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Psych 3640: Week 1

by: Allie S

Psych 3640: Week 1 Psyc 3640

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben

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About this Document

Industrial Psychology week one notes. Covers IO origins, important figures, etc. Ch. 1
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Wednesday August 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3640 at Clemson University taught by Eric McKibben in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 208 views. For similar materials see Industrial Psychology 3640 in Psychlogy at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 08/26/15
Psych 364 08242015 Monday Industrial psychology Fundamentals of IO Psych Importance of work in people s lives Application of psychological principles theory research Work is central in an individual s life Fields 1 Personal 2 Organizational the individual measuring characteristics of individuals 3 Human engineering manipulating the environment to improve work performance Behavior Motivation Personalitybeliefs Evidencebased IO psychology Critical Thinking combined with scienti c evidence for decision making Scientistpractioner model Avoid con rmation bias look for info to prove hypothesis is wrong stronger research The past important datesevents 0 Journal of Applied Psychology 0 Estimates of Military value of personalities 0 Note on German recruiting system 0 Practical relations between psychology and WWI Assessing individual qualities and then ALIGNING them with a speci c job title measurement of motivation intelligence leadership etc Personality testing and placements The present demographicscareer paths 0 JAP 2008 0 New archical approach to the study of values and value behavior relations 0 Early predictors of job burnout o Subjective cognitive effort a model of states and traits 18761930 Hugo Munsterburg James Mckeen Cattel assessed abilities fully mental physical IO made it39s mark during WWI Of cers were assessed to see who was t to be a good pilot of ce infantry man Needed to test speci c characteristics Army Alpha and Beta Testing was formed Alpha literate Beta illiterate used other means to assess 1917 1st PhD in IO awarded to Lillian Gilbreth about ef ciency took brick layers and found ways to enhance performances advanced time and motion studies in the eld manipulated environment INSTEAD of personal characteristics Cheaper by the dozen 19301964 Hawthorne studies human relations Human relations movement Theories of motivation Emotional world of the worker started to realize that the state of the worker in uenced the effort put into work as a whole Studies of job satisfaction Conducted in general electric plant increase the amount of light in a certain section of the plant Carefully measured saw that the performance of the workers INCREASED directly proportional to the amount of light added Noted that the performance ALSO INCREASED when light was dimmed Turns out the physical act of observing the workers was what was actually increasing Establishing relationships with employees helps WWII Job placements Civil Rights Act of 1964 amp Title VII previous experiences shape people s view of the world cause and effect 0 the requirements for success appear different for people of different socioeconomic situations 0 Former characteristic testing was done based on the white sense of the world selfserving biasesdidn t account for background differences 0 Realize that there are unfair differences between racesinequities evoking emotionsovercorrecting judgment Reverse discrimination highlighted existing difference creates more closeknitted groupsexclusion segregate Focuses on creating groups that emphasize DIFFERENCES instead of similarities and forced interactions 0 Groups named in 1964 Race l lattell lmeasures individual differences 189d ll 39i39ll J Cattell develops first Mental Test I I l 92 Mulhsterherg arrives at Harvard American Psychological If Association founded ll 9M 19 Color Gender National Origin Religion 0 Later added ADEA age 1967 ADA Disability 1990 l9l World War I Scott and Binghann enlist In Army and deyelop group intelligence tests lilliarl Gilhreth awarded first Il PhD MB 1930 All l9 5l Munsterherg Mayo World War II Human Explosion of publishes first puhllcizes the engineering commercial tests English text in Hawthorne applied to solve ll psychology studies aircraft accidents l92ll 193d 1940 l95ll l196ll 1970 ll 923 1932 11945 1961 Mayo lliteles let psychology liiyil flights arrives publishes loecohnes Division IA Act lfitle VII in United first modern of the American States text in Ilal Psychological psychology Association Future Challenges to IO Psych 1932 Slllf39 founded woo Review Early IO psych was all about assessment was motivation a quality Needed to MEASURE qualities and quantify them in a way that could place individuals in the correct quotjobquot later there was a move towards MANIPULATION of environment to get more work out of them realized motivation isn t necessarily a characteristic able to get more through relationships mood JOB SATISFACTION 0 measured people performance and now satisfactionQUALITY o buttttt testing was not very good at placing nonwhitesmeasuring people of color 0 previous experiences shape people s view of the world cause and effect 0 the requirements for success appear different for people of different socioeconomic situations


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