia in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Business Organization and Management in Business, management at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 08/25/15
MQM 220 Business Organization and Management Teacher Heather J ia Note taker Tiarra Jensen tiiens1ilstuedu Week 1 Anything emphasized during class discussion will have a next to it Get to know the teacher and class structure dav one August 18th Today was welcome day We learned about the teacher and her teaching methods including what she likes and dislikes Do NOT be late Be on time or do not come at all She will not waste our time This means once she has said everything she has needed to say we are free to leave no matter how early that may be GLdeS A 540600 points B 480539 points C 420479 points D 360419 points F Under 360 points This grading system is an easy system to keep track of where you re at in your class Each time you get an assignment add your score to your running total and once you have more than 360 then you know you definitely won t get an F Also once the final is coming you can do the math yourself to know what you will need to get an A or a B or any other grade For Example Say I have 500 points Then I definitely have a B at that point but say I want an A I will need to score at least 40 41 to be safe out of 50 points on the final Now ifI only got 39 out of 50 points I cannot go beg the teacher to up my grade since it is right on the line She is very strict on keeping grades exactly where they are regardless of your track record Speaking of the Final it is CUMULATIVE However we can use our notes and its open book If you show up 5 minutes or more late then you cannot take the exam Makeup Exams All are scheduled on Finals week Be at class everyday to earn points Miss a day miss points 100 points are given for professionalism conduct automatically those points can be lost and they are taken away 20 points at a time for unprofessionalism If all of these points are lost then you can be REMOVED from her class permanently No LaptopsTabletsetc in her classroom If you miss class go to a classmate or my notes for help she will not help you for missed classes Email her directly do not email her through ReggieNet she will not get it Tests are all multiple choice and straight forward If there are 50 questions over 5 chapters then Questions 110 are over chapter one Questions 1120 are over chapter two Questions 2130 are over chapter three Questions 3140 are over chapter four Questions 4150 are over chapter five She has power point slides up on ReggieNet to take notes on Exam info is all covered in class There is an extra credit opportunity on ReggieNet No need to take book to class Dav two August 20m Slides are available for print out on ReggieNet 0 Slide One Management and organizations 0 Slide Two Managers deal with chaos As much as we hate our managers without them it is difficult to deal with chaos Teacher Example Zapos got rid of their managers and people are quitting The most important part of a business is the relationship between employee and their supervisor andor boss Most important predictor of supervisor loyalty is based off of the employee supervisor relationship it Slide Three This is an identical illustration that you can find on regginet that I found at httpwwwslidesharenetMUNIFmanagementlevels THREE LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT White Collar Blue olllalr 0 Top Managers are typically CEO s 0 Middle Managers are typically Store managers Teacher Example McDonalds a manager overseeing multiple locations 0 First Line Managers are typically Shift Managers Teacher Example McDonalds a manager overseeing one location 0 NonManagement or Nonmanagerial employees are everyone else such as cashiers salesman hamburger ipper cleaning crew etc 0 Slide Four Managers manage the who what where when and how of the daily operations They decide HOW things will get done and then they followup to make sure it was done correctly 0 Slide Five Efficiency and Effectiveness are VERY DIFFERENT Must know the difference between these two things Efficiency Things like fast food it s done fast but not necessarily right They get things done with the least amount of resources Effectiveness Things like doctors it may not be quick and not as much may be done but it will be done right Teacher Example When a doctor has your sign the handleg that needs to be operated on it takes extra time and effort to go do that but it will ensure that they operate on the correct body part Teacher Example I hate that ball cap says teacher to student high up in the rows of seats you have 1 second to get that into the trash can or you re kicked out of my classroom Now the best bet to hopefully get it done would be to toss it into the trash can but risk missing This would be efficient The teacher continues by saying Now I hate clutter so that better be in the trash can any clutter will get you kicked out too At this point the only move he can make is to walk to the trash can and throw it away but he will not make it in one second This would be effective There is no way that he can be both efficient and effective So in this case he would most likely be kicked out and the teacher needs to choose if efficiency or effectiveness is more important to her Slide Six With efficiency the important part is the process With effectiveness the important part is the outcome In our daily lives we have to find a balance between the two Slide Seven These are the Basic Functions of Management Slide Eight We were given an in class assignment to find out which one of these three skills we had most of A lot of the class surprisingly had conceptual skills which is surprising since that is mostly needed in CEO positions Usually people mostly have Human skills or in other words people skills With people skills a person needs to be able to listen observe give direction and more With conceptual skills it s a lot like being able to place dominos properly so that they fall into place at the right time simply said by heather if you can t do that then you don t have conceptual skills I m pretty sure she was kidding Slide Nine Each skill is darker in certain sections this shows where those skills are needed most Conceptual Skills Top Managers Technical Skills LowerLevel Managers Human Skills Each Position Requires this Very important Side Note Middle Managers Require a bit of each skill Slide Ten pretty self explanatory Slide Eleven This slide sums up the ability to change today s goals without negatively effecting tomorrow This is a great strategy for long term success Slide Twelve pretty self explanatory Slide Thirteen A big difficulty is time management Even when they find time most likely something will come up that takes them away from their work 0 Slide Fourteen Pretty self explanatory


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